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WikiTree profile: Pip Sheppard
closed with the note: End of the Weekend Chat for June 14th -16th, 2019
in The Tree House by Pip Sheppard G2G Astronaut (1.7m points)
closed by David Selman

Welcome to the Weekend Chat, my fellow WikiChatterers, and greetings from Cathey’s Creek, where the weather has been unseasonably cool this week. I woke up to a 43 degree morning today, and it’s been in the mid to upper 70s all week. These kinds of temps are great for getting stuff done outside. We’ve had a skilled carpenter here with us all week, doing all those need things that are outside my skill set. I have not been able to help much due to my troublesome shoulder, but I have learned a few neat little construction tips my watching.

I am going to combine my On the Home Front and On the Genealogy Front today with this:

 My 92-year-old mother wanted to drop by for a visit a couple of days ago (yes, she still drives), and while we were sitting on the back deck chatting, she shared the following story.

My Uncle Ralph was in the Merchant Marine during World War II, and my mother remembered how fearful my grandparents continually were for his life. He very rarely got leave to come home. One Christmas, he did get a leave, but could not contact his family to tell them. He took the bus from Norfolk, Virginia, to Charlotte during particularly bad weather, a White Christmas. Arriving in Charlotte, he planned on taking the bus that traveled past home in rural (very rural then) Mecklenburg County.

While he was waiting a gentleman, seeing Uncle Ralph in uniform, came up to him and asked if he needed a ride. Uncle Ralph told him a bus would be heading out later. The gentleman, offered him a ride, insisted really. They left the bus station and drove the seven and a half miles out to the farm. Still snowing and getting late.

My grandparents and my mother and her sisters were still awake when they saw, around the edge of the blackout curtains, a car coming down the road. To their surprise, this car pulled in, and a man got out of the car (my uncle), walking to the door. My grandfather opened the door to see his son, his only son, standing there. (At this point my mother broke down, crying at the memory.) Going out to tell the gentleman how appreciative he was, my grandfather found the car gone. How unfortunate this gentleman’s name is lost to us.

As his leave was nearing its end, Uncle Ralph arrived back in Norfolk, only to find that his ship had been sunk while he was gone, and he was assigned to another.

It’s stories like these that make the lives of those gone before, like those little snippets of newspaper articles we often stumble across, come alive. I’ve pretty much exhausted my mother for relationship details, and I find these stories much more satisfying, stories that put flesh on dates and locations. I came across a family during census searches, one that lived near my mother and who were related to my grandmother. It’s time to drop by Mother’s to hear what she’s got to say about them!

I hope you’ve all had a good week. I know that some of you are personally struggling with difficulties, whether your own personal ones or within your family. What I have seen is this community come together in these situations, covering duties and offering thoughts and prayers. I think this is why “community’ is such a good word to describe us.

Have a great Chat, everyone!! I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks for hosting, Pip.

Great story from your mother. Really great that she is still able to drive at 92.
great story, and what a wonderful act of kindness on the part of that stranger.
That is a great story, Pip!
Pip, that is such good story. How lovely your mother is not only able to drive, but has so many memories to share with you, a real treasure.
Very cool that your mom still drives at 92. That is impressive. Great story, man! =D
Wow, just a different vacation date and you're done.

My buddy was a pilot for United.  His room-mate was a flight attendant and she asked her friend to trade places so she could go out of town with her boyfriend.  Her girlfriend was in one of the 9/11 flights and never came home.

Makes you take pause and appreciate life and your family.
Thank you for hosting Pip!  I love that your mother is still independent, and that she can reminisce with family.  So many seniors are isolated.

I have a friend who just turned 92 and quipped that she doesn't feel a day over 90.
Wonderful story, Pip! Thanks for sharing
Pip, your uncle had an angel! I've actually personally been the recipient of the benevolence of an earthly angel before so I know they exist. A really, really kind person or something more? I don't know. I just know they were absolutely in the right place at the right time for me when I was in a crisis and wanted absolutely nothing in return and basically disappeared when their deed was done.
Thanks for hosting!

As someone said this week, "PSIAWW!!!" Truly.

And I heard a similar story about my Great Aunt Teresa, who had 5 boys off in the war (eventually 6,since the youngest went in at the tail end). All of them came home, and they swear is because Aunt Teresa was on her knees every night, praying.  The man who brought your uncle home must have appreciated what he was up against and how much it meant to him to get home to be with his family. I'm sure that seeing the young man at his parents' door was enough thanks for him.
Pip thanks for hosting the Father's Day WikiTree Weekend Chat.

Ditto to everyone on this chat. Especially Laurie that is tree because my dad is not able to drive anymore and he will be 87 on July 11 if he is alive then. I have a story with my dad when he was in the Army that he has told our family about.

Welcome everyone to the Father's Day WikiTree Weekend Chat.
Many times my brothers, in the service from 1951-1959 were
the recipients of rides while hitchhiking home in uniform.  My
father was dead and my mother didn't have a car or drive.  A much better time to live and trust people than we have today.
Doors unlocked, offer a ride, visit friends, share material things instead of buying something you never will use again, cooperative neighborly projects.   We still live in a
small neighborhood where some of this still goes on among the "natives" but the new generation moving in
refuse to integrate to the community and complain about not having immediate services at their beck and call, yet do
not put themselves out for any one else.
Thanks for hosting, Pip. I enjoy these chats, few and far between in our rural area with spotty internet. Before it becomes unmanageable (I may be off for a while): enjoy Father's Day, those of you who have fathers living, and enjoy the memories of your fathers who have passed on. I think my father knew I loved him, though we two pig-headed Armisteads frequently butted heads, being on opposite ends of the political and religious spectrum. I miss you Frank. It was definitely interesting!

