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WikiTree profile: Pip Sheppard
closed with the note: See y’all next weekend! Look forward to hearing from you.
in The Tree House by Pip Sheppard G2G Astronaut (1.7m points)
closed by Pip Sheppard

laugh Urk, Pip, poisons won't "do".   We're organic here, and lean a lot on "green" since we not only have cats and a dog, but the Sig Other insists on feeding strays ... we use no sprays etc ... other than bleach water and vinegar which work fine on ants etc ...
We do use a poison on the wasp nests but the cats etc are NOT walking around up THERE so ... at any rate I've never seen, nor heard of a cat hanging by four off the rafter and certainly not near a wasp nest NOT IN REAL LIFE anyway ... I suppose that www being what it is, sooner or later someone WILL contribute a pix and comment on same ... 
So it's "Hacken sie weiter" in this bit of Urbia ... 


Three yellow jacket stings yesterday (and still hurting today) are making me less inclined to Mother Nature than before. I want to catch them, de-wing them, and place them in a fire ant pile. Revenge! (I never follow through on these lurking thoughts.)

laugh devil Ah, yes, Pip, Mother Nature in the Raw ... like when the cat brought in live birds, live mice, live snakes, live lizards, a live toad! (and that was a fun experience) and -- of all things to drag 60 ft and through 2 pet flaps, and another 20+ feet through the house -- a pad off a cactus .... I'm still puzzled by that ... I found the 2nd pad abandoned at the entrance to the first cat flap and can only wonder how she got the other pad alllll the way into the house and down the hall .. and apparently did not suffer from the spines ... I checked .. nada ... 
Whatever you do, do NOT plant sunflower seeds and get sunflowers ... they attract wasps and yellow jackets like honey attracts ants 
And be forgiving of your homicidal thoughts toward some of Nature's Problem (for humans) Children ... LOL not that they will reciprocate ... 
It is humbling to realize that for the vast majority of life forms on this planet your carcass is either a meal or a snack ... think about that long enough and it joins the roster of other things we can get paranoid about like drones and people who "photo" with their handheld devices and security cameras and public restrooms and ... 
Makes a body want to walk tight and Righteous indeed

I am glad you found him Pipyes

Sorry it is not a really good pic. I have been trying to get a photo of the Lovely Fairywrens that visit but they are too quick for me and very little....will keep tryingsmiley

My 15yr old lawnmower is my teenage son. He isn't for sale. But I do loan him out to the neighbors if they need help.
What’s he charge? ... Never mind. He’s hired!

laugh Paul, a 15 yr old son? True, at first I thought you were touting a 15 yr old mower, and I'm thinking it's gotta be John Dere, the brand that BOASTS of longevity (Timex made no mowers), but a 3rd reading brought to mind some doubts so I settled on a mini-goat, which is as discussed 

Susan, I could see how you would think goat. When I was a kid. My dad told me to release the Hawaiian Lawnmowers.  Which were 5 goats that we had. They mowed 7 acres while he drank beer watching. Pip, you want me to ship him ups?
Yes! I'll pay the shipping. Does the mower have any special maintenance required? (Hamburgers, french fries....)

Sorry Pipsad

I give up....here is what the Lovely Fairy Wrens look like at my place....just these are somewhere else in Queensland yes


40 Answers

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Hi everyone, hope all is well.

Yes Pip, hot and humid in Central Pennsylvania. It will be 96 F with high humidity the next three days.

Found a new cousin here on the tree and have been communicating. The interesting thing about this connection is I have common ancestors with him on my fathers side from Germany, and common ancestors with him on my mothers side from Switzerland.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Spend some time with those people that mean a lot to you, and make a new acquaintance. you will not regret it.
by Rodney Long G2G6 Pilot (346k points)
Hello, Rodney! I was wondering if you’d be first again today.

The heat may keep us inside most of the day. Predicting 95F. Some things will just have to wait. Good day for WikiTreeing!
Yes, I am staying in my little den today, working on the tree. I found a group of profiles out of the Rockingham County, Virginia area where some of my folks are from that have UNSOURCED tags on them. We will try and bring them some light this weekend.
Nice advice, Rodney!  I'll be pleased to take you up on it.
Its always great finding a new cousin, especially when they have news, history, docs, and photos about your shared ancestors that you've never seen.
Now, I don't want all of you packing up and moving here ... too many here already!  But, yesterday in the Denver and front range area it was also 99 degrees with a whopping 9% humidity!!

I do feel for all you folks in the high humidity areas.
Buying tickets now.

It's tempting BUT I'm not planning move to Denver for one reason only.   I'd be compelled to start skiing again,  which would certainly end up badly at my age.   Look what happened to Sonny Bono.
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Here you go: smiley

Today is......



Each year on July 19, people across the United States fill their glasses with a rum-based cocktail and toast to National Daiquiri Day. So, raise your glass and join all of the others in this celebration!

Daiquiri is a family of cocktails whose main ingredients are rum, citrus juice (typically lime) and sugar.

Tasting of sunshine and beaches, it might be hard to believe how the daiquiri came to be. Back in 1898, men blasted away in the mines of a small community off the coast of Cuba during the Spanish-American War. One American engineer, Jennings Cox, supervised a mining operation located in a village named Daiquiri. Every day after work Cox and his employees would gather at the Venus bar. Then one day Cox mixed up Bacardi, lime, and sugar in a tall glass of ice. He named the new beverage after the Daiquiri mines, and the drink soon became a staple in Havana.  Eventually, someone added shaved ice and sometimes lemons or both lemons and limes were used.

