Melanie Paul and her alien mascot are Wonderful WikiTreers

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When Melanie posted a picture of her alien friend that a few of us sticks-in-the-mud thought was not appropriate for a family site like this one (pun intended), she immediately covered it up to meet a much more strict alien dress code.  Before doing that, though, she relieved our concerns by explaining that what we thought we saw was only the very innocent belly fat of the chubby alien.  You can see the whole incident starting here.

Now if that's not a wonderful WikiTreer then I don't know what is!

WikiTree profile: Melanie Paul
in Appreciation by Gaile Connolly G2G6 Pilot (910k points)

I am laughing so hard right now.  My aliens and I thank you. 


We are still learning how to mimic humans, so we apologise in advance for any mistakes we may make.


 (Larger book, covering belly.  Nothing to see here.)

and I thank you, Cheryl, and Eddie for providing badly needed diversionary breaks while I went through all the Nazi profiles to remove the Holocaust project box - it was a heavy task - couldn't help reading some of the awful stuff those poor excuses for human beings did.  Your aliens are so nice and sweet by contrast.  Now I gotta go get dinner together … later ya'll!

We all need a lighter moment or two every now and then when we are doing intense, or emotional, work.

My hat is off to you for the task you have been doing.  heart

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I had the best time on WikITree this afternoon with the two of you. We had severe storms in our area - possibly a tornado (we will know later) and our entire town has no power. Luckily we have a generator.

So, though my computer was running slow, and I was watching out the window for flying cows and trees, I was still laughing my belly off.

Melanie, thank you so much for the entertainment, and Gaile for the laughs, and Eddie for the comments that didn't make sense!
by Cheryl Hess G2G Astronaut (1.6m points)
selected by Robin Shaules
Can't help it, Cheryl. This is a great answer, in my opinion. Have to vote it the best. Please stay safe.

Any time.  heart  heart

Thank you Robin, I appreciate that. It was a wonderful time to get to know everyone. Lots of fun, and actually relieved the stress I normally would have been having. Thank you for your well wishes. Things have calmed down, but power is still out throughout the town.

Melanie love to you too!



(I'd have done a dancing group, but I'm not that good (and I'm way out of practice.)

Thank is so cute! I am picking the kind of red and pink one for my red hair - KIN.  

You are adorable, Melanie.

Thank you for making me smile again!
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Thanks for sharing Gaile⚘

 It was a hoot to read.

Cheers  ... Sharon
by Sharon Weekes G2G6 Pilot (128k points)

Glad to know it was enjoyed.  smiley

Giggles in the morning....Great way to start the day.⚘
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Melanie, you are Wonderful! And so are you, Gaile! Thanks to you both!
by Robin Shaules G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)

Thanks for the kind words, Robin.  blush

ditto, Robin.
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I had to go back and read that exchange. Thought: “Only on WikiTree!” Made my day. Kudos to both you and Melanie for lightening things up. Needed that.
by Pip Sheppard G2G Astronaut (2.2m points)
aww, Pip, you must have gone back to read it because of the sensationalism.  C'mon and fess up - do you have a prurient interest in alien wardrobe malfunctions?

Hahaha!!! Gotta tell you, after the first readings of the thread I moved in and missed the whole exchange. I thought, how did hat thread go there?!?” It was worth it to go back read all he new posts. Like a breath of fresh air on a sometimes contentious G2G.

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