Great story. Thanks for sharing once again and happy Father's Day to you.

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laugh Our heatwave of 100+ is temporarily abated, going to be (LOL) 95+ ... small favors it might seem but we are grateful because heat accumulates unless there's a stiff cooling breeze ... and 80 in the middle of the night is not a comfort 

Made a connection to Elizabeth J. (Huffman) Eaton's line to another line online already -- ah. Yes. Oh, I says, I'd like to make this connection. Lovely PM, they connected the descendant (has an Orange Padlock on it) of great auntie Elizabeth and left out the descendant's spouse. Oops.

I filled in some of the kids this descendant had and the approached the other PM, said that was a good start, but could they also attach it to the descendant's spouse ALSO since otherwise HE'd turn up a child short and SHE'd have no husband and a houseful of fatherless children.  

That, and getting my tail feathers scorched again by a High Priest(ess) in a discussion about That Which Shall Never Be Named -- and I'm afraid to say it even here -- I've developed a real phobia about saying it ... but you can ask Pip, and he'll whisper in your shell-like ear ... you would not suppose that what looks like a modular subroutine programming application would have Acolytes and Priest(esses) and Holy Ground, but ... That's pure IMO, that ... or impure judging by the flames shot at me ... 

OTHER than that, and the gift of a 1/2 gallon of ice milk (ice cream?) and some BBQ chicken given us, was the highlights of my week ... you really do not want to hear about the low lights. Not. 

Y'all have a safe and pleasant weekend, hear?

by Susan Smith G2G6 Pilot (173k points)
LOL, Susan, I feel your pain.  Not genealogy-related, but a few years back I removed myself from a Viking discussion group after getting smacked down by one of those High Priestesses (a "Baroness," no less).  Some folks need to get a life...sez the woman who has no life, but it's mostly doing stuff she likes.  (Yay for semi-retirement!)

 laugh Dear "D" Armistead -- IF I avoid participating in any discussion what involves That Which Should Never Be Named there's no emotional pain involved.  

And If I had avoided doing so this last time, no toasted feathers would have been mine. Slow learner, here. 

Never turn down a (non-fatal) opportunity to learn something. And when they start shooting, you learn a lot about THEM. They reveal themselves, the paint is striped off, there's no sequins twinkling, no "smoke and mirrors", just raw Personality.  

Welcome everyone to the Father's Day WikiTree Weekend Chat.

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Hi Pip, and all WTree'ers everywhere.

Cooler temperatures than normal here in Central Pennsylvania.

I enjoyed your Uncle Ralph story Pip. Those old stories are great to hear.

This week I am trying to get my head around Quaker Meeting Minutes. I see a lot of folks reference those, and I am trying to learn about them. If anyone has any words of wisdom on this subject, I would be glad to listen.

Hope everyone has a healthy, happy weekend. Enjoy hearing from you all. I am going to go get my lawn tractor started up, and get the grass mowed.
by Rodney Long G2G6 Pilot (346k points)
Enjoy the lawn mower, Rodney!  I am behind you on the path toward Quaker Meeting Minutes, and will be sure to ask you for advice before I dip my toes.
Yes Laurie, I have contacted one of the profile managers that are referencing these Meeting Minutes and I will let you know if I get a response from them.
Sing along with me..."Green Acres is the place to be..." while you're mowing!

I miss the lawn tractor we had when we lived in nice, flat Florida. Our lawn in Massachusetts is just too treacherous for it, so we went to a push mower. It just isn't as much fun!

Enjoy the weekend, Rodney.
Hi Rodney! I’m into my third month of mowing, but only because spring comes so much earlier down here than you.

Quaker minutes can be a gold mine of info. Much of what I know about one of my ancestors came from these.

Nat, I can just about sing all of that song, even all these years later. Doesn’t say much about my taste in entertainment, does it? laugh

Welcome everyone to the Father's Day WikiTree Weekend Chat.

+20 votes

Thanks, Pip, for hosting. And greetings to fellow Wikitreers.

Garden: I've started preserving (having grown weary of fresh peas) and made myself a single small jar of dehydrated soup mix: carrots and peas from the garden, celery and onions from the grocery store. I'll add to it when the french/green beans come in. About ready to tear out the peas and put cucumbers in their place. I've experienced my first buffalo gnat bites. Wow, you really do get big knots from them! Get them on your face, and you look like you just lost a bare-fists boxing match.

Genealogy: I've made two Space pages this week and am learning the ins and outs of that. I'm adding about four men per day on my Civil War POW project. I discovered a spy ring based in Nashville and read up on them. A doctor there smuggled weapons and even kidnapped free black people to take them south into slave territory. Yikes! Not a nice fellow at all. I am reading another related book from the library system: Graybeards, about the 37th Iowa regiment that served as guards. These are letters back home from a man who is so sharp and witty, I'm halfway to falling in love with him.

Life: celebrated my aunt/uncle's 65th wedding anniversary at one of those old-fashioned restaurants where you eat family style, with bowls of lumpy mashed potatoes and green beans and pickled beets. I had fried walleye--haven't had that in 35 years, living out west. "Sixty-five years, and about fifteen good years," my aunt said. (We're an honest bunch of people.) Read some good historical mysteries.

