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WikiTree profile: Pip Sheppard
WikiTree profile: Pip Sheppard
closed with the note: Great talkin’ to ya! No Chat next week. See you in two weeks.
in The Tree House by Pip Sheppard G2G Astronaut (1.7m points)
closed by Pip Sheppard

Oh yeah, I saved a bundle, but I’ll pay for it when I get up tomorrow morning! surprise

Sounds like it's time to play Nat King Cole's ..Autumn Leaves .. and have a rather large cool drink in the shade.

Hope you are treating yourself nowyes

Sounds like a plan! I’m in!

I'm one step ahead of you.

Have a great nightyes

Pip I wouldn't say they are much prettier than your Red Hot Pokers, I saw that picture of yours they are lovely. The blooms don't last super duper long, but the birds eat the seeds in the winter so it adds winter interest. Hope you are feeling ok this morning!
Oh, a good idea for winter bird food!  Thanks and they are pretty, too.
Thanks Michelle! The birds also like coneflowers and their seed heads.
We have birds that like our Pokers, but they don’t last long. The Pokers themselves lose all their stuff pretty soon after blooming.

We do have another that blooms about now, and the berries are a favorite of robins heading south.
If you would like to, I need a ditch dug., Then filled back in.
I have just returned from theFamily History Show at University of West of England near Bristol.Bought a few things, spottedn some new ideas and joined the Hampshire Genealogical Society. Had some interesting chats, had to work this morning so missed the talks but well worth going.

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Howdy! Hope everyone enjoys a great weekend. I plan on floating about in the pool later today.
by Deb Durham G2G Astronaut (1m points)
Now that sounds like my kind of day! Enjoy yourself, Deb.
Now that is a relaxing thing to do, put on your sun screen Deb.
Lovely plan Deb!  You're inspiring me, I'm heading to the quarry in the am.
That sounds perfect!

Ditto to everyone on this chat. 

Welcome everyone to the July the fourth WikiTree Weekend chat.

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Good morning Pip, and all fellow Wtree'ers.

Pip, maybe you could travel around to members houses and do any digging they may need done.

Been busy in Family Search gathering more sources this week.

I read an obituary of a young man that died this week here in the county. I did not know the young man, but I did know his grandfather. At the end of the obit was a message that we all can use in our daily lives.

It said " In memory of Tad's gentle spirit, and in lieu of flowers, do something kind for someone every day."

What a great thought for us to keep in mind in our daily interaction with other people.

Hope everyone had a great holiday here in the U.S. yesterday, and enjoy the rest of the weekend. For those folks outside of the U.S., you do the same and stay safe.
by Rodney Long G2G6 Pilot (346k points)
Rodney, I bet Doug McCallum could use me services to find that leak in his irrigation!

The closing thought in the obit a prescient reminder in an often raging world. Thanks for sharing that, Rodney.
Pip, Found one of the two leaks.  The other now waits until the ground dries out some but if you want to dig, come help.
Its a nice thought indeed Rodney!  A wonderful way to be remembered too.

Apparently my kindness doesn't extend to digging with Doug and Pip, but I do think of them now and again, with sympathy.
My shoulder thanks you, Laurie. My wife is getting tired of sympathizing and needs someone else to pick up the mantle.
Haha, I'm easily distracted Pip, and nearly got sidetracked by an earthquake just now, but the ladies have to stick together! I'll try to stay focused on the violins long enough for your wife to get to the mall.
Laurie, you win the award for being the first to make me laugh out loud today!

I do that when I help my mom get her all the things that we have which is all that was down in Loudon settle in her house and discard stuff that she not going to keep on weekends.

Ditto to what everyone said on this chat.

Welcome everyone to the July the fourth WikiTree Weekend chat.

There was one just now?  I know we have had lots of little ones.  before a 3 is basically unfeelable.

I see a 3.3 and a 3.5 around the time you posted this, so you're not imagining things.  Nature is so unpredictable!  I imagine its going to be in the back of your mind for a time.
Well I had a good night's sleep. I don't feel many 3s.  So as my bro says, if I didn't feel it, it didn't happen.  But I'm on the USGS site. http://scedc.caltech.edu  shows all the spots quakes are happening.  looks like the San Andreas is getting 3s also. Stress relievers, I hope.

This is the 8 AM hour.... nothing significant. Most are unfeelable.  Rocking a baby in a rocker is stronger than these. 

