Can wikitree create a way to download 4 generations of our tree here as a gedcom file

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I normally use ancestry to generate a gedcom file but WHY?

I don't use their tree!
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The reason I ask for this is. The gedmatch upload size is limited on gedmatch. Makes it where you must break the tree down to small size to get it on. Most non savey people cant do this.

But if we dont make it easy. People wont bother and then genetically we lose that gedcom connection to the DNA and gedcom connected status..cannot run the GEDCOM + DNA MATCHS TEST with no trees. But they dont need the whole tree. But it would conform to us.

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I've added this to the to-do list for GEDCOM exports.

by Jamie Nelson G2G6 Pilot (443k points)
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Can you add putting the URL for each individual in their notes that are downloaded with a gedcom file? It would make it easier for editing sources, going straight to that individual for edits, updates, etc.
It's already exported in the GEDCOM as a link.
Maybe I'm missing it, but where in the GEDCOM does it show up as a link? Notes? The only thing I'm seeing in notes is a text version of the Biography section. I've looked at it in 2 different programs and it's the same in both.

Edit: Ok, I looked at a GEDCOM from WikiTree as a text file and I see it as WWW (URL). However, the programs I use don't recognize it, don't bring it up for me to add, and don't import it into notes or anywhere else. If it's not imported to notes or somewhere, I'll never see it.

Edit 7-18: After a little experimenting, I have a work around for this. Open a GEDCOM from WikiTree in a text editor. Search and replace all WWW with _WWW (being sure to check "match case" - otherwise you mess up the URL) and save (making sure it saves as a .ged file). When you import the GEDCOM in Legacy it brings up a box showing the _WWW tag as an unrecognized tag that you can remap or add. Add WWW as a tag and import. Now it shows up as an event named WWW with the URL in the description field.
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From I've seen you can either download all of a person's ancestry or all of their descendants.  I don't know of any way of limiting it by generations.   That's a flaw in my opinion.
by Stu Ward G2G6 Mach 6 (64.0k points)
I bet they can do it. Then you could grab smaller bites of the elephant.
They do it on the compact tree. If you could just download the (compact tree) for each profile would be awesome. As a gedcom of course.
You could go four generations back and download descendants for each of those people then combine the  files.
Rofl I want the wikitree (conpact tree downloadable) in csv or  or .ged
I will try that Kathy.
It's set to 15 generations.  If you want more or less than 15, you get 15.
The family list allows you to make a list of ancestors or descendants or both for 1 to 15 generations.  If they used that platform to create gedcoms, that would make it more useful. It gives you the added benefit of seeing who you're loading first.

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