Have a great weekend, everyone.

by W Counsil G2G6 Mach 2 (21.9k points)
We're looking forward to having too much in the garden. We also do soup mixes and freeze a lot of peas/beans. The "dried" peas are blooming but the fresh eating ones haven't yet.  Do you do a lot of dehydrating?  We find it very effective.
Hey, Doug. I like the dehydrating--saves me from having to buy a freezer, for one thing! Also, a jar with that dehydrated soup mix makes a nice little holiday present--grew it myself, preserved it myself, and on some busy day, a slow cooker, chicken pieces, and that mix will make a loved one's hot and satisfying supper this winter. I also can tomatoes and tomato sauce--do you?
Yes, we do lots of canning. Tomatoes for sure. Then when peaches are in season buy a lot from the orchards and can those. Make a lot of jams, canned salsas, relishes and pickles. One thing we also do with dehydrating is make thin slices of larger carrots and daikon. Those dry up into crisp chips. Purple or green daikon (an Asian radish) or watermelon radish make pretty chips. Low fat and still tasty.
I like my dehydrator too! When I go on a road trip, I usually bring dehydrated ingredients like cooked beans, carmelized onions, sourdough starter, various fruits and vegetables, and I bring packets of spices already mixed for my favourite recipes. Then all I have to do is add hot water for something super-delicious in a pinch. I agree with Doug's suggestion for daikon and carrots. Eggplant also makes delicious and tasty chips.
Fifteen out of 65? Oh, my!
Pip, knowing uncle X as well as I do, I'm surprised it was that high. lol.

Glad I wasn’t drinking my coffee when I read this, WC! laugh

Welcome everyone to the Father's Day WikiTree Weekend Chat.

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It has been a pretty good week here. The weather cooperated for the most part. We did get rain last weekend and a bit of hail that caused some garden damage but not a lot. The week has gotten some of the yard mowed (after replacing the tractor drive belt) and supports for the beans are now in place. Current garden project - find the new leak in the irrigation. It makes a large area wet so much more difficult to find than the previous ones. Just hope I get it fixed before the end of summer.

Genealogically got some stuff done but not on my own family. Reworked a profile for the Canadian Manage Profiles project and have a few more I want to get up to standards.  Also been looking at some Loyalist profiles that have no sources and will start updating some of those this weekend. I do need to spend some time this weekend working on the pre-work for the class I'm taking the week after this upcoming one.

Hope everyone is having a productive week.
by Doug McCallum G2G6 Pilot (341k points)
Sounds like your garden will recover from this week's storm, but I'm sending you sympathetic thoughts anyway.  Your area has sure been hit by stormy weather lately. I hope you find the leak in your "irritation" system, and find an easy fix. I renovated a huge swathe of my own system this spring, and it was a big job, but worth it. Everything looks happy as the dry season begins.  Makes it so much easier to concentrate on the fun stuff ...
Have a good weekend, Doug!
First snow, then hail! What next?!?
I don't want to contemplate what's might be next. Hail is something we get regularly but we've not had much at our house the past few years.

Welcome everyone to the Father's Day WikiTree Weekend Chat.

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Today is.....



National Strawberry Shortcake Day is observed each year on June 14th.  Either on a shortcake biscuit or a sponge cake, strawberry shortcake is an easy and refreshing summertime dessert!

Strawberries are sliced, mixed with sugar then allowed to sit for about an hour until they have surrendered plenty of their juices. The shortcakes are then split, and the bottom is covered with a layer of the strawberries, juice and whipped cream.  The top is then put back on, and more strawberries, juice and whipped cream are added to finish it off.


Make a strawberry shortcake and enjoy. Make sure to check out all the other strawberry celebrations on the calendar. There are plenty to go around!  Use #StrawberryShortcakeDay on social media.

by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (2m points)
Another one I can go along with!
Love strawberry shortcake, had some just this week.
Oh yes!  I might declare it strawberry shortcake week ...
My favorite time of year is strawberry time!! Enjoy and thanks for the recipe, Dorothy.
Tonight’s dessert! Thanks for he reminder, Dorothy!

Ditto to what everyone said here on this chat.

Welcome everyone to the Father's Day WikiTree Weekend Chat.

I wish someone could develop a strawberry that would produce longer than three weeks that would grow locally.
The strawberries that are bred to stand up to shipping across the country taste like red cardboard in the early season and never taste as good as locals when the season brings them to the local markets.  Freezers sure have helped make them available year round but nothing is like fresh berries for shortcake with a nice warm biscuit.
+22 votes

(For those in the United States) 

     Today is also ......


           The United States ARMY BIRTHDAY

Every year on June 14, the United States Army celebrates its creation in 1775.

Formed from amateur troops of volunteer soldiers defending colonies against British tyranny, the oldest military force in the United States began before the U.S. formally existed. Their forces consisted of mostly inexperienced militiamen commanded by independent colonial armies. According to battlefields.org, there were never more than 48,000 Continental soldiers at one time. Today, the United States Army consists of over one million active duty service members and an additional 800,000 National Guard and Reserves members.

The enduring history of the U.S. Army means they have been integral to many of the United State’s military, peace-keeping and humanitarian efforts. During the Army’s Birthday, these and many advancements will be recognized through events and ceremonies.


Wish the Army a Happy Birthday and learn about the history of the oldest branch of the U.S. military. 

For individual branches like the Infantry, Ordnance Corps, Adjutant General Corps , Military Police Corps, Corps of Engineers, Finance Corps etc ..go here to see their birthdays:  


by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (2m points)


Bar-b-que, cold beer in a frozen schooner followed by scotch or bourbon over rocks; thinking back to all the places where alcohol was not allowed and savor that the taste of freedom never tasted so good.

All stories should begin with, "So there I was..." 

to which the fellows and ladies will immediately reply, "No _ _ _ _!" 

If you were Army you know what the missing word is wink

It's also Flag Day in the USA!
Navy descendants can fill in the blank, too! Both me and my wife.

Welcome everyone to the Father's Day WikiTree Weekend Chat.

Ditto to everyone on this chat. My dad is army veteran.