2.4 2019/07/07 08:38:04 36.005N 117.722W  1.1   18 km (11 mi) ENE of Little Lake, CA
 1.2 2019/07/07 08:37:16 35.937N 117.710W  9.6   18 km (11 mi) E   of Little Lake, CA
 1.4 2019/07/07 08:36:09 35.904N 117.697W  0.1   19 km (12 mi) E   of Little Lake, CA
 2.6 2019/07/07 08:34:49 35.752N 117.581W  3.6   16 km (10 mi) W   of Searles Valley, CA
 1.7 2019/07/07 08:34:29 35.407N 117.660W  0.3    4 km ( 3 mi) NNW of Johannesburg, CA
 1.8 2019/07/07 08:33:08 35.908N 117.734W  2.2   16 km (10 mi) E   of Little Lake, CA
 2.5 2019/07/07 08:31:28 35.791N 117.632W  8.9   19 km (12 mi) NNE of Ridgecrest, CA
 2.6 2019/07/07 08:30:52 35.840N 117.669W  4.3   24 km (15 mi) ESE of Little Lake, CA
 1.8 2019/07/07 08:30:13 35.761N 117.553W 11.4   14 km ( 8 mi) W   of Searles Valley, CA
 1.8 2019/07/07 08:29:44 35.673N 117.416W  9.2   11 km ( 7 mi) S   of Searles Valley, CA
 2.6 2019/07/07 08:27:37 35.982N 117.735W  1.2   16 km (10 mi) ENE of Little Lake, CA
 1.3 2019/07/07 08:27:18 35.800N 117.632W  6.0   20 km (13 mi) N   of Ridgecrest, CA
 1.6 2019/07/07 08:26:13 35.914N 117.703W  2.1   19 km (12 mi) E   of Little Lake, CA
 1.7 2019/07/07 08:25:01 36.035N 117.728W  1.8   19 km (12 mi) NE  of Little Lake, CA
 1.6 2019/07/07 08:24:38 35.922N 117.684W  0.4   20 km (13 mi) E   of Little Lake, CA
 1.9 2019/07/07 08:24:05 35.671N 117.508W  5.7   14 km ( 9 mi) SW  of Searles Valley, CA
 2.2 2019/07/07 08:19:38 35.736N 117.527W  3.1   12 km ( 7 mi) WSW of Searles Valley, CA
 1.8 2019/07/07 08:17:32 35.709N 117.507W  4.8   11 km ( 7 mi) SW  of Searles Valley, CA
 1.2 2019/07/07 08:16:53 35.835N 117.678W  2.6   23 km (15 mi) ESE of Little Lake, CA
 1.9 2019/07/07 08:12:54 35.917N 117.698W  7.9   19 km (12 mi) E   of Little Lake, CA
 2.6 2019/07/07 08:12:01 35.915N 117.703W  1.8   19 km (11 mi) E   of Little Lake, CA
 1.7 2019/07/07 08:10:17 35.708N 117.532W  9.4   13 km ( 8 mi) WSW of Searles Valley, CA
 2.1 2019/07/07 08:08:08 35.750N 117.583W  2.1   16 km (10 mi) W   of Searles Valley, CA
 1.8 2019/07/07 08:07:27 35.941N 117.274W  0.1   22 km (14 mi) NNE of Trona, CA
 1.9 2019/07/07 08:07:06 35.617N 117.447W  3.1   17 km (11 mi) SSW of Searles Valley, CA
 1.6 2019/07/07 08:06:47 35.917N 117.713W  1.9   18 km (11 mi) E   of Little Lake, CA
 2.1 2019/07/07 08:06:04 36.035N 117.675W -0.1   24 km (15 mi) ENE of Little Lake, CA
 2.9 2019/07/07 08:05:05 35.573N 117.416W  7.2   22 km (13 mi) S   of Trona, CA
 1.7 2019/07/07 08:03:05 35.924N 117.721W  2.5   17 km (10 mi) E   of Little Lake, CA
 1.4 2019/07/07 08:02:05 35.765N 117.629W  8.6   17 km (10 mi) NNE of Ridgecrest, CA
 2.4 2019/07/07 08:00:04 35.632N 117.430W  1.5   15 km ( 9 mi) S   of Searles Valley, CA
The map shows stuff happening all over the place. The good part: you keeping in touch with us, Lynette.
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Hails and horns, Wikipeeps!

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July! I did. I learned a very important lesson. Apparently Peppermint Stick Ice cream loses molecular cohesion faster than any other type of ice cream. Good to know if you're sitting out in the sun. It was just as well. We had gelato at home, still.

My brother and his family are still here and we've been having a great time. Hard to believe they are leaving tomorrow. It's always a little sad when they go. Can't be helped, I guess. At least we'll be seeing them on Thanksgiving.

On the genealogy front, I posted a blog about my Revolutionary War ancestors: https://allroadhaverhill.blogspot.com/2019/07/52-ancestors-independent.html

Fold3 also had free access to Revolutionary War files for this week. I think it's still ongoing. It stops on the 14th. I managed to save the files I wanted last night. Some of the docs have a date of creation as 7/4/2019. Coincidence? Maaaybe. =P Maybe not.

Not much else to report. Hope you have a great weekend. 

Great work, Pip! Almost done the book you gave me. Work those abs, man. Get those washboard abs chisled. Or at the very least draw them with a sharpie. =)

A cousin found parents for https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Santoli-5

I'll be working on that in a bit.

by Chris Ferraiolo G2G6 Pilot (285k points)
Loses molecular cohesion = melts?  Grab a handful of napkins?
Yep. All of the napkins.

It wasn't even that warm!!!!!
I have made similar observations, Chris!  The heat in peppermint is real, and does not support firm ice cream. Lemon gelato on the other hand ... hmm ... I'm starting to see a good weekend shape up.
Sounds like a good weekend to me, Laurie. Though, I think I ate my weight in ice cream. I'm gonna have to take a play out of Pip's playbook and dig some ditches.

Or at the very least use a sharpie to draw some abs.
Chris, I have found that those pension records, like the one you found for Amos, are a gold mine of information, and not just the career, but for family information, too.
Yeah. I found only two complete pensions. Amos Sargent and Joseph Felker. Was hoping for Joseph Fisher. I feel bad for Joe Felker. The family kept trying and trying to get money but they kept getting shot down. Like, wow.

Give the family some money!!!
Yup, I’ve seen a few of those, too.

Welcome everyone to the July the fourth WikiTree Weekend chat.

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Earthquake in California....

For a person who has lived most of their life in California, this was another "reminder" about how horrible earthquakes are.   There is no warning, not like hurricanes, tornadoes, or even the wildland fires we have.   You just have to "ride it out".  Fortunately, no injuries or terrible damage in my extended family.

