extra husband for this woman makes no sense

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Jeanne Gauthier Rahir was married with Denis Cloustier in late 1608.  The had 4 known children.  

This is shown in her profile, with source.  Her parents and an extra husband named Denis Brière in 1564 however has no sources, and makes very little sense.  Getting marrried 40 years later and still having 4 kids?  I don't think so.

Can my friends in French Roots take a look-see if the extra husband is conflated from somewhere else please?  Her parents are also in question.
WikiTree profile: Jeanne Gauthier Rahir
in Genealogy Help by Danielle Liard G2G6 Pilot (254k points)
Gauthier-Rahir is a strange name. Is there any primary source where it occurs? Or is it just a construction by genealogists?
the records are strange in themselves on this subject according to the source I have, which was research by Ms Lamontagne.

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Hi Danielle,

       I would guess that this Jeanne Galthier (Gauthier)-Rahir (b. ca. 1550?) did marry Denis Briere, and that she was the mother of Renee Briere (b. ca. 1570; first wife of Denis Cloutier).  If so, she would therefore be Denis Cloutier's mother-in-law, not a second wife.   The actual second wife of Denis Cloutier is apparently Jeanne Galthier (b. 1580's?), and she has been confused with Jeanne Galthier-Rahir (b. ca. 1550).  That they both have the same name and both married someone with the first name Denis could explain the confusion.   So it would probably be best to disconnect Jeanne Gauthier-Rahir from Denis Cloutier.  A wikitree profile could then be created for Jeanne Galthier (as second wife of Denis Cloutier).  I am wondering if this second wife Jeanne (b. 1580's) was a niece of Jeanne Gauthier-Rahir (b. ca. 1550).
by Kenneth Kinman G2G6 Mach 5 (52.4k points)
edited by Kenneth Kinman
Of course, an alternative would be to leave this Jeanne Gauthier-Rahir as second wife of Denis Cloutier, and create a new profile for the older Jeanne Gauthier-Rahir as wife of Denis Briere, and daughter of Francois Galthier-Rahir and Catherine Malvault.
Those are possibilities, Kenneth; but without reliable sources, this boils down to speculation. I don't mean that this sort of speculation is not useful; just that without sources we can't confirm any hypothesis, especially close to 1500 as is the case here.

And close to 1500, sources for non-aristocratic people are thin on the ground.
hi Kenneth,

No, that doesn't work, in the sources there is citation of a publication of banns for Jeanne Gauthier Rahir with Denis Cloustier in Nov 1608.  And there are 4 kids sourced for them.

The other marriage looks like it belongs somewhere/when else entirely, no idea where someone might have got this data from,
Hi Danielle,

       That is why I suggested another alternative in my second comment.  Leave her as the second wife of Denis Cloutier, but disconnect the uncertain parents and also disconnect her from Denis Briere.  

      But whether or not to create a new profile for the wife of Denis Briere is something to consider.  She could be called Jeanne Unknown or Unknown Unknown.
gah, the Denis Brière in question is set as father of Denis Cloustier's first wife.  Duh, no way, detaching her from that man.
Denis Brière is totally unsourced in fact.  No evidence that he is father of Renée Brière, Denis Cloustier's first wife.

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