How should I categorize the location on this set of 16th century profiles?

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I'm doing the Orphan Trail, and (silly me!) I picked a profile, Meares-12, that cannot be sourced.  Nor can his wife, Margary-2, or son, Meares-10. I've looked everywhere - nada!  Lizzie tells me the best thing to do is add the Middlesex unsourced category and unproven existence category.  I know to use the narrowest possible category.  In this case, would that be [[Category: Middlesex, Unknown Place]]? I don't know that these people are really from Middlesex or Greater London.  Please advise. 

WikiTree profile: Randle Meares
in Policy and Style by Pamela Culy G2G6 Mach 2 (25.3k points)
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They're supposed to be the ancestors of this PGM immigrant

so the immediate source will be in the immigrant folklore.

But you need more details to find anybody in London - over 100 parishes - and the folklore hasn't seen fit to keep track of any details.

Thank you for the information.  I had not found that descendant.  A helpful example.  I had checked all the parish records in Middlesex and London - no records found.
But he was supposedly born in Northampton so it's very unlikely his parents were from London anyway.

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Please contact Lizzie.  While you are on the Orphan Trail, your Trailblazer is the best person to ask.
by Ros Haywood G2G6 Pilot (803k points)
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If none of the profiles can have sources found they  could all fall into the disproven category and your time would be better spent on another profile. I couldn't find one of the connected profiles with sufficient information to allow any records to be added with a degree of certainty.  The only category we might be able to add is that of disproven existence.

Please discuss with Lizzie.
by Hilary Gadsby G2G6 Mach 7 (72.8k points)
Certainly add "uncertain existence" immediately and then when it really appears the person is a fiction, put address a one week Disproven Existence notice to G2G.  That alerts everyone that this is going on, and after a week, the disproven existence badge can be added.  At that point a project must be one of the PMs.  While another project which wishes to can be the PM, projects like England often feel they have enough on their plate and are happy to turn it over to the Disproven Existence Project at that point.

Two features of Disproven Existence are that (1) the person is disconnected from other profiles, so he doesn't appear in anyone's family tree, and (2) words are added to the biographical narrative stating why the person is believed to have never existed, and links to the profiles the person used to be connected to.  That means if any facts about the person are discovered in the future, he or she can be reinstated as a real person!

Jack Day, Project Coordinator, Disproven Existence
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Hi Pamela and all,

Just wanted to say that I appreciate the comments/answers to Pamela to ask for my help, it’s appreciated thank you :-)

However, as Jack has commented Pamela needs to post on G2G before these categories are added, and followed up. unusual for the Orphan Trail and a first for me!

I know Pamela has searched meticulously for records. And I have advised her to follow the uncertain existence route.

Jack, wish I could vote your comment as best answer, thank you :-)
by Lizzie Griffiths G2G6 Pilot (103k points)

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