Which brings me to my second subject.   How distances are different for all of us....we were in Columbus, Ohio last weekend and realized how many "big cities" there were within a 500 mile radius of the city Philadelphia, Washington, DC, St Louis, Chicago to name a few.   Within a 500 mile radius of Sacramento, CA are the other big cities in CA, Las Vegas but, Phoenix, Portland and other cities in other states are more than 500 miles away.
by Robin Lee G2G6 Pilot (576k points)
Robin and Lynette, I'm glad you're ok!  I lived in the LA area for about 10 years, and then the Bay area for about 4.  I was in SoCal for the Landers/Big Bear and Northridge quakes.  I don't miss the quakes, but I do miss the lizards!
Landers isn't too far from me.  But I missed both of them. I was in Texas at time. Heavy rains, and tornados.
I was actually out by Needles doing field work and was sleeping in the back of a pickup truck.  It woke me up... first I thought the wind was shaking the truck, but the mesquite branches above me weren't moving.  Then I thought someone must have somehow snuck up and started shaking the truck as a joke.  By the time I sat up and realized what was going on, it was over.  Didn't feel Big Bear at all later that morning.
Yikes that would be terrifying not being able to get out of the bed!   Here in MO we have the New Madrid Fault and have had some quakes as strong as 7.5 which may have been really up to 7.9 in the 1800s.  It rang church bells in Virginia.  

In recent years I remember laying in bed and the bed shaking but I could get out of it.  That was I think in the neighbor hood of a 5. So while we have them they are not a frequent event.  We have a lot more tornado watches and warnings and even touch downs than earthquakes.
the working theory is if there are small quakes 5 or less. then its a release of pressure so you won't have the big one. I always thought that was hysterical. After all, look at the swarm (new term, I don't remember it from the 60s). After all I not only had 1 big one, but they did predict another at least as strong. And it did.

I think the New Madrid of the early 1800s had aftershocks for over a year.

Quake Update.  the 7.1 was only 0.9 mi deep, it ruptured the surface. 


USGS got permission from the base to go out there. 

That is quite shallow for an earthquake, Lynette. Given what’s happened in the South Island of New Zealand, I’ve become a bit of an earthquake buff. There just needs to be a bit of a shake and we’re all on geonet checking out the strength and depth. Fissures and landshift here occurred too. I hope you’re bearing up with the aftershocks. Even now, my heart beats faster, and I’m pretty used to them.
And now they are reporting it was deeper.  Oh well. I guess not all the data was in.  But it still created the fissure.  There are several 1s and 2s on the San Andreas. And I'm not feeling most of these 3s or less.
3 nights of good sleep and no significant shaking.  There have been some 3s. But SoCal residents of duration know even a 3 is normal ground movement here and most of us don't even notice them. You get more force drivng on bumpy roads then a 3.

I think the highlight of this for me was the support I got from WTers, Somone who stayed up all night with me, after the 7, (Ok midnight to me, 3 am to her) in emails making sure I was ok emotionally, till I realized how late it was for her and made myself go to sleep.  I had no significant damage.  

The towns affected are in the  process of recovery.  The Base is closed except for essential personnel. Several agencies have arrived. Some have lost water and power, especially Trona.  Some roads have damage.  I think ou building codes here had a lot to do with damage not being worse then what it is. We have no building over 2 stories.

The quake movement is going toward the town of Independence. And there have been small quakes in the San Andreas.  The San Andreas intersects with the Garlock at Mojave is about 50 miles from me. And Garlock is just south of me.  

But neither became active, yet.
Thanks Lynette for the up date.  We are so glad you are safe.  We WTers are a wonderful family spread all over the world.  So when things get crazy for you there is always someone awake you can tap.  That is the beauty of a world wide group of people who are family focused.  Even if we are not all blood or marriage connected we are heart connected and that is just as strong.  

Stay safe!  And let us know if you need anything.
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Today is ......



Enjoy a sweet, individual pie on July 5th. It’s precisely what National Apple Turnover Day is all about! 

All called hand pies because their design makes them portable, apple turnovers have been around since the 17th century. Bakers fill a smaller, flaky pie crust with fruit or meat and fold it in half. Once the edges are sealed, the pie is baked or fried. For added sweetness, add a dusting of sugar or icing on top. 

Nearly every culture has a recipe for a turnover in their repertoire. Whether the method is savory or sweet, the ingredients readily available determined how the dough was made. However, most doughs adjust to a sweet recipe with the addition of fruit and sugary additives such as sugar, honey, or maple syrup. 

Restaurants, bakeries, and even food trucks offer a variety of turnovers, and they make a delicious snack or meal. Apple turnovers come in a wide range, too! Caramel apple, apple cinnamon, or apple raisin are just a few of the combinations we’ve found. Be sure to check out your local businesses or try your own recipe. 

Five Food Finds about Apples:

  1. The crabapple is the only apple native to North America.
  2. Apples come in all shades of reds, greens, and yellows.
  3. Two pounds of apples make one 9-inch pie.
  4. Apple blossom is the state flower of Michigan.
  5. A medium apple is about 80 calories.


We have just the recipe for you to try – Apple Turnover recipe or invite a friend to join you for an apple turnover at a business near you! Share them with your family and friends.

by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (2m points)
Hmm. Another good food day!
Now for my "drinking" friends...

And Sunday is National Dive Bar day....7/7

For those of you without a Bourbon fetish...that means Seagram's 7 Bourbon with 7-up
Love apple turnovers, but I have to buy them for myself. The wife gets the cherry ones.
I always love your yummy food offerings. Turnovers of any variety are soooo good!!

Welcome everyone to the July the fourth WikiTree Weekend chat.

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Greetings from Everett, Washington!