In 1909, Admiral Lucius W. Johnson, a U.S. Navy medical officer, tried Cox’s drink and subsequently introduced it to the Army and Navy Club in Washington, D.C. The popularity of the Daiquiri then increased over the next few decades.

The Daiquiri was one of the favorite drinks of writer Ernest Hemingway and President John F. Kennedy.

While the daiquiri is sometimes served frozen, combining it in a blender eliminates the need for manual pulverization. Commercial machines produce a daiquiri with a texture similar to a smoothie, and they come in a variety of flavors, too. Using a frozen limeade to create a daiquiri will provide the required texture, sweetness and sourness all at the same time. 


Gather your friends and mix up a few daiquiris. Make them blended or on the rocks. Enjoy them as a mocktail or find a recipe for a daiquiri flavored dessert.

You don’t have to travel to Havana’s El Floridita bar to celebrate today. The party is as close as your blender.

Hemingway’s favorite summery drink is dangerously easy to whip up. Here’s the recipe, adapted from the website of El Floridita, the Cuban bar that calls itself “The Cradle of the Daiquiri:”

Daiquiri Floridita

1 ½ ounce light rum

Juice of 1 lime

1 teaspoon sugar

Some drops of maraschino liqueur

In a blender, mix the rum, lime juice, sugar and maraschino with crushed ice. Serve chilled in a cocktail glass.

 (Remember always to drink responsibly and never to drink and.... try to work on WikiTree lol).  Never know what errors you might type laugh

by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (2m points)
edited by Dorothy Barry

I coulda used this to celebrate the end of the Thon. Might have slowed my recovery a bit, though. surprise

I'll drink to that!  One of my favourite summer drinks, and excellent advice in your footnote.
Discussing alcohol on Wikitree?! =O

Eh, sure I'll imbibe. You'd need it when dealing with the decoursey gedcom am I right?
I'll come back for a drink as soon as I'm done driving up north.

Well, maybe I won't come back - but I will have a drink!
It's 5 pm somewhere, Tom!
Specifically, in England.
Haha, so it is! That's a funny coincidence.  

I am raising my coffee to your evening and luncheon cocktail(s), as its 9:30 here, and I have stuff to get done before wine o'clock arrives on the West Coast.  

Isn't it great the way we can share a daiquiri across time zones?
Perhaps I should get out of the  "wine rut"  and buy Daiquiri ingredients!   It does sound refreshing.

Does Sangria count?  cheeky

Sangria definitely counts. My wife makes a great one!
Don't say this much... jealous

Sorry I wasn't part of the weekend chat yesterday, but I was out celebrating National Daiquiri Day!  Our local watering hole had a variety to try, so I had a frozen raspberry daiquiri - yum!

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Hello Wikikin,

It feels like it has been a long time. Last week, of course was the Connect-A-Thon, and the week before for some reason i wasn't able to get to the weekend chat.

On the homefront: We found out that our fourth child (due late November) will be our first daughter. My patrilineal line hasn't produced a girl since 1946, so the family is pretty excited. I think we have the name picked out, we're just sitting with it for a bit.

Also on the homefront, today, in a couple of hours, we are heading "up north" for a week's vacation with my in-laws. They rented a house on a lake in northwest lower Michigan, near Lake Michigan, the mother lake of the Michigander soul. It should be a lot of fun. Can't wait to play in the water with the kids every day.

On the wiki-front: I didn't get to do a lot for the Connect-A-Thon. I only had a few hours available on Friday, and none over the weekend. Still, I managed to connect a couple of the famous Fuller profiles I've been working on, and every little bit helps.

I am very excited to report that a few days ago the number of {{Unsourced|Michigan}} profiles dropped below 100! As of this morning we're at 92. It's definitely getting harder, especially since mostly early Francogander profiles are left.

I'll probably check in with WikiTree a bit during my vacation, but not much. Next Friday we will be leaving the lakehouse, so I probably won't be joining the weekend chat.

by Thomas Fuller G2G6 Mach 6 (69.5k points)
Congratulations on the news about your daughter, Thomas!!!

My husbands line is also male-dominated, and our ultrasounds all gave us a male result, even my grandmother's needle test and the Chinese calendar predicted male children for me. When my daughter arrived (my youngest) we were thrilled, but so unprepared!!!  She didn't have a name for weeks, pore thing.  

I think Lake Michigan is one of the most beautiful places in the world, and hope you make some wonderful memories with your family.  It sounds to me like you have your priorities straight.
Thomas, you have been doggedly hitting those Michigan Unsourced forked for some time now. Really a great accomplishment!
Laurie, on my dad’s side, gender alternates. One generation, loads of boys. Next generation, loads of girls.
No ladies since 1946? Tom? Are you a Weasley?

Congrats, man.

My first cousins, my brother and I are equal as far as gender goes. Five boys and five girls.

Have fun at the lake, man. You deserve a break!
In all fairness, my dad only had two sons, and his dad only had two sons (and his mom had a third son with someone else). So the all-male Fuller generations between my daughter and her great-great-aunt are not large generations. I am the first Fuller man to produce a girl since 1946, but I'm also the first Fuller man to have a fourth child since then too (or a third since 1943 to 2016).

