Who was the father of Rachel Smith. smth 77775

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I am going to take my answer away, but I will give you the reasons why, and then you can cross Isaac off your list for good. Laura Lynn that had Issac as the father referred to a book "Pioneer Sketches of Long Point Settlement" as her source for Isaac's father Abraham. So I pulled the book up and started to read it. It verified that Abraham was Isaac's father, and that Isaac was married twice. However, Isaac did not have a daughter named Rachel.  I will post that portion of the book for you to read.

Good luck in your search for her real father.

Isaac Smith, eldest son of Abraham (by his second wife), 
was twice married. By his first wife (Abigail, daughter of 
Peter Mabee) he had two daughters — Agnes and Minnie ; and 
by his second wife (Sarah Johnson) he had two sons — Herbert 
and I. D.; and two daughters — Abigail and Eliza. The family 
settled at Galesburg, 111. Both father and mother are dead. 
by Cheryl Hess G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)
selected by Susan Laursen
Thanks so much as I think by now people are beginning to realize that you cannot count on information from ancestry.com or anywhere else unless it is sourced.

I am familiar with the book you reference and agree it is highly unlikely that Issac is the father. However, I have found numerous other errors in that book as much of the info is unsourced.

I think Jesse is the best bet and that he was never married to Rachel's mother. Jessie's son David was born around the same time and his mother was Irene---- I think Irene was Rachel's mother also. Jessie married and had 8 or 9 more kids. He moved to the US just around the time that Rachel got married.  Pure supposition of course.
I agree with the ancestry information. That is why I like WikiTree and the requirement of sources. And the people are so kind and helpful. I really hope that you find Rachel's father, as I know you will never be completely satisfied until you have a source that proves who he really is.

God bless you, Susan.
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This is the father on WikiTree:


by Pip Sheppard G2G Astronaut (1.7m points)
Did you read  Rachel''s profile. The information you are giving me is my own research and does not answer the question?
So, Jesse is just a placeholder?
Ths s not an answer.
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I will try to answer.

Issac Smith, born 19 Apr 1770 in Goshen, Orange, New York

Died 20 Sept 1848 in Bayham, Elgin, Ontario, Canada

on ancestry has a daughter, Rachel Smith that married a Henrickus "Henry" Becker. This Rachel was born 15 Oct 1798 in Canada and died 5 Jan 1839 in Walsingham South, Norfolk South, Ontario, Canada.

This information was entered by Laura Lynn.
by Cheryl Hess G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)
Cheryl the problems is that there are no sources to prove that Issac or his brother Jessie had a daughter named Rachel.

The info on ancestry.com and on the profiles on Wiki-tree are just guesses. If you read smith 77775 you will see a complete discussion of the question. I have been looking for a source for years to establish who Rachel's parents were. We know when she was born not by any birth records but by her gravestone. I keep hoping that someone from the Smith or Becker line may know where Rachel Smith popped up from. I have no where left to look.

Thanks for trying to help.

Please everyone who wants to answer try to answer the question of where Rachel came from go to smth-77775

and read everything I have learned so far.
Susan, I did read your information, and verified that Isaac was NOT the father.

Does that sound like Jerry Springer?  lol
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You're fortunate you can go back that far. Black Americans are stopped at 1870 and I just returned to wikitree after a long absence because someone appealed for help in Jewish roots, many records of generations of Jews being lost when Nazis burned the synogogues of Europe. Yes, you are fortunate in finding such a distant connection.
by Eddie King G2G6 Pilot (458k points)
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Susan, I confess that I didn't read this woman's entire profile page (I did skim it) because it was very long and it was "too hard" to follow the arguments regarding her parents. A major reason why those arguments were hard for me to follow is that I have no knowledge of this family, and from the profile I couldn't figure out what is actually known about Rachel.

It would be helpful if her profile had a section (ideally, the first content under "Biography") that presented a clear account of what you know about this woman's life and how you know it.  Something along the lines of "Rachel Smith was the wife of Henry Becker and the mother of three Becker children. She died on [date]. Her maiden name and age at death are inscribed on her gravestone in [Cemetery], indicating a birth date of [DATE]. She is thought to have been born in Ulster County, New York, and emigrated to Canada, but there is no proof of her origins."

The fact that you can't conclusively identify her parents shouldn't prevent her from having a biography that tells what's known about her life.
by Ellen Smith G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)
I do not mean to be cranky but the basic facts of Rachel's life are on her profile. I  know the information given below her profile is complex and hard to follow. Have you any idea how much research I have done to gather the material presented. There is no simple way to present the material gained from going down a myriad of rabbit holes   I do not. expect anyone not familiar with the family or willing to take the time to become familiar to attempt to answer the question I asked. But for others who are trying to find out about Rachel all the complex material presented should save them hours of research time.
Excuse me, Susan, but I spend a lot of time on research and documentation of other people's family histories for the mutual benefit of WikiTree members (part of collaboration).  I happen to believe that a well-developed WikiTree profile should be effective in communicating the person's life story -- including any uncertainties or controversies -- to a person who is not already familiar with the family. Because I've spent a lot of time on genealogy for Ulster County people of the 1700s, I was particularly curious about the Ulster County birthplace and marriage location on Rachel's profile, but there is no mention of Ulster County in the entire text section of the profile. It is hard for other WikiTree members to provide meaningful research assistance in this situation.
Hi Ellen,

There is actually no evidence that Rachel was born in Ulster county. Some sites have her born there while others have her born in Norfolkl county, Ontario.  There is no actual source anywhere that I can find for her birth. I dd go the route of every birth info I could find in Ulster county and had no luck finding any Rachel Smith born in1798. That is why there is no mention of Ulster  County.

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