Love All Things Italy? Announcing the Inauguration of the Italy Project aka Italian Roots Project and Exciting Teams!

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Hello! Benvenuti!

We are happy to launch the Italy Project, a rebranding of the Italian Roots Project providing a new team-based structure and more opportunities for member involvement. 

Our objective remains steadfast:  to support research and collaboration on profiles for people of Italian heritage or origin and their descendants worldwide. 

Please review the New Italian Roots Structure page for exciting team building opportunities. 

Most of the teams are in the planning and formation stage now. Thank you for stepping into roles and groups you would enjoy being part of!

Let us know by adding your name [[WTID|Name]] and your interests under Members' Interests on the linked page.

Please be sure to check the page and also add the team you would like to be on under Member Interests.

If you have exciting ideas - feel free to add your name  [[WTID|Name]] and brainstorm under Thoughts and Ideas.

Do you love Italia, pasta, pizza or un buon vino, and want to learn more while lending a helping hand? Join the project and pick your team!  We would love for you to work with us on this great adventure!

If you aren't already a member, please ANSWER this join the Italy Project link in G2G to be awarded the Italy project badge and join your team!

Come and join us!  Vieni e unisciti a noi!

And here is the link to the project Google Group - the perfect place for lively conversations!  Italian Roots Google Group.  Note:  You need to be a project member to join or access the Google Group.  You can request to join the group at that link.

in The Tree House by Sheryl Moore G2G6 Mach 9 (97.8k points)
edited by Sheryl Moore
Special thanks to you Sheryl and also to Chris on everything you have done for this transition!
My pleasure, Michael and I know Chris is excited to get things rolling!
Please add a category for Regno delle Due Sicilie. I am listed that location as the birth and death place for those born in Alia, Sicilia and Valledolmo, Sicilia between 1734-1860 when Sicilia was part of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. This "country" was Sicily and the lower Italian penninsula combined and controlled by Spain, so it is the correct country for that part of Italy during that time frame.

Grazie molto!

Sharon Troy Centanne

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Hi Sheryl - Added my name and interests under Members' Interests.

Side note - You might want to make that a separate page. It will get a little crazy once everyone starts adding their info.
by Mike Guzzetta G2G6 Mach 4 (40.0k points)
Thank you.

We are monitoring the page and will move to appropriate team pages as responses come in.

Promise it won't get crazy!

Cool - You might also want to fix this at the bottom of the page - It looks like someone got carried away with the zeros... 50-22,000?

  • Categories should contain no LESS than 50 characters (about a sentence worth) and no more than 22,000 characters (a description of the location/topic). The categorization project is recommending no more than a couple of paragraphs, with a free-space page for detailed descriptions or histories.
Unless that is meant to be in regards to the text on the page?
Added, Mike and I have been working our own Sicilian side show in Palermo province.

with some of the messed up marriages we have come across its sometimes more like a genealogical freak show. cheeky

I notice a lot of people are going to be working on Sicily. I think Lucy might join ya both. I'll just be over here in Calabria and Campania. =)
The category page itself should be no less than 50 characters or it triggers an almost empty warning; it should be no more than 22k characters [characters include all letters, spaces, punctuation, etc.] which will trigger a long category warning.  This allows for instructions on use of the category on the category page.

This is stating the category page limitations and you are also correct in that any descriptive information should be on a space page.

Initially, many place categories used to contain much information and history which needed to be transferred to space pages.

That was left as a reminder for the category team when formed.

That was what I was thinking it meant - the descriptive text on the category page.  At first glance it looked like it meant the actual category - I was like who would make a 22,000 character category!!!!! surprise

Someone with way too much time on their hands.


The actual category name has a limit of 250 characters but doesn't trigger an issue unless 750+

Yeah, a 22K character category name would be outrageous!
Mike those sideshows are all from your side of the family. I'm just glad they left Sicily or we would we be 4 feet tall and have a 3rd hand.

True - I am the one with the priests going into the mafia and the wayward 12 year old great grandmother who ran away and eloped with her much older 1st cousin who later was "conveniently" shot dead coming out of an outhouse. frown

There's a movie here, Mike. =O

Edit: I love how you put on her profile "Please note. This story is like a soap opera." Okay. Gonna get comfortable. I'm going in.

Edit 2: Umm....Yeah. What Jim said. (Wow....)

   Sorting out that mess was like untangling a ball of yarn that was stored for safe keeping with a litter of kittens. laugh

   Even Jim was scratching his head at them for awhile. But with some persistence, A little random luck and Jim being the Italian "Records Whisperer" everything fell into place over a few months.

LOL. I can imagine. I've gotten a few families together thanks to logic and such. I call it "Bringing the band back together". Logic and a death certificate here and a copy of the Italians in Haverhill book there.

Thankfully most of Gesualdo, Frigento, Grottaminarda, Sturno and a few other places in Campania are online.

I've just been having issues getting stuff for San Pietro a Maida and surrounding towns.
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And here is the Google group:!forum/wikitreeitalianrootsproject

Check it out and take part in some lively discussions from pasta quality to "Why don't we have a Raphael page here on Wikitree?!"
by Chris Ferraiolo G2G6 Pilot (466k points)
Just threw a quick post up to "bait the waters".
I saw. Thanks!
in Google groups I can't get in. Getting a content unavailable message.
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Added myself. Probably should somehow fold in this space:

by Frank Santoro G2G6 Mach 3 (30.3k points)
Thanks, Frank.  That does seem reasonable.
That is one awesome page! Thanks, Frank! (And Lucy!)
Hi, Frank,

That page has been added to the Italian Roots Resources page available on a tab on the project page.  Thank you again!

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