How do I express an entry from The Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s ?

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It states that Anne Guion (Guion-11) arrived in New York in 1701.

Place: New York, New York; Year: 1701; Page Number: 150

Source Information:
Title Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s

Author Gale Research
Publisher Operations, Inc
Publisher Date 2010
Publisher Location Provo, UT, USA
Repository Information
WikiTree profile: Anne Lounsbury
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I've found very little information about this source. See:

This source is usually referred to as "Filby", after the editor, Percy William Filby. says "Supplemental volumes have been issued annually", although I have never seen them.

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That source you propose to cite is an Ancestry database (not a document that exists independent of the Ancestry website) compiled of factoids extracted from a variety of places. Your citation identifies a page number, which suggests that the factoid came from a book. Does the Ancestry page identify a book? If it does, your citation should name the book and give its original publication details, in addition to identifying the Ancestry database, with its publication details, as included in your question (and the URL for the page you viewed). If (as is all too often the case) there's no indication of the book title, I wouldn't cite the source -- those kinds of untraceable Ancestry database entries have to be regarded as garbage. Most of WikiTree's pre-1700 reliable sources pages have warnings about Ancestry databases like that one (but the Passenger and Immigration Lists Index is one of the better ones).

Note that this woman was a Huguenot migrant, so she is in the scope of the Huguenot Migration Project, and because she settled in the New Netherland area, the New Netherland Settlers Project also has a interest in her.  These are the pre-1700 projects you should consult iwth for advice on profiles like this one. We've not added her to either of those projects yet -- some additional dependable information about her would help a lot!

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Passenger and Immigration Lists is an index to immigration records published in other sources. The original three volumes were published in print by Gale in 1983 and supplements are published annually. The earliest volumes rely on scores of published passenger lists. The "source number", a numerical code, can be used to identify the original source (you can then go to the bibliography for the full citation).  Glancing through the source bibliography, I'm seeing a wide mix of genealogical and historical journals cited. I've attached an image of the source code key from volume 2 of the first edition (1983) as an example.  

Later volumes might rely on just one source; for example, the 2017 supplement includes "immigrants from Russia and Italy who arrived in the Americas in the nineteenth century. Their names are drawn from a digital database in the U. S. National Archives that was originally extracted from ship passenger lists in the U. S. Customs Service and cumulated by the Center for Immigration Research" (page ix)

Chasing down the original record for Anne Guion in PIL is not possible from the Ancestry record (below), as it doesn't include which volume it draws from. The annotation is misleading and useless. But under "source bibliography" we see BOYER, CARL, 3RD, editor Ship Passenger Lists, New York and New Jersey (1600-1825). Newhall, CA: the editor, 1978. 333p. 4th pr. 1986. Reprint. Family Line Publications, Westminster, MD, 1992

The library has this in print.  The book reprints an article from Seacord's Biographical Sketches and Index of the Hugenot Settlers of New Rochelle, 1687-1776.

Seacord's article includes a list of nine sources but not footnoted.  

All this for the following quote "Jacques Guion and his wife Anne Vigneau were members of the French Church in New York City in 1701. Apparently his father was also named Jacques. His wife was in New Rochelle as early as 1705."

Here's an attempt at a citation but it could definitely be better. Passenger and Immigration Lists Index [database]. Citing Carl Boyer (ed.), Ship Passenger Lists, New York and New Jersey (1600-1825). (Newhall, CA: the editor, 1978; 4th pr. 1986. Reprint. Family Line Publications, Westminster, MD, 1992), page 150.  Excerpt from Morgan H. Seacord. Biographical Sketches and Index of the Hugenot Settlers of New Rochelle, 1687-1776. (New Rochelle, NY: 1941), pages 9-54.

Name: Anne Vigneau Guion
Arrival year: 1701
Arrival Place: New York, New York
Primary Immigrant: Guion, Anne Vigneau
Source Publication Code: 714
Annotation: Contains passenger listings mentioned in Lancour, A Bibliography of Ship Passenger Lists, 1538-1825 (1963), nos. 72-76, 78B, 79, 81-83, 83 note, 85, 87A, 88, 89, 98(1), 100, 102(1A), 104-106, 107A, 110-111, 111 corr., 112-114. Includes index to ship names, place names, and about 10,000 personal names, with variant surname spellings. Tepper, in nos. 9120, 9135, 9143, 9144, and 9151, has similar lists.
Source Bibliography: BOYER, CARL, 3RD, editor Ship Passenger Lists, New York and New Jersey (1600-1825). Newhall, CA: the editor, 1978. 333p. 4th pr. 1986. Reprint. Family Line Publications, Westminster, MD, 1992.
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Boyer made it sound like it was a reprint, but actually the original has more information.

Ancestry has an ebook version of Seacord available.  Go to image 33 of 59 for the article on Guion.  I would just quote/cite this, there's a little more detail. 

Biographical sketches and index of the Huguenot settlers of New Rochelle : 1687-1776


Seacord, Morgan H. Biographical Sketches and Index of the Hugenot Settlers of New Rochelle, 1687-1776. (New Rochelle, NY: 1941), page 28. Retrieved from []

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