Last night was an adventure.  I drove to the cinema to pick up my daughter at about 9:30 p.m., the height of the neighborhood celebrations.  It took a great deal of concentration to keep my eyes on the street.  She was oohing and ahhing as we passed by several large displays from front yards and in the street itself.  I dodged at least one launcher and nearly collided with another vehicle and of course there were shadowy people darting to and fro with sparklers.  In the back of our common yard the neighborhood church had a fireworks stand where she and my husband and son were visiting and setting off their own displays.

Me, I was here at the computer with the dog cowering under my skirt.  It's my job to act as if all the noise is no big deal so as to keep the dog calm.  The other dog is too deaf to care. 

While at the computer I was contrary.  I worked on the profile of Robert Robb https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Robb-1791 He was opposed to the Revolutionary War and declared that Benjamin Franklin and Governor Rittenhouse were bribed by the Continental Congress.  For his vocal opposition he was tried (and acquitted) by the committee of safety in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania and spent the duration of the war in Carlisle County.

The weather here is cloudy and cool.  After the 4th of July summer starts in earnest.

@Bart Triesch: I would like to drive by and see the Keay House in Everett.  Can you send me the address?  Did you ever find out where Mr. Keay went after he stole those thousands from the city treasury and fled to Australia?

Tomorrow I am going to the archives to work up another article about Mukilteo history, this time about the coming of the telephone and telegraph.

Since leaving California I have not thought much about earthquakes but the full rip 9.0 could happen here.

I loved the post about the Shockey family reunion quilt.  I made a quilt for the Robe reunion in Marion County, West Virginia in 2006 that was raffled off.  I was happy it went to a distant relative. This Sunday/Monday is the Project Linus work party and I have a red white & blue quilt with fighter jets on it to turn in, and also a baby quilt.  I have been trying to design sashing and border strips for a baby quilt with 1930s retro fabrics.

We did not have a barbeque yesterday but I provided some warmed-over pork chops that I had cooked with coriander, aniseseed and fennel.

I also have been working on Marion County, West Virginia profiles.  I found a cousin who was on the coroner's jury following the Monongah Mine Disaster of 1907.

by Margaret Summitt G2G6 Mach 7 (77.1k points)
You are just so darned busy, Margaret!

I had an Irish Setter who was always so spooked by thunder that she would come and crawl into my lap (huge dog!) shaking and staying as close as she could.

Welcome everyone to the July the fourth WikiTree Weekend chat.

Here's a word that was sprung on me in Toastmasters Table Topics by our new member who is interested in genealogy:


Yes, it's Latin.  No, I didn't know what it means but I had to reply as if I did.  After I got the etymology all wrong I was informed that it means:

"A great-grandfather's grandfather's brother."

I looked it up on Wiktionary and it's true.  Here it is in a sentence: "John Robb is my father's atpatruus."

Try to slip it into conversation today, friends.

I got a new mouse last night because my old mouse was on its last legs.  The new mouse is not compatible but my husband can use it. He gave me one of his old mice that works much better than my old mouse did. Another sign that I will be forced to get a new computer sooner rather than later.  And that I will be forced into Windows 10. When this happens I will say to the Geek Squad tech: "Read my lips.  NO UPDATES."  Nothing we hate worse than waiting for updates while our Toastmasters folk are waiting for our Power Point to start.  Can we just turn off all updates?  90% of them are useless to us.
Our seniors computer class instructor says in about six to twelve months they are going to be doing something that will put windows seven and eight in the trash.  There will be a SHORT time when you can update to ten and after that it
will cost around $200 unless you are buying a new computer.
I don't know if this will come about but it will cause a lot of problems  for the local school system which is still on seven.  So is the library.  We all bring our own computers because there is a shortage of working computers for class and we leave one for a lady who doesn't (can't afford?) it.
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Happy weekend, everyone!

I haven't spent much time in the garden. We've had a couple of big dumps of rain. Well, big for here with close to an inch each time and both times had hail mixed in. The garden wasn't too damages, but the clay soil doesn't drain fast. We've started getting fresh peas today and had broccoli earlier in the week.  Hope things dry out enough to get it. weeded before our next trip (we leave a week from tomorrow for GRIP week 2).

Genealogically it has been a slow week. Mostly working through a backlog of profiles for a Project to see which ones need work. Also normal WT duties. Haven't had much time to work on my own genealogy in a while. Partially that is due to another non-WT thing. My wife and I are taking a weaving class and it does consume some time doing homework.
by Doug McCallum G2G6 Pilot (341k points)
Sounds like your irrigation leak is still in the irritation category, and not affecting your crop. If you get tired of the rain, you can send it along here, the dry spring affected the salmon fry, and we've been on fire restrictions since May.  It does limit the weeding, but ...

Maybe this break between GRIP weeks is for fresh peas and weaving?  You have been putting a lot of energy into genealogy, and we all need a change of pace now and again.
Doug, y’all have the craziest weather there. At least you’re down to only one leak in the irrigation system.

We have clay (only in the front) that is gray and hard. Barely enough topsoil to get things to root. My mistake was not bringing in more soil before planting. Too hasty!

Welcome everyone to the July the fourth WikiTree Weekend chat.

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Well, the weather here in the Phoenix area has been quite hot lately and we had our AC not working very well.  but the problem turned out to be a small leak in the Freon so it was fixed rather quickly.

We're planning to have a Dardinger reunion/potlock in October back in Ohio. I'm going to try to get some people interested in joining WikiTree and see if I can do the same with some of the Millers

I got hearing aids a couple of weeks ago, and it's amazing how much more noise I can pick up around the house.

