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laugh I had occasion today to USE this template for birth and death for each spouse, having a record of the marriage for the couple.  

There's a list of them to be used according to what date is being estimated. It's a recent answer to a recent question and by recent I mean since about mid-June. 

 The only "difficulty" in using it was to craft the reasoning for its use to put in the Biography, as is recommended. I may end up editing that a few times until it is succinct and precise, both.

BUT I heartily advocate using it in cases where such dates are by guesstimate


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Good job, Susan!

Thanks Susan....... I've been calling templates   "code"......surprise now I know the correct terminology and will stop confusing everyone.

laugh Okay, so "The DOB for James Jackson McClendon is estimated based on the date of the marriage (1837) and on the general fact males seldom married before age 16." 

Likewise "The DOB for Martha (Kilgore) McClendon is etimated based on the date of the marriage (1837) and females seldom married before 14."

This would be acceptable? That IS in fact what I'm basing the guesstimate on. That James Jackson married at age 16 or older and Martha was age 14 or older. 

You forgot the ==Research Notes== heading!wink

edit: added link to relevant style guideline

devil I never forget. I might not remember-to, but I never forget. 

Other than the marriage record I class the whole kaboodle as Research notes until such time ...  I have to do a survey on the McClendon and variations in the 1850 & 1860 Census to see if I can spot James Jackson & Martha McClendon in TX with Robert Wood, Nancy Ann, and James Monroe, three of their children 

James Monroe gave his parole at Vicksburg 7th July 1863 and trekked the 437 miles to Burleson Co, TX to get married to his first wife Nancy A. M. Clanton Nov 1863.  Sister, Nancy Ann, married in Aug 1861 in Burleson Co. In 1880 Robert Wood their bro, born Mar 1853, was listed in Williamson Co, TX 

Both James Monroe b. 1839 and Nancy Ann Mclendon b. 1843, siblings, were born in Georgia USA, Robert Wood was born 1853 where? Need to discover that. 

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I was a party to one of the more recent discussions.  Honestly, I think any brief summary of your logic is sufficient. I imagine saying, for example, "Birth date estimated based on wife's birth date," or "Birth date estimated based on age of oldest known child," or "Birth date based on estimated birth date of first child, etc., in the absence of better information."
by Julie Kelts G2G6 (9.7k points)
I agree and in my own experience I do this: if the date is withing a year or two, we have some idea but are not sure on the exact date, then I just write it into the bio, usually under the birth section.  "Joe Schmoe was born about 1801.  The exact year of birth is not fully known because his age was recorded in the census and changed from decade to decade."  

If the date is a complete stab in the dark, then something along the lines of, "Joe Senior's birth is a rough estimate based on the year of his marriage to Jane and the birth of his first child."
Just now, following the recent discussions, I found that there were previous discussions of this subject.  See the Related questions below.

Some people, me included, think the banners are ugly.  I would only use them when I wanted to alert profile manager(s) that they should do some more work.  

However, even when they are used, they can always be removed!  Anyone who has better information should post it and I see no reason why they shouldn't remove the banner if it seems appropriate (especially when there is no profile manager, or the banner was not put on by the manager, or the manager hasn't touched the profile since 2012, etc.).

smiley Not a problem with removal, Julie, merely a suggestion that it is helpful to self and other researchers to be aware of the dubious nature of the dates for birth / death / marriage, that these are guesstimates. 

Barring a census, gravestone, death notice of some sort, burial permit, baptismal / christening certificate, SOMETHING to "work with" sometimes a guesstimate is all one has to offer. And WT does want its profiles dated. 

So it does no harm to post this template on the profile. Some charitable (or bored) other PM might say, oh, maybe I can FIX that ... and voila, they might actually produce something more reliable than a guess.  Whether they then adjust or wholly remove the template is up to them. 

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