How does unconnected tree stats change after a connection is made ?

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I'm planning on participating in the upcoming Connect-A-Thon, and I just took a look at a table of Unconnected Québec profiles (

To do some preliminary investigation, to see how this table could help me plan my "attack" - I randomly selected one entry near the bottom - this row showed entries that had tree size of 39, and I looked at  Charbonneau-805 T S.

Clicking on  Charbonneau-805 showed me the Francine's profile, and looking at the Family Tree - looked like it was pretty full.  Surprising at first.  Then I clicked on the T, and that gave me the list by generation, that went as far as 6 generations.  Then I understood better - her tree is fullish at the bottom - but is missing connections further up - aha!

SO .. after some investigation (using other resources, mostly PRDH, which is a paid site - sorry), I found what seem like plausible links from the furthest great great ... [[Lebègue Lespérance-1|Marie Marguerite Lebègue Lespérance]], and added Research notes to her profile so I could connect her to her mother who is on WikiTree, and to add a profile for her father, as well as a first husband who is not mentioned on wikitree.  (After verifying the facts from PRDH, ideally finding the baptismal & marriage registry entries in FamilySearch)

SO ... after such a long preamble - here's my geeky question:

Once I make those connections for Marie Marguerite, will this now change the unconnected status for JUST Marie Marguerite and her direct descendants - OR - will this now officially connect ALL of those 39 people who are entwined on this piece of the Wiki Tree?

(In other words - once I do make this connection - should I go onto a different entry in the table - or - do I need to look at other pieces of this particular tree to connect those that are not directly related to Marie Marguerite?)

in WikiTree Tech by Greg Clarke G2G6 Mach 2 (27.4k points)

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Descendants and collaterals will all be connected to the tree.  It isn't about descendancy, but about relationships (in-laws, etc.).  Does that answer your question?
by Kathy Rabenstein G2G6 Pilot (257k points)
selected by Greg Clarke
Perfectly answers it!  That's what I was HOPING for, but I wanted to clarify!  So ... once I connect Marie Marguerite, all of them will be able to trace their way to everyone else on the big tree - hurray!

Thank you Kathy for clarifying!
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If her mother is on WikiTree already that should connect her.
by Rhonda Zimmerman G2G6 Pilot (197k points)
The program that checks all the profile connections is run once a day, so you won't see any change in the status until after that process completes.
Thanks Rhonda, but I guess I wasn't clear.  Her mother IS on wikitree, but not currently connected to her.  Her mother's profile only has her first husband listed, and Marie Marguerite is a daughter from the second husband, who does not yet have a profile ... which I will add, then I will connect her.
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Firstly, when you make a connection, the entire branch will be connected but it will NOT show up immediately.

Updates are done overnight (eastern time anyway).

To answer your immediate question, once you have connected one person on the branch to someone on the global tree (who is already connected) then you can go onto some one else entirely different and not worry about that rest of that branch. Everyone on that branch should be connected by the next day and since we are getting one point for everyone who is connected then if you connected one person from that branch, then you should get 39 points for connecting all 39 profiles in that branch.

That is how this SHOULD work!!

Hope that answers your question.
by Robynne Lozier G2G6 Pilot (885k points)
Excellent -thanks Robynne!  Very clear - and nice to know that I can move on after making the connection to the next group of "stranded" profiles.  

39 points would be great, though I had interpreted the rules that I'd only get 1 point for it during the "thon" - but - either way, it's still a worthwhile endeavour.

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