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Is anyone able to suggest where I could look to find more out about my great-great-grandfather, Herrmann-Ármin Zukmann?

I know that the name Zukmann is definitely Zukmann (NOT Zukermann). According to his son, Béla's photo album which included the names, dates, and spellings for most of Béla's immediate family, Hermann was born in Trenschen, Hungary on 9 Oct 1856.

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Here is the birth registration for his son, Bela.

The thing with Jewish names - both given and surnames - is that you need to anticipate a multitude of spelling variations. Also whatever Yiddish or Hebrew name or variants might have been used.  Apparently Hermann went by Ármin, Martha by Márta

I have seen Zukmann in Hungarian Jewish records as Czukmann, Czikman, Zichermann, Zukermann, Zuckermann, Czukermann, Zugmann, Zsakman, etc.

OH MY GOD. I'm so excited. I've been hunting for proof of this for SO long. Thank you so, so, so much, Jana.
I'm not sure if this is the same man as your great-great grandfather, but it might be...

On JewishGen's website... I searched for Zukmann (and variants) and found the following family under the 1869 Hungarian Census:

Town: N-Tapolcsany; Jaras: N-Tapolcsany; County: Nyitra

Zuckmann?, Adolf - born 1829

Zuckmann?, Fani born 1832

Zuckmann?, Herman born 1855

Zuckmann?, Malvina born 1860

Zuckmann?, Nathan born 1864

Zuckmann?, Filip born 1866

Zuckmann?, Sofie born 1868

I did not see a daughter named Ilona but it is quite possible she was born after 1869.

Here's what that probate record that Jana found for Gyula says:

ZUKMANN Gyula otherwise Giula otherwise Jules otherwise George of 61 Compayne Gardens Hampstead Middlesex died 10 December 1935 near Mosscroft Kemsley-road Tatsfield Surrey Administration (limited) London 21 August to Ladislas Zukmann mercantile agent attorney of Martha Steinberg (wife of Erich Steinberg). Effects £287 1s. 4d.

I could not find a key or explanation of format. (It's a printed and bound book containing the end of the alphabet, and the above entry is on the very last page. The first page starts right in with the Ts.)

I also found marriage records on JewishGen for the above couple (Adolf/Fani Zuckmann)'s daughters, Malvina and Sofia - these give the maiden name of Reichfeld for their mother Fani:

Malvina's marriages...

1st marriage -

Kutner, Artur/Arpad (parents: Jakab/Maria (Buchler)Kutner), age 36

Zukman, Malvina/Amalia (parents: Adolf/Fanni (Reichfeld), age 25

married: 25 Aug 1885, Pest, Budapest Local Gov't Pest-Pilis-Solt-Kiskun

note for bride: born in Nagy Tapolcsany

2nd marriage -

Martony, Arnold/Aron (parents: Lipot/Pepi (Gluck) Martony), age 34

Czukmann Amalia/Malvin (parents: Adolf/Fani (Reichfeld) Czukmann), age 31

married: 20 Aug 1891, Pest, Budapest Local Gov't Pest-Pilis-Solt-Kiskun

note for bride: born in Nagy Tapolcsany, widow, married name KUTNER, Arturne

Sofia's marriage...

Devecseri, Dr. Jakab (parents: Mozes/Leonora (Guthard) Devecseri), age 32

Czuckmann, Szali/Zsofia (parents: Adolf/Fanni (Reichfeld) Czuckmann, age 26

married: 14 Nov 1888, Pest, Budapest Local Gov't Pest-Pilis-Solt-Kiskun

Thanks so much, Jana, for this and everything else.

I think it may well be. 'Ármin' and 'Herman' are spelling differences of the same name, apparently. Also, I know from his son, Béla's birth registration that my 2x gr-grandfather was born on 9 October 1856 in Nagy-Tapolcsány—which fits the census's date of 1855 for 'Herman.' It's worth me investigating it at any rate.

Your source for Ármin's 9 October birthdate cannot be Béla's birth record; civil registrations recorded only ages for the parents, not birthdates.

I think given the marriages of the daughters that Jana found (for which you should be able to track down the relevant images on FamilySearch), it's fairly certain that the census record is the correct family.