But it is more notable because my grandma has been hoping for a girl since the day she found out she was first pregnant. She painted the nursery pink and bought dresses, and then brought home my dad. And then two more sons after that. And then she had two grandsons, and then four great-grandsons, and now finally a female descendant is finally on the way.
That's so cool. =) Wishing you all the best of course!

Super congrats on the new daughter!  How nice to have a girl coming to a large family of men wink

The Weasley analogy seems to have been lost though. Sigh...
I got it!
=) Thanks, man!

I had to google it...blush

Congrates on the baby girl Thomas
Does she still have the left over pink paint can you can finish off?  I'm sure she will gladly give it to you.  Congratulations
on the coming baby.  Are the sports teams you coach mixed sexes or will you have to take on two different teams when she is old enough to join in?
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Hi everyone, I hope life is treating you well!

I’m starting my summer vacation this week - and the first step is to let go of these old favourites. 

I bought them on a business trip to Portland, Maine several years ago, and they’ve taken me through Florida and the Caribbean, west as far as Maui, up through Northern and Southern California, all over Vancouver Island, where I live, including Salt Spring, Gabriola, Cortez and other islands; as far north as Haida Gwaii, across Banff, Edmonton and Winterpeg; up and down the Ottawa, Kingston, Toronto, Montreal corridor; to Moncton, Halifax, Wolfville, Yarmouth, and home to Liverpool, Nova Scotia. In other words, these worn out soles have strolled in places across the length and breadth of North America.

Its time to start again, with a new pair of Keens. The first step is to switch oceans, and I’m starting the trek east tomorrow. 

My clothes aren’t packed yet, but my research kit is ready. I can buy a new toothbrush, but I'm not going to part with my trusty folder. For each cousin, I’ve noted the brand of (wine, rum, beer) most likely to get them into story-telling mode, and for each location, I have a list of genealogical places to see, questions to ask, and the address of the local archives.  What am I missing?

by Laurie Giffin G2G6 Mach 6 (66.5k points)
Hmm... maybe I should add beverage of choice to my family files....
You are soooo sly! Plying relatives with alcohol. What a great tactic. Gotta remember that one.

I prefer to think of it as strategic ... angel

Can't argue with this tactic. At least it isn't done via some interrogation room with a hot light over your cousin's head.

You'd be the bad cop, I think.

Actually, no. Pip's the bad cop. Laurie's the "good" cop. =)
Hahaha! That’s me!

If "genealogical places to see" includes cemeteries,  you've got it covered.    

If you're adopting more cousins,   I like wine.

Oh Peggy, cemeteries down home are so much fun with WikiTree on my smartphone, calculating relationships!

But I do keep genealogy to the afternoons. The rest of the time is for living cousins, and we ALWAYS have room for one more. Don't let the long drive discourage you, wine o'clock starts every day around 5, give or take an hour or so.  Given the heat wave, maybe a chilled white would be best?
Yeah. No way Pip is ever gonna be a "good cop". Nope. Never. =)
+19 votes

Greetings from beautiful southeastern Arizona, home of gorgeous sunsets! Though it's monsoon season, we haven't experienced much rain yet this year. Maybe we had too much rain during the winter.

I'm a relative newbie to WikiTree, still muddling my way around and getting familiar. My Aunt Sue had always been our family historian/genealogist. Her records for the past three generations are helping me to grown my WikiTree, and I'm indebted to her. It will probably take me several years to add all of them - she has the maternal side of the family all the way back to 14th century Ireland. I've been more focused on the fraternal side of our family. I'm in the process of writing a novel about the fraternal side.

On the Genealogy front: I completed lengthy biographies for my third great-grandfather and third great-uncle based on my novel research. Now I'm going to work my way back through profiles I've added and redo the biographies to add inline citations. Her records mainly followed our branch of the family - she noted who my third great-grandfather's children married but not any of their children. So I'm sure I'll be discovering a lot of "new" cousins.

My grandfather and great-grandfather had McCarty as their middle name, and I'd always wondered where this came from. I discovered the where this past week. Yippee! My twice great-grandmother had a sister-in-law who was born McCarty and who died shortly after marrying her brother. Though it's been centuries, I felt a tug on my heart to discover this sad revelation.

Now it's time for me to get back to my writing which I've been neglecting. Have a great weekend!

by Diane Hildebrandt G2G6 Mach 4 (44.5k points)
Diane, you have a great basis for a great start. Years ago, I used my grandparents’ appreciation for their heritage to begin genealogy, and like you it’ll take years to get it into WikiTree.
Greetings Diane, from my West Coast sunsets to your Arizona ones!  We sure live in a beautiful world.

I hope your tree builds a little more quickly than you expect! It was a pleasant surprise when I was new to WT - many of my ancestors already have profiles. When building my tree, I may be making connections that don't exist yet, but more often than not I'm adding my research, and my mother's, to the information that is already there. Thanks to all those cousins!
+19 votes

Hails and horns, Wikipeeps!

On the genealogy front, I am almost to 1000 contributions this month. Scary, right? I usually cap at like 100 or so. What's happening is that I've been working to recategorize the Italian profiles on WikiTree. Y'all can thank me later. I am making sure they nest properly into the system. It's going to go like this:



Each person is now categorized with the town/commune going with their respective province. IE: Gesualdo, Avellino. Then that gets nested into the greater Campania category and so on and so forth. And to make sure I got things done correctly, I spoke to an Italian genealogist who was impressed by the categorization system here on WikiTree and said I did it right. So it goes: Gesualdo, Avellino, Campania, Italy. (Town, province, region, country(

And there's your geography lesson for the day.