And finally I've got to charge the battery in our Sienna Mini Van and move it out on our street while the workers are cleaning out our parking area.
by Dave Dardinger G2G6 Pilot (401k points)
Isn't it amazing what you can pick up with hearing aids?  Those houseflies.
Dave when I got my first hearing aid I walked out of the office in downtown Cleveland Ohio and almost went crazy with all of the noise. but then again I went for about 20 years with an undetected hearing loss, I could lip read without even knowing it, and I am almost deaf without the aids. Have fun at the reunion and say high to all of my very distant cousins for me, you and I are 22nd cousins according to WikiTree.
Dave, we’ll be interested in hearing how the reunion turns out.

I had one hearing aid for a while until I had a wee operation. Fine now, it’s just the tinnitus that gets me after a particularly noisy activity.

Welcome everyone to the July the fourth WikiTree Weekend chat.

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Thank you for hosting the chat Pip. I am a bit late, for me, but better late than never I guess. This week my oldest grandson hurt his shoulder at work, he is only 16 and should be fine by next week but he will think twice before he goes in on his day off next time. I am waiting for the man we hired to do our lawn to come by later this afternoon. Yes we bit the bullet and hired someone. My knee is not getting better and with Diane working it was getting too difficult to do it ourselves anymore. I have not done much genealogy wise lately and I have spent the last week working on getting the radios working, I finally figured out how to program the new one and now I am resetting the 20+ year old one to start over with programming that one. No class tonight due to the holiday weekend and only 2 more to go starting next weekend  so with the classes ending and no more grass cutting I might find some time to get back to genealogy soon.
by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)
Dale, we are nearly to the pout of getting a lawn service. Like you, it is getting to be a bit much for us. My shoulder still feels it after a particularly hard day outside mowing, weed eating, and digging. I really paid for that ditch I dug a few days ago.

You’re keeping to old radio going along with a new one? Backup?
Pip, I have, at present count, 2 mobile radios, one that I use as a "base", and 5 handheld radios, 3 of those are dual band 2 meter/70cm band radios. The other handheld radios are a 6 meter and a 2 meter radio. The radios I am working on right now are the dual band radios and yes I will be keeping the "extra" radios as backup but the newest has both analog and digital modes so it is not actually replacing any of the older, analog only, radios. I also promised that I would give a handheld radio to any of my grandchildren who get their license and I have 2 taking the class at this time, so I might be giving two of those radios away soon.

Diane has had shoulder surgery as well as knee surgery so I can say from those experiences that you might be feeling the shoulder when exerting for a long time.
I gave my son a handheld and a mobile when he got his ham license so the challenge has been going on for over 20 years, it just moved down a generation.
You’re a good grandpa!

Welcome everyone to the July the fourth WikiTree Weekend chat. Dale if you had any knees replaced my mom on her first on had the same problem and the doctor had to go back in and physical make it do what it suppose to do and now it works fine for her.

Pip, I got the 20 year old radio working like it did when it was new, and it looks almost new as well, now to work on the one I bought in 2014. That one may require the use of my soldering iron to fix the charger. Isn't it strange that the 20 year old radio is easier than the 5 year old one?
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Greetings, WikiFolk and Happy Independence Day, fellow Americans!

Hi Pip, thanks for hosting!  That digging must be murder on your gamy shoulder.  I salute you, sir.

Life is pretty quiet around here.  We got some nice rain this week to cool things off and wet them down a bit.  I found a nice rabbit hole among New York Ryans, in which three or four separate families were conflated.  One of the main characters is Ryan-666 of all things!  surprise

In honor of our 243rd national birthday, here is a pile of bald eagles in various states of success and failure.

Bald Eagle by Jo Nakashima



by Herbert Tardy G2G6 Pilot (521k points)

Now that’s an ambitious piece of origami, Herbert!

devilRyan-666devil... how appropriate. I think a few in my family lines should have that number. Of course, they are the inherited ones that were in WT before I got here, like the Daltons of Virginia. I wouldn’t touch that family with a 10 foot pole!

Very diplomatic, Pip!  Thanks!  laugh

I try to please! wink

Great bald eagle Herbert.

Welcome everyone to the July the fourth WikiTree Weekend chat.

Lovely choice for Fourth of July week!  

The blue one at the top is pretty good, he seems to be hunting.  We have lots of eagles here. As a Canadian, I feel it might be appropriate to apologize for all our eagles. When salmon are running, the sky is black with them, and one routinely comes by my yard looking for careless rabbits or birds.  

I don't think we refer to "piles of eagles", though.  I've heard the term congregation, and I certainly feel like I'm in church when they gather!

Thanks, Linda!

Thanks, Laurie!  I suppose it's more like a pile of attempts.  blush  The blue one on top was the latest effort, and the one that at least somewhat resembles the tutorial.  I'm finding the limits of my skill with the paper I have, or the limits of my paper with the skill I have. 

The one shown is the 'simplified' version.  surprise

I took another swing at it with different paper:

Nice!  Seems it was the paper, or practice makes perfect.
Thanks!  A little of both, I think.
Ahhh, very nice!
Thank you, Pip!
Love your art Herb.  Thanks for sharing!
My pleasure, Laura!  Thank you!
+12 votes
Thanks to Weekend chat I now have firm plans for the tomorrow.  Ima hit the quarry early - staying out of the sun means being off the water by 8am, but I have a swimming buddy who is also an early riser, and she agrees that Deb Durham's suggestion is timely.  That also leaves plenty of morning to head to the farmer's market for fresh peas (good suggestion Doug McCallum) and a leisurely stop at the gelato shop (thanks Chris Ferraiolo, definitely lemon, not peppermint).  

The rest of the weekend is quiet, not travel or visitors, just some live music in the evening (39 Days in July), and a hike in the forest on Sunday.