+19 votes
Happy weekend, everyone!  Nice weather, but rainy off and on, but it didn't matter much either way... my kid came down with a nasty cold and we're mostly been chilling at home.  Yesterday I wrapped up most of a major service task at work, so that was good.  Now to get caught up on other work stuff...

So last week I was all excited to add some profiles and do more DNA confirmation on my paternal grandmother Lavender's side.  So much for that.  Got completely distracted by my paternal grandfather's side instead.  That's the line with a deep colonial Rhode Island paper trail but no DNA supporting it; Y-DNA suggests a hypothetical recent Irish immigrant instead.  I decided to tackle it.  I went through my uncle's cluster analysis in detail and analyzed all but the tiniest clusters.  I have five that are unidentified but clearly Irish.  One includes a close match (3C or 4C to my uncle, based on a WATO analysis) with ancestors in Providence, RI.  So now I'm researching that match's tree hoping to find a link.  (Bonus:  Every time I see a mention of Providence I get earwormed by The Eagles' "The Last Resort.")  Looks like I'm going to have to start learning how to search Irish records soon.
by Lisa Hazard G2G6 Mach 8 (82k points)
I'm glad you can figure WATO out. I have it sort of figured out. My issue is that I can't seem to get a higher "score". Not sure why that is. Good job with the confirmation, Lis! My parents got a few new matches. Both were parents of other matches. That made life so much easier!!

Hope your kid feels better!!
The WATO and Shared cM tools at DNAPainter are incredibly helpful.  Made me realize that there was not much point in chasing down the connection with a couple of other matches in the cluster... they'd be 5C or higher and since they don't have big trees already I'd have to build their trees way way back to get anything out of them.  My efforts are better spent building back the close match's tree and using traditional research to find a potential link.

Oh, other task for the weekend:  stock up on DNA test kits while they're on sale!  Haven't seen prices this good since Black Friday.
I'm a big fan of DNA Painter, too Lisa. Its really helped me to focus my research.  I hope the kids are up and out of the house for weekend!
I like those tools, too! =D
Lisa, I think just about every WikiTreer does he same thing, start somewhere, get distracted, move in to something else. The bane of my research.

Welcome everyone to the Father's Day WikiTree Weekend Chat.

I thought the bane of your research was like five branches of Smiths.
Ok, that, too. Several of those including one in a direct line that is one of only two I can’t get back to the 1700s.
So many banes of your existence. Only one for Batman, though.....
Once upon a time on Usenet, there was a running discussion on a comics board called the X-Men Dangling Plotlines Thread.  Kept track of all the things that were never resolved... I think I need to keep my own Genealogy Dangling Plotlines list.
+19 votes
Greetings from Everett, Washington!

Hi, I actually got done all the writing assignments due yesterday and tomorrow. First, I was going to speak at the Historical Society meeting last night about the Mukilteo Tank Farm where the Air Force used to store aviation fuel, only the main speaker wanted to cover the waterfront, so he suggested another topic.  I took his suggestion and worked up a talk on Arthur Scott, vice president of the Crown Lumber Mill, whose defense of the Japanese workers in 1910 is a major reason they became part of the Mukilteo community.  When I profile someone for the Historical Society I also try to connect him to Wikitree, but so far have not found the branch to hang him from.

I wrote the article for the Mukilteo Monthly magazine (a local, slick, full color deal) about Mr. Scott and attached a portrait photo, and had it all ready to go before last night's talk.  So there were two birds, one stone. Sent it off this morning.

Plus, our newsletter also had a deadline for my "Cemetery Corner" column, so I wrote one about our local "shady lady," Beatrice DeRosier (not her real name).  Good luck attaching HER to the tree!  Real name might have been Rosa Kennedy, born 1862 in French Canada, came out west about 1890 (no 1890 Census) and was the madam of the Windmill House in Everett before retiring to Mukilteo under an alias.  Another unconnected profile waiting to happen.

A new member of the Historical Society donated a box full of letters written from Mukilteo by a family member in the 1930s.  This is the kind of source material my husband and I salivate over. We tear out our hair (and long sideburns in his case, he having none left on top) using the search engines on Chronicling America and other newspaper sites just to find clues that could lead us to sources.  Resolution to myself is to spend more time down in the Historical Society archives reading what all hasn't been cataloged yet.  

A wind blew in from the sound last night which has dispersed the humidity and cooled us off.  Don't know if the heat will return but it remains sunny.  I am plucking the volunteer salmonberries. The old Yorkie (105 in dog years) has an ulcer on his eye and has been patiently enduring the "cone of shame" and the drops and cream that I have been applying four times a day.  Getting him to eat means that I feed him by hand and prevent his frenemy, the other dog, from eating it all up.

Today is a Friday AND an Ember Day (we follow traditional fasting and abstinence) so it's meatless sausage for breakfast.  And it's time to finish a high-contrast quilt top and quilt the final stages on two other quilts that have been waiting patiently to be donated to Project Linus.  And it's also time to undertake the daily pleasure of adding more profiles!
by Margaret Summitt G2G6 Mach 7 (77.1k points)

I just got today an email from a former graduate student of my father, who asked me why I hadn't finished his biography on Wikitree.  This got me going and, since it's Father's Day weekend, I did a major addition to the profile of https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Robe-80  I think I will also be able to scan and add a photo.  It was amazing to hear from him!

From the profile: “In the morning he duly reported that the watermelon rinds were in the garbage.”

That is classic!

Welcome everyone to the Father's Day WikiTree Weekend Chat.

+20 votes
Hi Everyone. I just dropped in to say hello. I have been too busy with design work to spend any time on G2G lately.

Have a great week.
by Doug Lockwood G2G Astronaut (2.4m points)
Have a great week Doug!  You're making the world a nicer place, and there are seasons for G2G.

