Can we make a few more connections before AJ's appearance on "Good Morning America" Tuesday?

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Hi everyone!

AJ is going to be appearing on Good Morning America on Tuesday (the 15th) to talk about the Global Family Reunion. We've already done a fabulous job connecting most of the presenters and anchors on the show, but AJ has asked if it is possible for us to connect two more of them before the show airs.

They are Ginger Zee ( and Lara Spencer ( Anyone who can help can ask to be added to the trusted lists, or you can start from the following open profiles:

Adrian Zuidgeest, Hilda Vandershoor Zuidgeest, and George Hemleb (Ginger Zee's grandparents) or Richard Von Seelen (Lara Spencer's father).

Let's go, global reunioners!


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I may be on to something with the von Seelen family. I found a wedding announcement for Lara Spencer's parents. See her dad's profile. I've created a profile for her mom, but it is private. I have also created profiles for two other ancestors that I'm hoping may connect:

Mat ggf: Jacob Schauf, married to Caroline Baum.

Mat gf: Irving Adam Schauf

Let me know if you want to be on the trusted list for mom.


P. S. Schauf family tree on Ancestry is public. Here's Jacob's profile.

Thanks, Carole!

Just as I finished up a long sequence of connections without any help, I saw that Lara Spencer has been connected.

I spent hours this weekend trying to make this happen.

Please, please, when someone finishes a connection, please post so the rest of us don't waste our time.

Sorry about that, Carole. If you use Google, you might go ahead and join out google+ group-sometimes things get mentioned there well before we get it up here.

Carole, thank you for your work on the Von Seelens! I usually keep things updated here in G2G, but a few things slipped my attention this weekend.

Please don't think of it as a waste of time - any profiles added help toward the WikiTree goal of one big tree, and having accurate information here does a lot to help family historians who are new to using wikis for genealogy. Someone else might pick up on one of the lines you started and find a closer connection and bring more profiles closer to each other in the big tree. Any thing you add to a notable person's profile also helps out the Notables project and their goal of making WikiTree a go-to place for biographies and family trees of famous people, because it improves that page's search engine ranking. I really appreciate all the work you put into it this weekend.

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According to a friend of mine, Hatch-1926 is only 27 steps away.  He was a notable figure from the civil war and was mentioned in the show "history" on PBS.  He is connected through the Wilkins line (Wilkins-1367).  Hummm, I just checked the connection finder and didn't find a connection.....Strange!


answered by Mary H. G2G6 Mach 7 (78.3k points)
If the connection was recently made, it can take up to a day to show in the connector (I think the tech team refreshes it every 24 hours). If it doesn't show up by tomorrow, remind me and I'll look into it.

Is there a connection between Reuben Hatch and Ginger Zee or Lara Spencer?
No, sorry to say there isn't.
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Okay, I have a connection for Lara Spencer!

I'm done for now though. Someone else will need to connect profiles based on this reliable Ancestry tree, then document the connections.

The Schauf family tree on definitely connects with WikiTree at Ruth Adams, born 1728 in Massachusetts; Ruth has 22 degrees of separation from AJ. I'm sure there is a closer route, but this works.

Here's the WikiTree profile for Ruth Adams.

Here's the Ancestry profile for Ruth Adams.

Here's the WikiTree profile for Irving A. Schauf.

Here's the Ancestry profile for Irving A. Schauf.

answered by Carole Partridge G2G6 Mach 6 (69.3k points)
edited by Carole Partridge

Oops! There is at least one problem in the Ancestry tree connection between Ruth Adams and Irving Schauf.

Joseph Flagg of Grafton, Massachusetts, is listed as the father of Amy Flagg, when in fact, her father was probably Joseph Flagg of Grafton, New Hampshire. This breaks the chain.

I think Joseph Flagg of Grafton, NH, has a parent with a WikiTree profile: Jonas Flagg.

Anyone want to jump in to help?

Ignore this request. It has been finished by someone else who did not post anything to say it had been done.
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The King of Judah,   Ben_Ahaz_ha-David-1  is 66 degrees from Al Jacobs.

Queen Elizabeth II,   Windsor-1 , is 16 degrees from Al Jacobs.

answered by Isara Argent G2G3 (3.9k points)
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Hey cousins! So...barring any breaking news, Good Morning America will run its piece on the GFR tomorrow/today (Tuesday), along with an online article. 
The producers have assured me that there is a link to WikiTree online, so that's good! I haven't seen the video piece, so I don't know how much coverage there is of WikiTree in the actual segment. 

I'll send a link to the video and online piece as soon as I get em! 

GMA is also putting the image that Niels made up on the ABC site. I believe it is going to be credited to "Niels Hansen and the researchers at WikiTree and Geni." (Since some of the info came from Geni, I felt I should include them). 

As for how much of the image they will put up, well, that's a mystery to me. The producer called me this afternoon and said some anchors, like George Stephanopolous, like the idea of having their tree up.

BUT...the producers apparently didn't check with the other anchors until today. Oy! As my people say, oy oy oy. Turns out a couple of the women are worried about privacy issues. She wouldn't tell me which ones. 
The producer working on them, but she said, very apologetically, that she may have to cut a couple of the anchors out of the image. 
She was very sorry and appreciative of all the hard work you guys did. And I'm sorry too! I wish they had checked with the anchors earlier. 

In any case, I'm crossing my all ten of my fingers that it'll be a good segment and get a whole host of new people interested in genealogy. I think it will! 

Thanks and thanks again for everything 
Your cousin, AJ 

answered by AJ Jacobs G2G6 (9.9k points)

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