Gaile Connolly is a Wonderful WikiTreer

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When I was a child, I learned to do arithmetic by rote.I didn't understand what I was doing so when I made mistakes, I had no idea how to correct them. When I was very much older, the concepts behind the algorithms were explained.Light dawned, I went on to teach.

In the same way,  the mark up language on wikitree was incomprehensible. I followed patterns and sometimes got the result I wanted but if I made a mistake, I was lost.

GAILE, has a brilliant gift for rendering the incomprehensible relatively understandable. She adds many G2G comments explaining wikimarkup.As they are often  comments they don't even score a point.I find them invaluable.(I would love to see her explanations on how the 'language' works concentrated in one help sheet.
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in Appreciation by Helen Ford G2G6 Pilot (322k points)

aw, gee, THANX Helen.  Since you asked, I once wrote a long treatise (VERY long!) that I called Footnoted Source Citations 101.  I tried to start at the very beginning and explain what a markup language is all about and gradually build to the relationships of the <ref>, </ref>, and <references /> tags and how they're used, with the biggest thing being WHY they work the way they do.

I admire the people here who are fluent in so many languages.  The only languages I'm fluent in are HTML, SGML, XML, ASP, .NET, SQL, javascript, vbscript, and a bunch of others (most of which qualify as archaic nowadays) that only other geeks ever even heard of, but I can sometimes pass for understanding English.

Yup, you’re right!

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Gaile understands a lot that us newbies on WikiTree do not understand, and anything that she can put on a help sheet would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you Gaile for everything you do on WikiTree, and thank you Helen for acknowledging her work.

Great job, both of you!

by Cheryl Hess G2G Astronaut (1.6m points)
selected by Rhonda Zimmerman
Thank you, Cheryl, for you kind remarks.  Please see my comment to Helen - there is a link to a very complete document on inline citations that I put in G2G about 3 or 4 years ago.  I hope you find something useful there, but think you're already fully comfortable with what's in there.

Thank you Rhonda, for selecting my answer.

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