On the genealogy front, I've been tracing my family tree into Puritan territory, which means figuring out conflated profiles.Too often it seems I'm busting people's bubbles - if it was an Ancestry "hint", it must be accurate, right?  Sometimes its discouraging, and I'd rather be happy, so I break it up with project work in Atlantic Canada, plus I've signed up for the Connect-a-thon and spending a little time figuring out what that means and what I'll focus on.

Hope you have a great 2 weeks, and enjoy the Thon!
by Laurie Giffin G2G6 Mach 6 (66.5k points)
I’m so glad you said farmers market, Laurie. Tomorrow is ours, and we really need to get over there. Gelato nearby, too, so well have to add that to our list. A guy from New Zealand opened up a shot on East Main. He says his business is “blazing” during the summer. We are two of his few winter customers.

You’ve also reminded me I’ve got to get in to my wife’s lines. Puritan territory there, too.

Welcome everyone to the July the fourth WikiTree Weekend chat.

+12 votes
Thanks for hosting Pip.

On the home front we've picked about a peck of tomatoes and picked a peck of green beans. Still looking for creative ways to fix zucchini; my husband grilled some yesterday with wine vinegar, olive oil and spices.

On the genealogy front I did finish adding applicable needs_profiles_created to all those spouses on my watchlist -- just a contribution for the Connect-a-thon. I did put some lipstick on a (completely unrelated) pig. Also, I picked a Peck but ended up with a bushel! These folks aren't related, but most are buried in the cemetery in the town of 500 where I grew up and a couple lived pretty much next door.

Most interesting record I found this week - a couple of the Peck brothers had land bought by the Railroad in the mid 1850s. That makes so much sense -- I grew up about a mile from the NY Central RR and about a mile from the road that their farms were on.
by Kay Sands G2G6 Pilot (263k points)
Cemeteries are so much fun. My relatives and friends don’t understand my fascination. Good for you, Kay, for working that Peck family.
Thanks for the chuckle Kay!

You've probably already tried zucchini pasta.  I had some zucchini sushi once, someone who doesn't like seaweed sliced zucchini really thin and used it instead. It was yummy!

Welcome everyone to the July the fourth WikiTree Weekend chat.

Kay, I have some Peck relatives but no I do not want to take on any orphan profiles at this time. Too little Time and Too many profiles.We got a quart of small cucumbers, for pickles, at the farmers market.
+12 votes
Happy 4th Weekend!!

Weather here in Oak Harbor, Washington is very cool, cloudy and a threat of rain this afternoon. We sat on our upper boat deck last night and watched the fireworks. The small town of Oak Harbor puts on a very nice display. In contrast, my home near Dallas is experiencing  very hot weather - heat advisories. Guess I better enjoy this.

On the WikiTree front. I have been able to spend more time than I anticipated working on various people and profiles and sourcing. My maiden name is Butter - sometimes Butters in England and Scotland. I sourced quite a few Orphaned Butter profiles - was more successful than I first thought. I used FindMyPast as a lot of these were 1500-1700's. I keep hoping I will find the link to my immigrant Henry Butter.

Then, I have become interested in doing more on the Civil War and eventually the Revolutionary War. I have spruced up my Civil War direct line profiles and then have expanded to include their brothers and brother-in-laws. Really eye-opening how many in those families served, were injured or killed. I hope to add these families during the Connect-A-Thon.

Have a good week everyone - stay cool in those hot areas. Perfect time to WikiTree away!!
by Virginia Fields G2G6 Pilot (279k points)
Ginny, how much longer ‘til y’all are ready to sail?
Pip, we think we will be able to leave in two to three weeks. My husband is still working through some electrical and radio issues. Taking his time and trying to get it all fixed. Since we are only going up into BC for a bit, we don't have to rush through too fast. It is nice just hanging out here.
Its very nice hanging out in BC, Virginia!  

I've you're coming by Salt Spring Island, let me know and I'll wave as you go by.

Welcome everyone to the July the fourth WikiTree Weekend chat.

We have been to Salt Spring Island in the past! Went to the week-end art/food fair. The area is beautiful. In the early 2000's we wintered for four years in Sidney, BC. We loved it there. Do you live on Salt Spring Island?
I'm on Vancouver Island, but I have a lovely view of Salt Spring and that part of the channel.

From Sidney, if you ever came up-island via the Brentwood Ferry, then you'd have landed at Mill Bay, about 3 miles from my place.
+13 votes

Greetings from Brightlingsea, Essex, England.                        Weatherwise a much better week - lots more sunshine this week and its time for short sleeve shirts...... and no tie...      Another busy week, meetings on Monday for Foresters (Ancient Order of Foresters Friendly Society), I hold the post of Chief Ranger and chair the meetings.

Tuesday - Royal Naval Association Brightlingsea Branch meeting, mu Dad is the president (Honorary Role) and i am an associate member, as i never served in the Navy.  A busy branch  with lots of ideas, including the Trafalgar Dinner in October.

Not so much a meeting but Thursday - it was boxing fitness training "Fighklub" - which is good fun.....

Friday - met Angela one of my former work colleagues for a chat over coffee, which was good to do,

On the family history front, not really done much, but find out even if you think you have found everything you think you know - suddenly further information pops up. Relatives you didn't know about about suddenly appear.             

Flags flown this week in Brightlingsea - from the Town flagpole in Victoria Place, were Mapleleaf for Canada Day on July 1st and the Stars & Stripes for July 4.      

Will be taking part in the Connect-a-thon next weekend as time permits....

Have a good weekend everyone....

by Chris Burrow G2G6 Mach 8 (86.8k points)
edited by Chris Burrow
Always good to hear from Brightlingsea, Chris. Yup, just when you think you’re done, you get undone by a new nugget of evidence or something to bring a profile to life.