Pretty cool. But, there are oh so many  profiles to put in the right spots.

In other news, I got this in the mail yesterday:


Our very own forest elf, Eowyn, mailed me that after my participation in the scan-a-thon. Pretty cool, huh? I've tried it on and it fits pretty well. =)

Here is this week's blog: https://allroadhaverhill.blogspot.com/2019/07/52ancestors-week-29-challenging.html

I talked about the challenges present in Italian genealogy. The trials. The tribulations. The...gelato. 

That's about the only thing that can save us from this heat. Gelato. Stay cool, Wikipeeps!

OH! And a couple other things. Be sure to check out the WikiTree playlist here: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/26VNy0fwtDvE3Ft4oDKzT1

So many good songs. Thank God no Nickelback is on there.

And my distant cousin, genealogist Becky Kobel, is looking to interview genealogists both professional and non professional. Check out her work here: https://thehipsterhistorian.com/ and check her out on twitter at https://twitter.com/prettydeadlady

That's all for now!

by Chris Ferraiolo G2G6 Pilot (285k points)
edited by Chris Ferraiolo

Ah Ha!   Chris,  see I was right; ..... you'll always take us to places unknown.smiley    Well,  at least unknown to all but a few select.

But I think I'll stick to Lee Child and some other dead authors.   I guess I'm too old for new passions....... But Pip,  is a youthful man of adventure.  

(Lisa, he's in your care.)

Peggy, you are only as old as you feel. Whatever your passion is, go for it. You do you. =) Oh and it looks like we are 12th cousins once removed! Awesome!
Peggy, I read some Lee Child several years ago, and remembered how much I enjoyed his stuff. When the AAUW has their book sale, I bought as many of his as I could find. Soon as I finish the one I’m on, it’s on to Lee!

I've read all of Lee Child's worksheart.... for now, he's publishing one book a year,  usually released in September.   Not only are the plots great,  but his writing style is top rate for today's authors.

Chris,   you're so right!   

I'm checking into this 12th cousin thing right now!..... I rarely connect with anyone that's not from The South. 

Stranger things have happened. Check it out via the connection finder.

I checked it out!!!    It's true.   It's one of my family lines that doesn't have an  "uncertain" connection.......    I've gained a really really really distant cousin or a son.devil  

Yep. Connected through the Merricks of England. That's kind of cool. Especially since I have a friend who I've known for years with the last name of Merrick. He lives in England.

Well, we got a warm up today with more news from CBS about the new Picard show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbXy0f0aCN0

Marvel's presentation is coming soon!

My son stood in line (he was first) at the local GameStop Thursday night to get his Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 (The Black Order) for the Nintendo Switch.  He also got a poster of the game's heroes that he can frame.  So far he has made it to the X Mansion. He plans to play this with his sister and other friends who can make it over here.
I so need to get that game. =) Hope he has fun. It's so cool having everyone under one roof and in one game. I have played and beaten the first two. =)
+18 votes
Thanks for hosting PIP!    I thought you'd need about a month to recover.   Must be good DNA.

It's supposed to be hot and humid here in Catossa County, Georgia.  But things will  "cool down" in a day or two; at least enough for the shallow rooted plants to not struggle.

I was on Pip's team for the Connect-A-Thon and it was great fun!    I hope to participate in more of the Thon's this coming year.  My "energizer bunny" husband carried on with the home  improvement project, without me, during the Thon.  

We're having trouble grasping the home insulation standards here in Georgia.   We decided to "improve" the improved part of the basement; which includes removing the drop ceiling (OK,  I only helped him take the grid parts to the land fill.... he knows how I like to throw things away) and there was no insulation on the basement walls at all.   Little naked water supply lines are near the exterior wall; not even pipe insulation on them!  It's a walk out, and there wasn't even insulation on the exposed wall.   Granted,  it's a brick house but.........  so we're insulating the exposed wall and the top 2 feet of the concrete walls that "we're" putting drywall on....  and we're insulating the garage doors.  Then we'll spend a winter here and decide what to do with the unfinished basement walls.   Keep in mind,  we just moved from the midwest where you have to bury water lines 42".  Maybe we're over doing it for the region.

Looks like the whole U.S.A.  might be sweltering hot today!

Stay cool.
by Peggy McReynolds G2G6 Pilot (173k points)

Our team had a great time communicating with each other, supporting each other. It was a blast, Peggy.

Our projects seem small compared to what y’all are doing with that basement. I’ll remember this when we build our own home... with a finished basement. smiley

My advice,  hire it all done!


Here's a photo of my husband in 1983, building our first house  (he was working full time).  We moved in 3 years later.   The only thing he hired done was to pour the concrete walls.  (He's tying up the rebar for the pour in the picture.)    When we moved in I thought,  well now we've done that!!!   Little did I realize he'll always be  building or finishing something.

+19 votes
Greetings from Brightlingsea, Essex, England

A rather dull Friday here on what they refer to as "The Sunshine Coast". Had a bit of rain over the past couple of days.   But never mind probably the gardeners could do with some rain.

