Down voting- why? [closed]

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Down voting is for entries that are abusive, rude or downright nasty.

I would like to ask that if anyone has an issue with my posts please comment or answer in the question concerned. A private message may be in order if you prefer. I certainly do not wish to hurt or upset anyone with what I say.

Like a number of members who frequent the G2G forum, we spend time and effort trying to answer questions, suggest places to search, and generally try to help you increase and improve your part of the tree, (whilst also working on ours). Many have full time jobs or other life situations that take precedence, but still manage to put time and effort into Wikitree.

Please take into consideration that this a site with members from around the world and meanings might vary. So if in doubt ASK!
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in Policy and Style by Marion Poole G2G6 Pilot (836k points)
closed by Marion Poole
Oh, Melanie, than you soooooo much!  as a family site (pun intended) that is sooooo much better.  Your are the most thoughtful person ever, to do that for Cheryl and me.
Well, on my ethnicity sticker on my profile, she is still the seated version .. fat belly and all.

But nobody can see that.

(It's a scaling down thing.  The seated version scales better.)
Gaile, she is really the best. I feel like I made a really good friend today. Only cause I felt you and I bonded yesterday Gaile, oh cousin of mine.

Thank you both for making me so comfortable here.

I like that we can kick back once in a while and have fun!

Ok, now there are three .. seated with fat belly, standing and skirt-wearing, and seated with a larger book.  cheeky




(Oh, my, I never knew my alien "family" would grow this large.  Perhaps I should do mock profiles for them on my space page.  laugh)

Thank you all for the belly laughs this morning, worth every flaming down vote!

Eddie King is six feet four inches tall. And weighs 250 pounds. Eddie King believes Godzilla should be allowed to do his thing unmolested. Urban renewal ! A good thing. Eddie King's favorite lines from a movie (can't remember which one but Roger Corman made it.

Guy to girl: Wear a sexy dress

Girl: Define sexy

Guy: I like your boobs. You got nice boobs. You have a dress that's boobish?

Why, do you want to wear it?
Like they'd make dresses in his size!

Oh, I don't know.  Did you never see "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert" .. or "To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar"?

I think the shoes would be a harder fit.  cheeky

@ Eddie .. you forgot "Eddie King wears a red hat"!  cheeky

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Marion, I agree 100%. I received another down vote a couple of days ago. I know I did not post anything controversial, in fact, I know exactly what the down vote was on.

Some people told me when I first started that the reason I received down votes when I first started was because the buttons on their cell phones was so small, sometimes they accidentally hit the wrong button.

Other people have told me not to worry about the down votes because people get penalized for them when they down-vote, but that doesn't help how I feel everytime I get another one.

I saw a comment on here one time that a person should have to explain a down-vote, and I think that is a good idea.

I try to be extra nice to everyone and still get them. So, what does a person have to do?
by Cheryl Hess G2G Astronaut (1.4m points)
I hit the down vote by mistake a couple of times, but immediately put an apology in the thread. I felt awful that I had done it!
Marion, if you hit the down button, and then hit the up button, does that erase the down button?

It is too early in the morning for me to think. lol
No Cheryl, I don’t think it changes the stats on your G2G profile page.
yes, it does.  That button is a toggle - you can click either up or down to vote, then click the new button that shows which way you voted to "unvote".
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Down vote should not be there it is so very unfriendly because everyone does there best.

I have done it by mistake, and  use days to find who I gave the down vote It, made me so sad. I still have given one down vote out by mistake I been to most of the answer and I can’t found it. But if anyone has a down vote and it might be me need to find one down vote please let me know and i will remove it right away. And I really are so sorry. I would never give any one a down vote, because everyone work so hard there in the free time so no one deserve a down vote. I think I notes about 2 weeks ago what I have done.
by Susan Laursen G2G Astronaut (2.7m points)
Susan I knew automatically that the downvote you gave was by mistake. Just one equals a slipped finger, don't worry about it! I too wish they would get rid of the down vote, however maybe for the benefit of all it keeps me from posting more.
Thank You C. You really are so sweet always you know me well
Thank You Ruben for best answer you are kind
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I try to be an adult about getting a down vote.    The last time I got one,  the best I could tell it was because a member didn't like my position of creating profiles for infants that died.  

I will never give a down vote,  just perhaps a flag for incredibly inappropriate postings.
by Peggy McReynolds G2G6 Pilot (311k points)
edited by Peggy McReynolds
Oh, my.  If that were a good reason, I'd have heaps.  I will always created a profile for the baby that didn't live to procreate.  If for no other reason than that their mother carried them for 9 months, feeling them move.  They also fill a place in a family's timeline .. especially if between other children.

For one of my cousins x-removed, he and his wife had two sons.  Both died in infancy (not even making it to childhood).  If they were not recorded, it would appear as though my cousin and his wife were childless, when that wasn't the case.

Babies should have their own profile, not just a line in the mother's (or father's) biography.
I thought so too.

I forgot who wrote this  "CODE"   but you might enjoy it.    It doesn't add a category,  just provides the profile a graphic.

{{Died Young}}

I usually add a profile picture and a background, as well as the {{Died Young}} and the appropriate Infant or Child Mortality category.

I try to give them a little love.

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No one should get upset by downvotes. It is a very standard way for people online to indicate, in a very mild way, that they disagree with or dislike your post. If you post online on a site that has upvotes and downvotes, you will inevitably get downvotes from time to time.
by Chase Ashley G2G6 Pilot (180k points)
A "standard" that needs to change in the heads of those using them to "like" posts that should have text responses, not a thumbs up image.

In this type of setting, it would be better if those clicking merrily away knowing that nobody knows it was them, would stop for 30 more seconds and say WHY they dislike/disagree.
OOPS,  commented to the wrong answer!

However,  now that I've read this answer....... my greatest concern with the down votes is not knowing what got voted down.   Is there a way to find out?
Peggy, even more than that is the downvotes that you never even know were given, other than seeing the total number you received climb.  That's because up and downvotes are lumped together instead of being recorded separately.  You could have received 20 upvotes and 5 downvotes but all you'd see on your question or answer is that you received 15 upvotes.


You're packed with the details!!    I'll just look at this way:  at least we don't get annual reviews.  We'll only take so much when we're not being paid!

I'll certainly give you and Jillaine up votes for your earlier  "thread"......yes

I like this. It is a very proportionate answer and a good way of thinking.

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