Welcome everyone to the Father's Day WikiTree Weekend Chat.

+21 votes

Greetings, WikiCousins!

Pip, thanks for hosting, and for the terrific Uncle Ralph story.  And for inspiring the instantly recognizable PSIAWW abbreviation!

This week the weather was wonderful, but just about everything else was a bit surreal.

Unicorn by Jo Nakashima



by Herbert Tardy G2G6 Pilot (521k points)
My fave!!
Thanks, Natalie!
Cool horse!  Oh wait, cool unicorn!
Love the unicorn.
Thanks, SJ!
Thanks, Dallace!
The world needs more unicorns! Thanks for sharing.
My pleasure, Laurie!
Magnificent, Herbert? How long did it take to do the unicorn?

Thanks, Pip!  smiley Maybe forty-five minutes?  Definitely less than an hour.

Ditto to what everyone said on this chat.

Welcome everyone to the Father's Day WikiTree Weekend Chat.

+20 votes

Hails and horns, Wikipeeps!

On the genealogy front, I managed to make my parents, my brother, my great-aunt, my friends, genealogy peeps on twitter and total strangers cry with this blog: https://allroadhaverhill.blogspot.com/2019/06/52-ancestors-week-24-dear-diary.html

I told them there was going to be feels. Not like I lied or anything. Check it out. Bring tissues. 

My brother asked me if our grandfather would have liked his kids. I'm sure he would've. Especially since the younger one looks a lot like Marco did at that age. 

In other genealogy news, I've been working with the Italy Project peeps on a secret project. We're doing something really cool. Can we say what it is? No, not yet. It has nothing to do with the video. Something else is coming. I think you might be able to tell if you look at my recent activity. 

Go on. Give it a look!

I also built the tree down to a cousin on Ancestry only to have her contact me the next day asking about the connection. I was like "Well.....*dragged out the flow chart*"

Only thing is FS lists her father and a few people as dead. Need to bring them back from the dead. Where's that necronomicon?

In non genealogy news, I helped to take care of some stuff in the garden. Potatoes are starting to sprout. Other plants are growing at an even clip. Should be getting veggies in a few months.

Working on the book Pip gave me and it is good. =D Thanks again! Now to work on next week's comic and genealogy blog. I'll try not to make people cry. 

I make no promises. Get the tissues. I'm a writer. This is what we do!

by Chris Ferraiolo G2G6 Pilot (285k points)
edited by Chris Ferraiolo
If you can make people laugh, you can probably make 'em cry too.
Well, it wasn't intentional! To be honest, I had a hard time writing that. I had to take breaks here and there.
I believe it!  Tongue-in-cheek is hard to achieve when your own emotions are engaged. Takes a little more work, but I think its worth it.  And you know folks are engaged in your story if they laugh, or if they cry.
That's very true. =) Thanks, Laurie! =D

Someone said that maybe my grandfather was writing through me. Someone was cutting onions.
Hi Cousin Chris,

What a great blog post! I am sure that  you got that letter just right. :-)

I'm skipping over the feels part and getting right to the thing I have in common with you- the LOVE for the old ads in the newspapers at newspapers.com. I will often end up spending more time reading those than I do reading articles relating to research! I mean, they are a reflection of the times, so it's interesting and often funny. What really cracks me up are the ads for things like "health tonics" in which they use the names of real local people. "Use Jonny's Snake Oil like Mrs. Robert Reed of Cuyahoga Falls" and things like that.  And the prices for things...$2.95 for a dress in a fancy schmancy dept. store!

Keep up the good work.

Nothing wrong with just looking at the crazy ads. I wish I had time to look at more of them.  Order the snake oil now while supplies last! Our operators are currently on hold and will serve you much like the Comcast support line!!
Don't touch that dial! Act now and you will get a second one free (just pay shipping and handling)
Great story Chris.

I also get stuck on some of the old newspaper ads. But who really cares that my parents had Hormel canned ham on sale in their Red&White store?
You oughta get an award for that one! Has anyone ever told you that you and your grandfather share some features?
Yeah. I've been told that all of my life. =) One of my nephews definitely looks like my grandpa Marco. My brother asked me the other day how Grandpa Marco would have liked that and the kids. Personally, I think we would have seen a re-enactment of the 1980 "vino" incident. =)

The way my brother and my dad tell it is this. My grandfather had an empty wine bottle. He filled it with water and sat on the couch together basically splitting the bottle between them and my parents "caught them". It was water so no one got in trouble. It was still funny and I wish there was a picture of it.  We have a few other pics of my grandfather.

The one I have on his profile now is part of a bigger one as you see my grandma Ollie in it. That poodle, though. She hated EVERYONE but Marco.

Thanks, Kay! Hormel canned ham. I remember eating hormel canned chili when I absolutely needed to. We stopped getting it after the dog wolfed it down like no tomorrow. Made me suspect the ingredients. Put two and two together, guys....

Natalie: Can we deliver it via drone like Amazon?

Ditto to what everyone said here on this chat.

Welcome everyone to the Father's Day WikiTree Weekend Chat.

+19 votes
Just a quick check in to let you all know I am still alive. Yesterday afternoon we had a very bad storm pass this way and I was out driving a grandson to work when it hit. The National weather service sent out teams to check damage and see if it was a tornado, there was sightings of a rotating funnel cloud, and a house and barn were badly damaged very near me. Tonight I start teaching the amateur radio classes and we even had a teacher from a nearby school ask about the classes so I may be teaching a teacher. Sorry no time for genealogy at the present, at least nothing major.
by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)
It was confirmed, it was a tornado.
Stay safe.  

I wonder if teachers make good students ... let us know!

