Why would a male relative give his children his mothers maiden name?

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Jan Beugelink (Hendriks) Brouwer, this is his baptiized name from 1736, but his children were baptized as Beugeling, not Brouwer. Not that there is anything wrong with that but it is unusual for the time period that a male descendant would later drop his fathers last name for his mothers. Would there be any customary reason for this or would this fall under the catagory of probably something in the family but can't say why?
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Depending on the part of the Netherlands he was from, there would be a wide variety of reasons a man would go by his mother's name or name his children his mother's last name.  Many of my ancestors and their relatives in Noord-Holland did so because of money, or to keep a name from dying out, or to distinguish between relatives who had the same first and last names, or simply because they decided it was a good idea.  Some took their mother's father's first name and added "son" to it, for example Otzen for grandfather Otte.  

However, I see that Jan Brouwer / Beugeling was from the province of Drenthe.  It was very common for people to change their last names in Groningen, Drenthe, Overijssel and just over the Dutch border in Grafschaft Bentheim because of where they lived - at least, if they lived in a hamlet or out in the country.  I have several ancestors from these areas who, when they left their parents' erve (manor or property), changed their last names.  Last names often came with the property one lived on or owned.  For example I have one ancestor, Harmen Veeneman, who did not inherit his father's property in Overijssel. He married Fenne Meijeringe who was a part owner of the Meijeringe property by Emmen, Drenthe.  However, they lived in the erve called Klore in Grafschaft Bentheim that Fenne inherited from her father's mother.  They are therefore found under 3 last names in various records (6 if you consider the Dutch and German variations to be different names): Veeneman / Fenmans, Meijeringe / Meijerink / Meyering / and Kleurs / Klore.  When their youngest daughter married they gave her the Klore erve and she and her children took on the last name Klore.  At the same time Fenne sold her share of the Meijeringe erve to a relative.  Harmen and Fenne then moved to a city in Overijssel and Harmen kept the last name Veeneman.
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I agree with Bertram that this family was named after the farm they lived on. If a daughter inherited the family farm, her children would take her surname and not her husband's. I have seen this very often in Overijssel.
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Could be that mother brought him up without father. Or to inherit from mother’s family, common to change to her family name if no male heirs left.
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Thanks for the star Kathy
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If they were not married, then they'd get the mother's name until the father legitimized the children at their marriage. The father of the first child seems uncertain. The way it's written in the document Jan Hendriks and Jan Beugelink may be two different persons.
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May not answer your particular question directly...  but I have seen that often where a parent gives the child the other spouse's surname as the child's "first name" and then the father's surname.
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I have an entire family where every child has the surname of either the mother or the grandmother (I forget which, would need to check).
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With the other baptisms shown on the scan that is available on Jan's profile, only one name is written.  Is it possible that Jan has two given names with the second one being his mother's family name?  Had his maternal grandfather died recently before Jan was baptized?
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Hoi Sytze,

In my family are several branches, who used the surename of the Mothers and all became Overmars.

See Ton Tonisse on Overmars name study

Regards Herman
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