This weekend we have Brightlingsea Regatta with lots of events on the water and ashore as well. There will be be fireworks on Saturday evening as part of the event.

Brightlingsea Museum will open for a shortened summer season with a smaller than usual exhibition, as its new main displays are  still under development.

I took part in the Connect-a-thon last weekend. Though could not spend as much time as I might have done due to other commitments. But glad I got involved and played a small part.

Hope everyone has a good weekend
by Chris Burrow G2G6 Mach 8 (86.8k points)
Chris, I’d love to see some pics of the regatta, if you get there.
As a gardener, I like rain at night, and fine weather during the day.  Unfortunately I haven't found anywhere to submit my order.  But I do hope you have a clear sky for the regatta and the fireworks!
"The Sunshine Coast" sounds fun to visit.    Enjoy the Regatta and Events..... I'll bet it's not sweltering hot there.

How was the Brightlingsea Regatta, Chris?  I hope you had nice weather for the fireworks.

+17 votes

I finally have some good news to share!   A few of you know this from being on the wonderful Southern Super Sweepers team... but last weekend during the Connect A Thon we heard that every tumor my son has had shrunk and one of them by over an inch!  This is really good news.  And a relief to all of us!   

I only got 88 profiles done last weekend.  Speed of a turtle but I had a lot of common names and had to continually sort through to figure out which one.  I just could not bring myself to only drop a Find A Grave or census record on and move on.  Oh well...  

Last Saturday we also had a big move out of furniture from my aunt's house.  Working hard now to get it on the market.  Have a big job still to do of cleaning all the windows...  sigh...  then vacuuming and dusting what is left and scrubbing bathrooms and kitchen.  But the dusting and vacuuming should not take long since a lot of the furniture is now gone.  

My oldest son and his wife did a lot last weekend with us.  They more than me.  Oh to have the energy of someone 20+ years younger!  

I started on the kitchen but have more to do...  

This morning just found out that Al Burgoon and John Burgan are a 100% YDNA match and I match John on a paper trail as 7th cousins.  Al, John, and I have started a Burgoon, Burgun, Bourgon, multiple spellings of the name project at FTDNA.  We welcome Y, MtDNA and autosomal with any links to the surname.  

I have my suggestions list down to 0 again finally.  Whew!  Adopting profiles means you sometimes adopt issues that need to be cleaned up but it so helps our shared tree!

Talk about helping the tree did you see in G2G where Pip was honored?  https://www.wikitree.com/g2g/873260/pip-sheppard-is-a-wonderful-wikitreer

And right above him I just saw David was too!  Need to jump back over there and put my 2 cents in!  https://www.wikitree.com/g2g/873053/david-selman-is-a-wonderful-wikitreer

And Mindy Silva too!   Wow it is a chat reunion in the Wonderful WikiTreers party!  https://www.wikitree.com/g2g/872813/mindy-silva-is-a-wonderful-wikitreer

And I just saw our own origami master has hit 500,000 points!  https://www.wikitree.com/g2g/873377/herbert-tardy-500-000-congratulation

Have a great weekend!

(just added the link for Mindy... somehow when I added info for Herb her link disappeared....  all fixed now!)

by Laura Bozzay G2G6 Pilot (577k points)
Congrats go out to everyone. But, I am more excited about the fact that your son seems to be doing a LOT better. Now let's hope he beats it. Seriously!

Good work on the thon! =D

I have commented on the respective posts. I'm sure I'll be up to 500,000 sooner or later.

Just let me spam g2g for a bit. =D
I was like you, Laura, not able to just put one source on a profile. The bios suffered, but they’re sourced to the max! Lotta fun, wasn’t it?

Can’t wait to report to St Pat’s about your son. They’ll be thrilled.
Great news about your son. Now let's kill this what is still in there that he will be cancer-free eventually
That's wonderful news about your son Laura!  And thanks for your kind words!
I'm so happy for your son Laura!  I hope the progress continues, and he has many years to reminisce about the scare.

I can echo your experience in the connect-a-thon too.  Like you, I couldn't resist the impulse to make overall improvements to the profiles that needed the most work, but I'm satisfied with the result.  I think that may be part of the reason a collaborative environment works so well - we can each work to our strengths.
So excited - again - to read your medical news Laura.  Congratulations!

Lots and lots of love Laura ... to you and your family.heart

Cairns Relay for Life is next weekend and you will loom large in my heart .heart

Laura, I knew this wonderful news about your son last weekend during the Super Sweepers chat but I just have to once again say how great this news is. I know you are so thankful for the so far successful treatments. I hope and pray this trend will continue and he will be good as new in the near future!!
Great news!  I know how you feel.  Cancer runs in our family
and I have  lived through it with two brothers, my father died when I was  toddler so I don't remember that one.  Continued
good wishes for you and your son.  They have such better treatments today.
That's great news about your son.
So happy to hear the wonderful news about your son, Laura!  Wishing him continued success with his treatments and recovery.
Thanks everyone for your nice well wishes.  I send hugs to each of you!