Ditto to what everyone said on this chat Dale.

Welcome everyone to the Father's Day WikiTree Weekend Chat.

Laurie, The teacher in class is very reserved most of the time but she has asked some very good questions and I think that having her in class will make all of the instructors better in the long run. The class is made up of people ranging in age from a 9 year old girl to a couple in their 40's so it is not easy to make it apply to everyone.
Dale, glad you're ok there in tornado alley. Scary...

And Laurie, I'm jealous...been trying to be a redhead since high school. I still try. I'm sure your hair is beautiful with those "alluvial " colors!
+20 votes
Hi fellow WikiTreers!  Can't believe the weekend is here again.  Our weather has warmed and the sea is now 21.5C, 71F, just perfect for swimming.  

One day round trip to the consulate in Barcelona on Monday, 22 hour day, no fun there.

Been a busy WT week - tying up loose ends, maintenance and improving projects that I've been working on.  Tuesday was a busy Ranger night, had 3 reports, usually I have only one every 6 weeks!

Last week I mentioned some of the wife's sewing in one of our other threads so I took some pics and I'll post them later this weekend.
by SJ Baty G2G6 Pilot (766k points)
SJ, Barcelona is my pilot brother’s favorite city in Spain, generally in all of Europe.. He is on a regular schedule each week to Barcelona, occasionally Madrid.

Welcome everyone to the Father's Day WikiTree Weekend Chat.

Barcelona is a wonderful city to visit; unfortunately our visit was all work and no play.  On the upside, we did get the papers we were after.

On the genealogy front, I just finished my research and bio write up for Rachel (Unknown) Newville Miller (1757 - 1841).

+19 votes
Greetings WikiKin,


*Bunk beds assembled, separately. The boys helped me take apart their old toddler beds that I had built for them. It seemed a fitting good-bye to them.

*Another T-Ball game for the twins. We don't play full games or keep score yet at this age - so no one "won" or anything.

*Father's Day: since we're doing the whole grill-out thing with my wife's dad on Sunday, we're going out to dinner on Saturday for me. WE're going to skip lunch and go to dinner early so we can come home and watch a movie or - in the unlikely event of clement weather - have a backyard campfire and make s'mores.

*In the middle of next we going to spend two days in Chicago being tourists, and then the following 2 days in South Bend, Indiana for the wedding of one of my best friends. The groom is the godfather of my second son (the younger twin). I'm a groomsman in the wedding.

So I may not be checking in next Friday as I will be in either the aquarium or Field Museum in Chicago in the morning and driving to South Bend for the rehearsal in the afternoon.


*I continue to source {{Unsourced|Michigan}} profiles. We're now down to 157.

*The Fuller Name Study has begun a project to make profiles for Fullers who have Wikipedia pages but no WikiTree profile. I'm currently working on Rev. Charles Edward Fuller, a popular American Baptist radio evangelist and a founder of Fuller Theological Seminary.

*I've also mostly straightened out the huge mess of conflated people I mentioned last week. They're definitely a lot better now.
by Thomas Fuller G2G6 Mach 6 (69.5k points)

"in the unlikely event of clement weather" Oh!! I hope you get the clement weather you deserve for Dad's Day!

Fatherhood... a very busy job! You seem to be handling it well, Thomas. Have a super weekend and next, too.

Welcome everyone to the Father's Day WikiTree Weekend Chat.

+18 votes
Welcome to the Weekend-before-Summer!  

The signs are all over. The days are getting longer: https://photos.app.goo.gl/7CHc48Krgx4LTDue6

The chores are changing too. This weekend I'm trimming hedges and tackling the grass-between-the-stones.  I have a new pressure washer to play with, so the cars and windows might get washed too, if all goes well.

And activities are starting to break for summer: tonight is the last gathering of storytellers on the island until the fall. The break will give me time to craft some new material, and I'm looking for genealogical inspiration: if you could tell a 10-minute family tree story to strangers, what would you focus on? I welcome your thoughts.
by Laurie Giffin G2G6 Mach 6 (66.5k points)
Ohhh, what I'd wash with a pressure washer! Good luck and have fun washing everything in sight, Laurie!

What a beautiful photo, Laurie.

Nat, I have a pressure washer. Now let me check my schedule... laugh

Ditto to everyone here on this chat.

Welcome everyone to the Father's Day WikiTree Weekend Chat.

+20 votes
Thanks for hosting Pip. What a wonderful story about Uncle Ralph.

On WikiTree, I am continuing to add descendants. I have started going back to my WatchList and adding  Needs_Profiles_Created to a number of the spouses who married into the family, where I typically have the census prior to the marriage, but haven't added the parents or siblings. Once I get through the list, I plan to make another pass to see if any of them already have WikiTree profiles. (Yeah, I looked but it doesn't hurt to look again).

Beautiful weather today, and I plan to pick green beans later this afternoon. Speaking of the garden, and that monster known as zucchini.... I do have one zucchini starting to get big, and am waiting for another one or two for -

Stuffed Zucchini (adapted from Fanny Farmer Cookbook):

Wash 2 or 3 large zucchini (e.g., softball bat size) and cut off stem end. Cut in 3 to 4" chunks. In a large pot, cover with water, bring to boil and boil 3 or 4 minutes. Drain. Cut in half lengthwise and scoop out pulp and seeds - reserve. Fry about 1/2 pound hot italian sausage, 1 onion cut up and 2 or 3 cloves garlic, minced. When brown, add about 1 pint canned tomatoes (or 2 - 3 fresh tomatoes) and the reserved zucchini pulp. Simmer several minutes. Add bread crumbs (maybe 1/2 c) to thicken. Spray baking dish with olive oil and arrange zucchini boats. Fill zucchini with sausage mixture. Bake at 350 about 30 minutes.
by Kay Sands G2G6 Pilot (263k points)

Haha, I haven't made stuffed zucchini since Home-ec class in high school. Its a little like To Kill a Mockingbird - the assignments spoiled my appetite. Is it that good? Should I try again?

