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Okay, so I just counted, and tonight, on the eve of the Connect-A-Thon, the Needs Profiles Created category (just the top one, not including any of the sub-categories) currently lists 3,398 profiles. I wonder how many of them will be left by Monday?

in The Tree House by Greg Slade G2G6 Pilot (242k points)
There are a load in the Ireland, Needs Profiles_Created category linked to a One Name Study, a One Place Study and a few PPPs. For anyone with knowledge of Irish sources there are plenty of low-hanging fruit for you there.
Oh yeah! Thanks Greg!

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Not all of them are unconnected profiles, so many will probably be left.
by Kathy Rabenstein G2G6 Pilot (120k points)
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As I understand it, they don't have to be unconnected to count.  You just have to add a new profile with at least one source in order to get credit.
by Julie Kelts G2G6 Mach 1 (10.4k points)

I do believe it is adding profiles to those unconnected to the big tree.  That is those with the puzzle piece icon next to their name and without the X is Y degrees from Henry VIII at the bottom.

"Our goal for the Connect-a-Thon is to decrease the number of profiles that are not connected to our big tree by spending 72 hours adding missing relatives to existing person profiles."

Here is an excerpt from the reminder e-mail that Eowyn sent out about an hour and a half ago:

Our goal for the Connect-a-Thon is to decrease the number of profiles that are not connected to our big tree by adding missing relatives to existing person profiles... we are just counting the number of parents, siblings, spouses and children you add to existing person profiles. Often these will be "collateral" relatives that members neglected to add when adding their family tree. Each relative you add increases the chance that a tree will intertwine with our global tree.

Absolutely right!  . . . "not connected to our big tree by adding missing relatives to existing person profiles.."  If the profile is already connected to the big tree (has the connection to Henry VIII at the bottom) it doesn't count.

You keep adding profiles to those not on the big tree until you reach the tree (a profile that is already connected).  Then you start with another unconnected profile.

Adding profiles to any existing profile that has family members missing will increase the chances of a connection.
They don’t need to be unconnected to count in this ‘Thon, it’s not like the connectors challenges. We’ll automatically get a point for each new profile we add to ANY existing profile.
And the only people who can see the 'puzzle piece' are people who already have the Connectors badge.  The rest of us can't see them.
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I'm sure many of the Connect-A-Thon participants,  like me,  will be working from the unconnected profiles on our Watchlist.smiley    We can only guess at our progress but Monday will tell!   Thanks for the interest!

But rest assured,   we'll focus on the families that provide the most sourced connections...... not the challenging ones.   

by Peggy McReynolds G2G6 Mach 7 (77.9k points)
The "Needs Profiles Created" are (or should be) those that already have resources to create new profiles.  Husband only when marriage record included (needs wife).  These should be fairly easy to create.
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by Gillian Causier G2G6 Pilot (188k points)
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by Aleš Trtnik G2G6 Pilot (386k points)
I probably should have thought of it weeks ago, but yesterday I was wondering if there was a way to list just unconnected profiles which have one of the Needs Profiles Created categories on them. Thank you for answering that question before I even asked it, Aleš!
Clicking on the first link, it looks like the number dropped to 3161.  That's pretty significant!
It isn't fully updated. the thon was still on while the dump was made. Check back in 12 hours.
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Yes, the whole idea behind the "Needs_Profiles_Created" category was when you added info to a pre-existing profile as a source like a census that had further connections to other people. Rather than falling down a rabbit hole and getting diverted from your original task, you could put up a signpost "Here there be Dragons" and come back later. It was also intended to help connectors and could get people familiar with sourcing and creating profiles for a learning experience. It seems to have taken off I guess.

Unconnected profiles on the other hand are not part of the Main Tree and that means you are very unlikely to be able to find a relationship with that profile. Those need to be linked to the tree by finding a bridge profile. Some are new profiles and some will be merges.

Any profile that hooks to an existing profile counts toward the challenge.
by Steven Tibbetts G2G6 Pilot (216k points)
There are many unconnected profiles on wikitree who are not linked to their parents who are also on wikitree.

During the weekend Connectathon, the first 2 profiles I created were taken from the Need_Profiles Category and after looking up the parents, I was able to connect them to the global wikitree directly to pre-existing profiles on wikitree.

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