+15 votes
We are under a heat advisory until late Saturday but we have AC at home. Last Friday my knee felt almost normal but then life happened. First my step son's mother in law, who stayed with us earlier in the year, got some very bad news. Her cancer has spread and they are starting Hospice care so she does not have long to live. then Friday night I did something to my knee while I was sleeping in my bed. Now I am back to square one with that. I did manage to connect one Notable as well as reduce my suggestion list, but not by much. I also managed to reduce my watchlist, but again just a small amount. Today is the last ham radio class and Sunday is the test so I should have a bit more time next week. As a side note I have been working on learning about the DMR mode for amateur radio and have even written a "codeplug" to program my new radio, it is just a small one but with more time next week I plan on programming a more complete one and reprogramming my radio soon.
by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)
Dale, I think I saw that y’all were going to be hotter than us, and you so much farther north!

And, I can commiserate with you. The shoulder was feeling so much better, and woke up this morning in pain. I keep hearing, “It’ll take a while, it’ll take a while.” Don’t like it, but gotta live with it.

Did you say recently that you had two grandsons in this class, or was it another?
Pip, I have two grandsons in this class, and I promised them both a radio if they pass. The one is actually already getting emails from college football scouts, he is the younger of the two, and when I mentioned that there is a possibility for a small scholarship for ham radio operators he seemed more determined to pass the test.
An excellent motivation: a chance for another scholarship, right? Plus, granddad being so passionate about ham radios.
I forgot to mention the step son is at Fort Knox until sometime in August for classes so that he can advance in the Army and my other son has applied for a teaching position at a local trade school. If he gets that job he will need to return to college to get his teaching certification, 4 hours in the first 6 months to start and then another 20 hours in the next 4 years.
+16 votes
Just in time to avoid the hottest time of the summer lawn mowing, I have hopefully made arrangements for a neighbor
to keep the grass mowed.  He is desperate for money but
not getting payable time at his job so I think he will keep it
all fall.  I walked the edges with him and said to only cut the grass but he took off into a weedy, woodchuck holey, stump filled area and almost got stuck.  I heard him and went out just before he took all of my asparagus and lily beds out.
With all of the rain we have had, I have a bountiful blackcap bush I was looking forward to picking cereal adornments off
of.  I went out to pick some yesterday and discovered why I had been seeing a bird in the bushes.  He/she was stealing all the ripe berries ahead of me early in the morning when it
was too dewy to go out.  It is now covered with plastic, a sheet and clothes pinned together cover.  I estimate I will,
or may, get about a quart of the ones left.
Tomorrow is our family reunion.  We are discovering all of the written memories of surviving "orphans" from their mother's death at the birth of the last child seem to be wrong.  The father died just before she was born but the mother and one year old girl are on the 1870 census and the boy who remembered supporting himself at a young age by building fires in apartments at the ages of 5-10 was actually in school, living with his mother.  He did, however, become a cabin boy on the Great Lakes ships at the age of 10 after his mother's death.  His memories fly in direct opposition of the records that are appearing to show his parents were in Canada for several generations.  Family memories have his parents coming from France and his mother from Ireland just before they moved to Detroit.  The records are in French so it is hard to read and the names have been anglisied and really been changed over the years.  We'll never know for sure in the immediate future, but it is causing some hard feelings in the family to give up 80 year old "as remembered bys".
by Beulah Cramer G2G6 Pilot (202k points)
The birds will clean out a crop of berries before you can say Jack Spratt! I’ve had the same problem.

Beulah, I’ve always wondered what my grandfather would have thought about his old stories being turned upside down by the evidence.
A lot of Michiganders, came by way of Canada. Especially those of French and Irish extraction. I think a lot of those people just talked about being French and Irish, the border was so pourous in those days, the family's time in Canada versus the United States wasn't considered all that significant. It was all "America" to them.
I think this openness of the US/Canada border was not only in Michigan. I have relatives that switch very often between Buffalo, NY and Niagara-on-the-Falls on the Canadian side of the border. Just like it really didn't matter to nobody.
I'm not surprised at all. I think it was likely similar in Vermont and Maine. About points further west, not as sure, but once again, wouldn't be surprised.
Have a good time at the reunion. Glad you were able to save the asparagus and some cereal adornments.

You're making me feel better about the hawk that just grabbed a baby mocking bird out of its nest...... the nest was in a large bush by the porch I was sitting on...... I was feeling a bit sad listening to the mother's caw,  but we certainly have enough mocking birds.
+16 votes

Hi all,

early check-in for me today. It is fortunately not as hot as what I am reading here from different american areas.

On the home front mum returned from her rehab today and she said nurses, therapists and doctors are astonished what she is already able to do with her damaged arm. So this is a good sign.

On the Thon front: I know I already wrote about it in other threads but I have to do it again. I added people of my grandmaternal family where I only have to click and have the whole profile of them and their whole family. The most memorable find there was a woman who is only known as "wife/widow of Wilhelm Moritz". She was born in 1669 and in her death entry is written: "Anna Elisabeth, widow of Wilhelm Moritz, was buried on 9 Sep 1773 and was 104 years and some months old." I think she is one of the earliest persons now in the Centanarian category.

On the rest of the WikiTree front: Do you remember I added a bunch of Madeiran/British profiles in preparation for the Thon? Well, it turned out one of the profiles I had done belongs to the first mayor of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. And after the Thon he was connected. I don't know when he was connected, if during the Thon or earlier, but with him being connected there are now quite a bit of profiles connected to the Big Tree, as he had a bunch of siblings and also his maternal family was quite big. I was happy when I saw that.

I hope all of you have a great weekend.

by Jelena Eckstädt G2G6 Pilot (344k points)
Its nice to see your contributions make a difference, isn't it Jelena!  Sounds to me like you're doing great work.