LOVE Fannie's cookbook, which is still a classic.

Now, zucchini boats sound really delish, but I can't help but think that these things need some cheese melting all over the top. (Luckily, my cholesterol numbers have always been delightfully low!)

Laurie, definitely try again. But, come to think of it, I haven't made cream puffs since home ec class.
And I haven't made creamed tuna on toast since home ec, and yes we ate it and all got sick
Kay, thanks for putting the “Needs Profiles Created” on profiles. We can sure use them in the Integrators Challenges.

My wife uses zucchini is so many recipes. I’ve learned to love it, especially in her succotash.
Know who really needs a profile created? Raphael!!

I mean come on, Wikitree. We have profiles for three of the ninja turtle inspirations. Where's the guy with the sais*?

*=Sais are like the most ineffectual ninja weapons ever. I don't know why comic writers and artists love them so much.

Seriously. We have a profile for Leonardo, Donatello and Michelangelo. *shakes head*

Nice work with the profiles. I'd make Raphael but I'd need to be pre-1500 approved.

Welcome everyone to the Father's Day WikiTree Weekend Chat.

+15 votes
Greetings from Brightlingsea, Essex, England

Week started off rather wet, we had quite a bit of rain earlier in the week. Fortunately as the week has gone on - weather has got better.  Which is good as it is Brightlingsea Carnival day tomorrow. Forecast is for a dry day with sunshine tomorrow. Usually we have a Carnival procession, but sadly not this year - an all day event on the Recreation Ground  will be the order of the day, with the theme "Emergency Services".

On the Wikitree front, have added some more to my Brasted family  connections, with plenty to follow up further on. Its interesting what you find, the majority of men of working age in Brightlingsea had jobs connected with sea over 150 years ago.  Being a mariner was probably the major occupation, with the perils associated with the job.    William Brasted (Brasted-73) one of my recent additions, I find drowned in September 1883 when his vessel "Susannah" sank with all hands. This fate befell a number of Brightlingsea mariners in the past.

Its just so interesting what you find out......

Hope everyone has a good weekend ......
by Chris Burrow G2G6 Mach 8 (86.8k points)
Chris, with all your research into the Brightlingsea families of mariners, you could write a book. Ever thought of it?
The lost mariners of Brightlingsea, by Chris Burrow

I'll need a box of tissues, but it has a nice ring to it.
I love it!

Ditto to everyone on this chat.

Welcome everyone to the Father's Day WikiTree Weekend Chat.

interesting comment about writing a book. My relative John Jefferies, had a great interest in the mariners of Brightlingsea and wrote several books notably "Sacred to their Memory - Yachting and Seafaring through the Ages" (2007). Maybe alot has already been done.

However there may yet be stories to tell so never say never........
Chris, I think that, as a genealogist, you could add a unique perspective.
As I say "never say never".....
+17 votes
Greetings from the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where summer, it seems, has (finally) arrived!  My husband continues to take in the bird feeder every night, as there is not enough forage yet in the woods for the bears.  It seems to do the trick, as the culprit who smashed our balcony has not graced us with his/her presence again.  Hubby has also managed to plant a few tomatoes and peppers in the greenhouse in an effort to discourage the small gnawing varmints.  About all I got from the outside garden last year was a bumper crop of rough avens and curly dock, good for the natural plant dyeing workshops that I give. (Hope my friend's woad seeds have sprouted...getting tired of alluvial browns and greens.  We're hoping for some madder too.)

Haven't been as active on WT as hoped, due to building inventory for a huge festival I just got accepted to. Exciting, but a double-edged sword for sure! I did open another can of worms by signing on to co-manage a "Mining Disasters" profile. Educational and fun despite the grim subject matter.  Also visited the beautiful, overgrown, neglected cemetery where some of these men are buried, but note to self: bring bug dope next time! Skeeters are voracious!

Also teaching an advanced tap dance workshop next week and attending a quilt retreat just to air my brain.  I love our long summer nights, here at the 47th parallel. Some birds sing till close to midnight.

Have a great summer, y'all!
by D Armistead G2G6 (6.9k points)
Guilt retreat?  Sign me up!

D, we planned to have a great garden this year, but we’re so disappointed in how last year’s turned out, plus all the things that needed “fixin” after a tough winter, the garden got put to the side until next year. Maybe next year. sad

Working on a quilt? Would love to see a pic. 

Oh, D, is the quilt made from natural plant dyes?  As a red-head, I would love those lovely alluvial browns and greens.

And I have to add that Herb and I both need new specs. I read lap dance workshop and guilt retreat, and had to double-check.

Welcome everyone to the Father's Day WikiTree Weekend Chat.

D, we took our first natural dying class last week and loved it. We do get curly dock as a weed so will be keeping some of that and next spring one of the new gardens will be a dyers garden. No woad for us, though. It is a noxious weed in Colorado and not supposed to be planted since it is difficult to keep under control.
LOL, Herbert, don't need a retreat for that! Plenty of guilt to go around...unless a retreat to absolve oneself of guilt. That mmight be useful...;)
Pip, will be happy to send a pic, if I can ever get one finished! Too many UFOs...
Hi Laurie, nope, these are commercial fabrifabrics...not that ambitious yet. I like the earth tones too...just seems that's all I've been able to produce thus far with local plants. Mulberries make a nice greyish blue, and of course goldenrod is useful, bright yellow, or green if you do it in an iron pot.

laugh D, you make me laugh!