But speaking of Béla: GenTeam ( has index entries for both his marriage to and divorce from Johanna Cecilia:

Jewish Community Vienna Divorces 1870-1942
DB.    10241
Year    1934
No.    227
Date of Divorce    16.08.1934
Husband Lastname    Zuckmann
Husband Firstname    Bela
Husband Origin    Budapest
Wife Lastname    Stockel
Wife Firstname    Johanna Cäcilie
Wife Origin    Berlin
Place of Marriage    Wien
Date of Marriage    08.05.1921

Index of the Jewish Records of Vienna and Lower Austria
No.    270789
Last Name    Zuckmann
First Name    Bela
Code    2 [Marriages]
Location    Stadttempel
Date    1921
Number    380
Number Add   
Last Name Bride    Stöckel
First Name Bride    Johanna C.
Béla's brother László's birth registration:
HCR - PPSKK - BP VII - Births 1901 Jan - 53/360
275. Entered Jan. 25, 1901, born Jan. 19, 1901.
László, boy, Jewish
Parents: Ármin Zuckermann, agent, born Nagy Tapolcsány (Nyitra county), Jewish, age 45; Márta Strauss, born Ludwigshafen, Rheinland-Pfalz, Jewish, age 27; res. Budapest VII. Rózsa [rose] street 36.
Informant: Mrs. Czábel? Goldstein, Budapest VII Nagydiófa [big walnut tree] street 30.
Amendments and corrections: The family name of the father and of the mother after her husband is not "Zuckermann" but "Zuckmann". Corrected per capital city mayor's office decree number 125246/910.I. Jan 16 1911 András Kovácsi registrar.
Per the original register entry, the birthplace of the (groom) father is clearly written "Nagy Tapolcsány", and the word in parentheses in line 5 of the current column is superfluous. László Marczevicz assistant registrar.

I managed to track down the Microfilm of it here–

Aidan, I added a link to that 1869 census image to my answer days ago, did you not see it?
Oh, how stupid of me.

I remember seeing it when you posted it. I then promptly forgot about it and went hunting for the Microfilm again. How typical of me.

Thanks for finding it!

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Not him, but son

First name(s)BELALast nameZUCKMANN-BIZONYMarriage quarter2Marriage year1940Registration month-

MarriageFinder ™

BELA ZUCKMANN-BIZONY married one of these people

Ruth Freeman

Spouse's last nameFreemanDistrictHampsteadDistrict number-CountyLondonCountryEnglandVolume1AVolume as transcribed1APage number1982Record setEngland & Wales Marriages 1837-2005CategoryLife Events (BDMs)SubcategoryCivil Marriage & DivorceCollections fromGreat Britain, England

by Marion Poole G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
My searches return Zussman, Zassman, Zackmann and Ziessman?
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Herman (Hermann, Herrmann) and Ármin are the same name in differrent languages, so you should pick a language and use just the one version. If he named his son Béla, he considered himself Hungarian, so I would use Ármin.

Trencsén (note spelling) was the name of both a county and a town within that county in the Kingdom of Hungary. There is no Hermann or Zukmann recorded in the town's Jewish register of births in 1856 (, so either the date is wrong or the placename refers to  the county. (Or my assumption about their religion based on their names is wrong, but I don't think this is likely.)

The 1898 Budapest address book lists a Hermannn [sic!] Zuckmann, agent, living in the VII. district at Murányi street number 37 ( Based on this, I found Béla's birth in the civil registrations:

FS - HCR - PPSKK - BP VII - Births 1898 Aug - 131/255

Number 3549. Entered Nov. 2, 1898, born Oct. 14, 1898.
Child: Béla, male, Jewish
Parents: Ármin Zuckmann, agent, Jewish, age 43, born Nagy-Tapolcsány, Nyitra county; Márta Strauss, Jewish, age 25, born Ludwigshafen, Rheinland [Germany]; residence Budapest VII. Csengery street number 30.

Unfortunately, the Jewish registers for Nagytapolcsány (now Topoľčany, Slovakia) do not appear to have survived; at any rate, they were not microfilmed by FamilySearch.


Edited to add: Jana Shea above pointed out the 1869 census record that may be Ármin and his parents and siblings. Here's the image for it:

FS - Slovakia Census 1869 - Nyitra - Nagytapolcsány (Topoľčany) - 23/696 (House-number 9, family 2)

Number 9-II:
mezzazine floor ("half-upstairs"), 2 rooms, 1 kitchen, serves solely as residence.

Family 2, person 1. Adolf Zuckmann, male, born 1829, Jewish, married, lumber merchant, birthplace N Tapolcsány, local, present, literate
2. Fani his wife, female, 1832, N Bosány
3. Hermann son, male, 1855, single, assistant, N Tapolcsan
4. Malvin daughter, female, 1860, single
5. Náthán son, male, 1864, single, not literate
6. Filip son, male, 1866, single
7. Sofia daughter, female, 1868, single

I think the JewishGen indexer put question marks on Zuckmann because the first letter looks like it may be an F. (The rest of the Fs on the page are lowercase, including the ones in Fani and Filip.)

The wife's birthplace is Nagybossány, Nyitra county, which is Veľké Bošany in Slovakian. Jewish residents were recorded in Nagytapolcsány.

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I  do  not  know  any  of  these folks who have  written  about  zuckmann, but  I  am  as  excited  and  as  happy  for you as if it had  been  someone  for whom I had  been  searching.

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