And I'm so glad your mother's recovering well, it must help with her quality of life - and yours.
Glad to hear you made such a large connection.    I'll admit most my connections on the Thon seemed small.... but I did fill in some gaps.   

One connection I did make  (that I'm not proud of);   I'm 8 steps from the last man hanged in Arkansas,  John Arthur Tillman.  He murdered his pregnant girlfriend, was sentenced in 1913 and hanged in 1914.  

Hmmmmm,  I should end on a lighter note.   I'm glad you added a Mayor and not a murderer.
Peggy, I didn't do the connection ;). Someone made it for me. But it's good to have a bunch of people away from my unconnected list.

About your connection to the murderer.... I said it in a different context, but being connected to the big tree means we are not only connected to the great people in this world, but also to people we would prefer not to be connected to.
+18 votes

Greetings, WikiCousins!

Thanks for hosting, Pip!

Welcome back, everybody.  I missed y'all last weekend.  Congratulations on a successful Connect-a-Thon!  yes

We've had some quite warm weather here. Our monsoon has arrived with some really good rain, including a genuine frog choker Tuesday afternoon.  Fire danger never got super serious this summer, which was a nice change.

Wiki-wise, I finally found the exit to the Ryan-666 rabbit hole.  I left large portions of the warren unexplored, but I saw daylight and made a break for it.  While there, I had to deconvolute erroneous connections among four different Ryan families in Queens, Syracuse, Manhattan, and Denver, and one Dunphy family in Wisconsin, creating and sourcing sufficient new profiles to prove the separate clans.

Flowers have figured prominently in G2G the last few weeks, and I'm here to do my part.  This one's for all you
Wonderful WikiTreers kindly collaborating and congratulating each other!

Rose (not an Anchor!) by Jo Nakashima



by Herbert Tardy G2G6 Pilot (521k points)
Thanks, Jelena!
That's the one! =D
Herbert is there anything you cant do you wonderful man⚘

I can't play basketball, Sharon.  Not much of a dancer, either.  And that's just the beginning!  indecision

My  youngest son is six foot 7inches and he cant play basketball either but he can dance when he is happy. Here is a little song for you. smiley


I hope you are very, very happy this weekend ... because YOU ROCK!

Cool Moves Herbert...Thank you alwaysheart

The rose is beautiful. It has the advantage of not bothering those of us with allergies.

I have some spare rabbit holes if you're looking for one.

Thanks Kay!  I'll let you know about the rabbit hole.  wink

Thanks for the beautiful rose, Herb.

Glad you like it Star!  smiley

+16 votes
Good afternoon from humid North Wales. We had some rain overnight and earlier today good for the veg growing in the garden and replenishing the water butt.

Who Do You Think You Are starts here again on Monday first up is Daniel Radcliffe aka Harry Potter.
by Hilary Gadsby G2G6 Mach 7 (74.2k points)
Howdy, Cousin Hilary! Nice job in the Hangout hosting during the Thon.
+16 votes
On the homefront... we've had a good number of 4s since the 7.1 on July 5.  but they are beginning to distance themselves out. And I haven't felt most of them.

Mary Richardson suggested I put a blurb up about Ridgecrest Quakes. I'm glad she did.  I have actually been out of it since.
by Lynette Jester G2G6 Mach 5 (50.6k points)
Glad things are calming down for y’all out there. We were worried about you. Thanks for constantly keeping us posted.
I'm trying  to slowly get back into my groove. Still picking up books that fell.  I had to have some medical tests for upcoming cataract surgury and one of the attendants said they had not been having EQ drills.  Bet they have them on a regular basis now.
Glad the aftershocks are tapering off!
thank you both.  

Right now I'm trying to transcribe a small pamphlet on Strangeman Hutchins, that I started before the quakes.  I'm on page 10 of 20 Great way to measure if we have things right or not.  Space:Four_Generations_of_Strangeman_Hutchins_Crider_and_Crider_1935
I'm glad things are starting to return to normal!
Laurie, me too. But I still have two quake maps up.
+17 votes
Had our favourite high summer treat yesterday. Shakespeare in the garden with the cast appearing out of the trees and performing on a terrace that overlooks the sea. It was dark for the second act and the occasional flicker of light from a passing ship just added to the magic. Twelfth Night, my favourite Shakespearian comedy. Good cast who delivered the words like conversation. Shakespeare is for everyone. Weather's taken a turn for the worse today.
by C. Mackinnon G2G6 Pilot (206k points)
I would have loved to had seen the play in that setting. Twelfth Night is a great one!
Twelfth Night is wonderful, and I'm glad you had clear skies for it!

This summer we have Much Ado about Nothing in the orchard. Its a lovely tradition, one of the highlights of my summer.

Twelfth Night is a wonderful play, and it sounds like a beautiful setting.  Much Ado about Nothing in an orchard sounds like fun, too.

+19 votes

Happy Weekend everyone!

Like Pip I spent a good part of the week recovering from the weekend.  Not from sleep deprivation but spending time with the kids because the wife covered for me all weekend and I made it up this week.

The Connect-a-Thon opened a lot of doors for me - I found 3 new gggg-grandparents and I'm eager to look for additional records for them.  I found a new New-Netherlands line and I'm researching it.  From the CAT, in total I made 7 connections - when I went to enter a profile, it existed and I was able to connect my tree to someone else's.  I had a few interesting cases including John Frederick and Frederick John.