Don't worry, Doug, she's keeping the woad in pots!
+18 votes
Well hello Weekend Chat!  I haven't been around for awhile as I seem to focus on genealogy work in the summer (right after the family reunion, probably not a coincidence) and then drop off in the fall when things get busy again.  But, it's good to be back for awhile.  I am focusing on getting "the collection" processed and uploaded... this takes some time, of course.  Also, I would really like to take a genealogical trip back to England, maybe over winter break of 2020.  I am musing around what I want to accomplish and how I can be most organized when I get there.  Would love to hear from anybody who has done this!  :)
by Crispin Reedy G2G6 Mach 4 (41.5k points)

I would love to go to England, but I just want to visit ancestral places. There’s more research I could do, Crispin, but I just want to look and photograph.

I've taken genealogical vacations, not to England specifically, but I have a couple of suggestions you might want to consider.  

First, I prepare a folder for each geographic location, then I can bring a minimum of stuff with me on each stop, and the accumulating documents are easy to find - when I get home.

Second, I contact the local archives and/or historical society well in advance. It gives them a chance to prepare for my visit - which can really help use your time efficiently. Many also make excellent suggestions for other places in the area I might like to visit, which I incorporate in my planning. Since they may be run by volunteers, I find it helps to give them plenty of time to respond.

I also recommend Pip's approach. You want a productive visit, but you don't want to spend the whole time in the stacks. Its a unique opportunity to walk around in your ancestor's shoes, and get a feel for place.

Ditto to everyone on this chat especially Pip. Especially since the stories I heard my dad say when he was over there when he was in the army.

Welcome everyone to the Father's Day WikiTree Weekend Chat.

Great suggestions, Laurie...thanks. Will prove helpful for my planned New England sojourn...have learned so much more about my family since I lived there, nearly 40 years ago.
+15 votes

This was from last weekend WikiTree chat that I put in on Sunday night that I thought a lot of people didn't see.

Pip remember what you put on my first chat from last weekend this is the response to Linda, your dad has had such a struggle, and I know it’s been hard on all of you. Now I’m beginning to worry about you! You be sure to make some time for yourself, please! I don’t want you wearing yourself out.

This is my response  I will when we get my dad settled in John Reed memory care unit in Limestone, Tennessee and get my mom's house and her settle with all the stuff we going to bring up to her from Loundon, Tennessee and get the house down there sold and out of our hands. Then I and my family can settle down and take some time for ourselves. ONLY until then.

Also this is my second chat from last week. Me and my sister after church today we went to see my dad. He was alert but didn't talk. His pneumonia is getting better but his coughing is more productive today. My sister heard Saturday when she went to see him two times Saturday that she heard a nurse said that one day last week, when she said he was alert,  which was probably last Sunday when my sister was gone out of town on business for a week, that the nurse asked him if was in pain and he said very plainly that no he was not in pain. He suppose to be from Brookdale on the June 17th after Father's Day be put in to the memory care of John Reed which is a faith base mission of a church near by. It seems that he will still be in the hospital this coming week. My mom wants him to go to rehab to get his strength back since he is so weak. When we got there he was eating lunch he ate a little of green beans and a little bit of  desert and all of the turkey that he had. He ate a little better. He hasn't been eating and they are trying to fix him some meals that he will eat. We are thinking he will be out of the hospital and the rehab during the time we were going to put him in to John Reed memory care unit. Which will be better for us so he can get better care and we will start to pay less for his care. We are trying to get a realator to sell the house in Loundon, Tennessee as quick as we can so mother can have that money to use on my dad care at John Reed memory care unit. The care cost less at John Reed memory care unit than Brookdale memory care unit. Plus it is closer to mother, my sister, me and my brother - in - law. 

Here is mine for tonight response for the Father's Day WikiTree Weekend chat. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday my dad wouldn't eat and what he did eat my mother had to force him to eat and stuff the food in his mouth because he wouldn't open his mouth. That is why my mother told me Wednesday night she not going all the time to the hospital to get him to eat because she couldn't do that because of her health. But Wednesday she told me that his eyes was feeling better since they have been putting antiobitcs drops in them and he has since that day has them open more. But the reason really for her to tell me that is she for the first time she moved up in November she had gotten a primary care doctor up here and she made an appointment with him for this past Wednesday morning. I was glad about that. My sister told me that yesterday and today that he eat better, sit up on the side of the bed and got up moved to a recliner in his room and sat. Also he smiled since he got like this and also talked which me and her are very happy about and also we moved him to a rehab place in Greeneville, Tennessee Friday night also. So when he through with rehab then we will transfer him to John Reed memory care unit in Limestone which is  near my and my brother - in - laws primary care doctor which after my appointments I can go see him before going home and eating breakfast because every appointment I have to go fasting for blood work. So he is making some progress for us now. Also today my brother went to the hospital so mom could sign some papers for the realtor down in Loudon, Tennessee the okay to start taking pictures and showing the house now matter if we don't have it empty but we need to sell if very fast if we can. So that what is going on that front so far. I am little relief about my dad but I told my mother, sister - in - law, brother - in - law, my sister and mother that it was about time for him to go into the hospital because it had been a year since he was in the hospital and I was correct. He is suppose to turn 87 on July 11 if he is alive then. Then in September my sister turns 58 on the 3rd and on the 19th I will be 60.

Welcome everyone to the Father's Day WikiTree Weekend Chat.

by Anonymous Barnett G2G6 Pilot (454k points)
Good news from your sister! In spite of his difficulties your dad keeps hanging in there. I hope you are, too! And, I hope the house sells quickly. That’ll be one more thing you won’t have to worry about.

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