Welcome everyone to the July the fourth WikiTree Weekend chat.

+12 votes

Hope everyone enjoyed their 4th Celebration!   

Weather seems perfect here in Ringgold GA.... those  "pop up" afternoon thunderstorms are short lived and cool things off a bit.... The wind keeps blowing our American flag onto the roof,  so I think  "we" should lower it..... (Here's were I admit I take credit for everything my husband does.)

We've found a great trail to walk on along the South Chickamauga creek..... includes a 300 foot long wooden foot bridge over a wetland.   Lots of plants I'm not familiar with so I'm having to search the internet to ID things.   In the past I used to  "key" plants out using a dichotomous key ,  but the internet seems to get you there pretty quickly.... and has great pictures.

Pip,  keep up the great physical work.   We found moving 700 miles was also good for taking off some extra pounds... we're hoping the milder Georgia winters will help us keep them off.

On the Genealogy Front:    Been working on a Brick Wall for my GGG Grandfather Joseph Allen.  I'll spend another couple of days on it,  but am not hopeful for now.  Someday.....

Haven't decided if I have time for the Connect-A-Thon...... Roger is pretty much refinishing the basement; he removed the drop ceiling to install drywall, is putting studs and drywall over the concrete and then a new floor).... So me spending most the time on my computer might not seem fair,  but perhaps if I cook his favorite desserts all week..... well, that would probably just make us put on weight....  But he will be at a stage where I can't help much since taping and mudding isn't a strength of mine.........  

Will get back later.

by Peggy McReynolds G2G6 Pilot (173k points)
Howdy, neighbor! It's amazing to me that you are just over the mountains a piece but you're getting some rain and we're not here in Ellijay. We really need some--it's been well over a week. I heard thunder earlier, but no precipitation here at my house.

Oh those Allens!  I have a pesky Allen brickwall too. I wish you enlightened

Wow Neighbor,

You're sitting at an incredible location near the southern terminus of the AT.........   We hope to enjoy a day trip there this fall.

Hope you get rain soon.... it's thundering here right now.
Allen is a bit too common,  then top it with Joseph!!!!  I guess we'd be bored without brickwalls.......... or maybe not.
Peggy, my friend has an app on her phone called Picture This. We were walking around a campground and wondering about some bushes so she grabs the phone takes a picture and gets an answer. Might be interesting on your walks.

I'll definitely check the app out.....

Ditto to everyone on this chat.

Welcome everyone to the July the fourth WikiTree Weekend chat.

+11 votes

I thought I get on early since my mom needs me tonight and in the morning at her house to help her get her things which we have gotten all moved up here now but the are in her garage, at my sister garage and my brothers also so we have our work cut out since she works only at night after she has seen my dad and feeds him supper. She is slow getting things done since she not in good health her self.

Welcome everyone to the July the fourth WikiTree Weekend chat.

On the front of my family. This week they have had my dad sit in a wheelchair that tilts back and also a regular wheelchair. Yesterday the had in up front of the place from 10:00 a.m. till 2:30 p.m and then they took him and put him in bed and changed him. He is eaten much better and they been trying with a lift on a pole to get him to stand on his own but he is still pretty weak. His color is better and he is and stays pretty alert. Yesterday my sister and I went to put the wreath I made for them in the spring for their 62nd anniversary in March since I changed it out for July 4th. I will post a picture of the change with me standing by it tomorrow and he was asleep since they tired him out. I am happy he is during better. His sister-in-law is during good in rehab I heard and her son has an infection in his stitches from his cancer surgery. 

I fill you in tomorrow night on my dad progress from today and tomorrow. Then I will fill you in Sunday night on his progress Sunday.

Welcome everyone to the July the fourth WikiTree Weekend chat.

by Anonymous Barnett G2G6 Pilot (454k points)
I'm happy your Dad is making progress.  Must be the love that surrounds him.
+11 votes

Good evening everybody!

Here it's cooled down a little bit, but it's still in the high 20s°C. Mum is doing ok in her rehab, when she puts her arm on the machine she can lift it to 80°. She still isn't allowed to lift it actively but when someone or something does it, it is ok.

Mum's rehab is in the town where Elvis lived during his military time in Germany. Both towns (where he was stationed and where he lived) get a good amount of tourism also because of Elvis. I uploaded on Elvis' profile a monument that was made in front of the hotel where he lived for three months or so. When I go to mum I always have to pass the monument, in fact it's on a central point of the town, so I took the opportunity and made a picture of it.

On the genealogy front:

1. I expanded my tree to the North Carolina branch. Pip, I think, unless you find some Germans somewhere in your ancestry we are likely not related. My NC relatives moved in the 1900s from Illinois to Guilford County. 

2. I again added some British Madeirans, all in anticipation of the Connectathon. I hope that some of them get connected maybe even to the Big Tree. During the connectathon I will focus on my German lines and probably expand to the biggest amount possible my grandmaternal line with the Online Family Books. Yes I know, I do consider myself lucky to have all those church entries transcribed and put together to the fitting person.

The translation is progressing, but still some stuff to do. As I won't go to mum on the weekend, I will probably work on it some more.

Btw, "probably". This is actually my "bad word of the day". Today I found literally dozens of profiles in which was written (Birthplace/place of Death or marriage location, you name it): "prob Russell County, VA". URGH! If you are not sure, if this is the correct place, then, pretty please, kick out the "probably", type in the place and mark it uncertain! There is a radio button for that! And adding to that, please don't use abbreviations for States or regions. They are not unambiguous. An American will most likely understand something different with them than a European....