But most interestingly, I was able to find a new 4th cousin and share with him that his gg-grandmother is really his step-gg-grandmother.  I was able to determine that his gg-grandmother died young and his great-grandmother was raised by the step-mom and that is who the family knew through oral tradition.  Using some investigative work I was able to prove that the blood-great-great-grandma was another lady.  He hasn't checked in to WT for a few months and hasn't replied to my email so I didn't include any profile details but I'm pretty excited to have made this discovery.

Water is warm and the kid has a new surf board - as soon as I finish this post, we're hitting the waves for some 20:30 swimming and surfing.

by SJ Baty G2G6 Pilot (766k points)
Enjoy the water SJ. You need a break after all that WikiWork!
There are a lot of Connect-A-Thoners making it up to spouses this week!   

Hope the "surf is up"  SJ
Seems to me surfing is a great way to recover from the connect-a-thon.  You guys blew me away, what you were able to accomplish!

What we accomplished. A great team, wasn’t! Loads of fun.

+16 votes


As I said earlier,  weather forecast for    hot ✨  and sunny today.  I watered shallow rooted plants early AM. 

Right now sitting in the clouds with an inch in the rain gauge.

The "pop up" storms of Catoosa County Georgia just keep happening.... not sure if it's a normal year.

by Peggy McReynolds G2G6 Pilot (173k points)
Pop-ups, the bane of my outside work! The grass just keeps growing.
the Mojave Desert is the land of little rain.  But in May, it was one of the wettest on record.  We seem to be cultivating tumbleweeds. We have a front fence of about 3' and the weeds are taller then the fence.  And NO, I'm not getting out there in 90+ temps at 8 am to pull weeds.

Weeds make a great fence, too. surprise

Not good for Russian Thistle aka tumbleweeds.  Altho, the cat from next door absolutely loves the high grass and weeds. He's catching critters.
+15 votes

Happy weekend, everyone!  It's been an interesting week.  Last Thursday our air conditioner failed.  Turned out the compressor had died dead and the factory isn't making the part anymore, so we had to replace the entire outside unit.  That just happened this morning, so we were a week without a/c.  Luckily we spent three nights of it visiting family in DC.  We went to Air&Space to watch an IMAX Apollo 11 movie, then the Newseum.  Lots of fun!  I was hoping to talk my aunt and uncle into doing DNA tests and even brought a couple of kits with me, but the timing was never quite right.

On the genealogy front, I didn't participate in the Connect-A-Thon (traveling), but I've still been chipping away at my NotAHazard line, trying to find my GGF's biological father.  Progress but no "ah hah!" yet.  Right now I'm looking at some other unknown clusters of Irish DNA matches to see if I can figure out where they fit in.  And yesterday I helped a friend's sister learn a little more about the genealogy world beyond Ancestry... fingers crossed she'll be signing up here soon!

Amusing note:  a few days ago I made identical posts to G2G and a fairly prominent Facebook genetic genealogy group, looking for some help with interpreting a tricky DNA cluster.  It sparked a lively discussion here with some very helpful opinions and suggestions.  On FB... nada.  Just sayin'.  wink

by Lisa Hazard G2G6 Mach 8 (82k points)

If the air went out here, we’d be moving in with my mom. Just what they’ve always wanted, right? laugh

We nearly went to my father-in-law's condo, which is currently unoccupied (and mostly unfurnished) because he just moved to assisted living.  Instead we got a portable a/c and slept in the living room.  Really looking forward to sleeping in my own bed tonight!

Genealogy update:  Earlier today I contacted the spouse of a 2nd cousin through Ancestry... she got right back to me!  We lost touch with that side of the family ages ago (apparently my grandfather and his brother had a falling out of some sort), so this is really cool.  Hoping they have family stories to share.  (I was also hoping for possible DNA testing to help my brick wall research, but what I didn't know is that both of my grandfather's brother's kids were adopted... no DNA matches there.  Ah well.)
+17 votes
Hi everyone...

It is hot here in Toronto - but still below 30 degrees Celcius, so no heat alert. Overcast and cloudy and not a lot of wind so it is hot AND humid!!

My sisters DNA results showed up last weekend during the connect-a-thon, so I will be telling her all about them in the family weekly chat, which is due to start in 1 hour.....

No surprises there - she is a full sibling - but she, me and our mother (all 3 of us have now done a DNA test) all have one ethnicity that is unique to each one of us. I know, I know ethnicities are not terribly important, but still....

Oh and my sister is on this weeks photo of the week - back when she was a preteen - in 1977 with the cute ginger kitty!!

Otherwise a quiet week.
by Robynne Lozier G2G6 Pilot (702k points)
Robynne, what’s the unique ethnicity (don’t need to say who has what). Just curious!
Aww 1970s kitty. Not like modern kitties with their Catpods and addiction to catnip. Sigh. So tragic....

Great pic, Robynne, =D Stay cool!
Just remember we are all of british (scottish/irish/welsh) ancestry. Also some english, scandinavian and eastern european.

So between my mother, my sister and myself, we also have 1 person with ashkenazi jewish, 1 person with Central asian, 1 person with middle eastern and 1 person with native american ancestry!!  LOL

All in small amounts ranging from 2.2 down to 0.9 percent!!
Trust me even the Italians are feelin' the heat. =) That's why we crank that a/c up.

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