This was my WikiTree tip of the day. Or should I better call it the vent of the day?

by Jelena Eckstädt G2G6 Pilot (344k points)
Either way, tip or vent, I agree with you 100%

Ditto to Jelena and Laurie on what they said here on this chat.

Welcome everyone to the July the fourth WikiTree Weekend chat.

+10 votes

This is from last week Saturday and Sunday. Welcome everyone to the July the fourth WikiTree Weekend chat.

So Sorry about being late but my mother wanted me to spend the night Friday to help her do some things that she couldn't do her self. Like getting her shower curtain down and put back up after she washed it and dry it. Also she wanted to wash her hair and for me to roll it on rollers. So we did some other things. Plus she wants me to come back next Friday night and we have about 4 big boxes of folders that she wants to go through and then the ones that she going to keep and maybe even fix new folders for some and then I will put them  in her file cabinet that she has in her garage and I have to make sure and correct some boo's I need to make sure they are alphabetically which I didn't do last night for her and I have to correct that.

On my father last week they had to take him of one type of medicine that one his doctor that diagnosed him of having vascular dementia and she put him on medicine to take for nightmares that he was having and it was keeping lately for being alert and unresponsive. So now he is responsive and eating better especially after the rehab had pureed his food too much and he didn't want it because of doing that it was getting rid of a lot of nutrients in the food. Plus the physical therapist had him Friday setting on the side of the bed and flexing his feet and if we can get him mobile we will be able to have him transferred to John Reed in Limestone, Tennessee the memory care unit there has opened now and the room we wanted for him is still reserved for him. My  dad is doing better and seems to be getting stronger and he sometimes doesn't do what they want him to do.

We also found out on Thursday night that is sister-in-law that lives in Johnson City, Tennessee she has alhzemiers also and she had fallen and broke her hip and she had to have surgery Thursday night. She doing pretty good and not in any pain.

For me genealogy his a relaxing therapy plus I also go on hikes and walks with the seniors at the Jonesborough Senior Center in Jonesborough, Tennessee that is how I am taking care of my self.

Welcome everyone here to the WikiTree Summer Weekend chat.

Well today after church me and my sister went to see my dad at rehab and when we got there my dad is starting to take is oxygen of off his nose and face so my mom before we got there had gotten from him and put back on him and she can't reach to good to do that because of her arthritis diease and can't reach to far because of the pain so she kind of rough about it and he didn't like that so he bit her pretty deep on her hand and they nurses there had to put Neosporin and a band on it. Also while we were there he did take it off so my sister got a nurse to come in and put it back on him. Because if he has it off his blood oxygen drops a lot. When ever he gets to moving around we hope he will get to breathing deeper where his blood oxygen and his blood pressure will stay up and he can get off it. When we got there my mom had gotten up set with him because of that and she said she had to slap his face to get him to release the oxygen line so she could put on. So when the nurse came in to put back on he had it in his hand so I asked him to release to the nurse and he did. But my sister told my mom to get the nurses to put back on him when he takes it off of himself.

He is more alert and his color is better and last three days he has moved his feet around in the bed which he hasn't in a long time. Also he speaking a lot more to us he mainly says Hey to us.

He is still eating good, they have been getting him up and sitting him in a regular wheelchair and he doing what they want him to do about that. They are using a lift to get him up and in a chair. They are trying to get him to stand on his own but he is still pretty weak on that front. 

I am trying to take care of myself like on July 12 thru July 20th Kingsport, Tennessee has every year for the last 30 or 31 years have had every July Kingsport, Tennessee Funfest in their town and so this year my brother and sister - in - law is going to do stuff they have going on during the 10 days.

Welcome everyone here to the WikiTree Summer Weekend chat.

by Anonymous Barnett G2G6 Pilot (454k points)
+10 votes
Since I have the night "Off" Diane decided she wanted to go the the Farmers Market on the square in Chardon. Every Friday from 4 until 8. We bought some fresh veggies. Then we saw the Chardon Polka Band is giving a free concert from 7 until 9 also on the square. We thought about going to that but it is way too hot and humid so I think we will pass this week.

At least I fixes a couple of suggestions today and it is possible that I could fix a couple more tonight, just don't hold your breath.
by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)

Welcome everyone to the July the fourth WikiTree Weekend chat.

+11 votes

Nothing major going on at home this week so I've had plenty of time to work on WikiTree. I've been working on folks who have birth, marriage, or death date anniversaries which correspond with each day. I'm improving profiles I've already created, creating and sourcing others. Today's person was Hannah Frothinham Kettell. She and her husband, Joseph Kettell were married on 5 July 1665. Hannah is my 10th great-aunt. Her profile had no manager so I adopted her. I also adopted her father, William Frothingham, my 10th great-grandfather but haven't started working on his profile. Hannah had one source this morning and no birth or death dates, and no children. I've spent most of the day on her. She had at least 13 children, but most did not live to adulthood. She named four of her daughters Hannah, recycling the name after each Hannah died very young. The fourth Hannah, her parent's youngest child, lived to the age of 36. 

Oh, and while I work on putting a profile on WikiTree, I update my tree on Ancestry.com, and try to straighten out problems I see in the tree on FamilySearch.org. A family I worked on earlier this week was a big mess on FamilySearch.org with many duplicates which had been created when someone uploaded a GEDCOM. See, it doesn't just happen here. I'm not sure I got all the problems resolved, but I made progress.

Tomorrow one of our friends will be celebrating a birthday. It will be nice to get together with that group of folks at a local pizza establishment.

Y'all have super weekend!

by Nelda Spires G2G6 Pilot (150k points)

Ditto to Nelda and what she said.

Welcome everyone to the July the fourth WikiTree Weekend chat.

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