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I don't think the category Polish Resistance is appropriate for this profile because he was never in Poland.  I understand the problem I have just corrected the birthplace on all the Bonhoeffer children, wrongly given as Wroclaw Poland instead of Breslau, Germany.  Yes, it is Wroclaw now but not before1945
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The name of the place in question here is Wrocław. Then after the Polish/German war it was ruled by Germany and it was the largest city of Germany west of Berlin until the end of the war. But that does not take away the Polish Resistance which may be appropriate here IF they were part of the resistance. The question here is if Klaus Bonhoeffer was a part of the resistance. I believe he was not.

According to Google Translation it is pronounced Worcław. There is a difference in the letter l and the Polish letter ł. WikiTree likes to use  Wikipedia as a point of reference for notable people so for this reason I will use Wikipedia for this explanation. Wrocław was explicitly mentioned in the year 1000 AD. Centuries later, with an influx of German settlers the town  it adapted the German town law. The city council used a combination of German and Latin languages and named it Breslau This is the Germanized name of the city. Same name except it was pronounced in German rather than in Polish.  After WWII The Soviet Union demanded that the city be placed under Polish supervision. Germans fled the city and it once again was called Wrocław.

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The problem is that the Bonhoeffers were not in the Polish Resistance, but they were in the German Resistance and involved in the conspiracy to kill Hitler.  I also thought we were supposed to name the town by the name in use at the time of the person's birth, rather than in an earlier or later time.  I know a lot of those towns have both Polish and German names, I have the same problem with Steins of Breslau, but usually when entering a place of birth the suggested version of the name comes up with the appropriate dates to choose from which helps to clarify the preferred name.

If it helps, the location is indeed supposed to be named as it was at the time of the event. The proposed names from the drop-down lists are not always correct for many non-US places. Here the correct place for birth would be Breslau, Provinz Schlesien, Königreich Preußen, Deutsches Reich. Making the Bonhoeffers Polish is akin to making Immanuel Kant a major Russian philosopher because his birthplace Königsberg is now called Калинингра́д/Kaliningrad and is in Russia.

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Breslau, now Wrocław, was Polish only from 990 to 1335 and then again after 1945. From 1335 until 1741 it was situated in a Bohemian Crownland and, therefore, part of the Holy Roman Empire. After 1741 until 1945 it was Prussian. Furthermore, the city was destroyed in 1241 by the Mongols and rebuilt by German settlers. It received German (Magdeburg) City Rights and since then had a German character.

The question here is whether Polish resistance is the right category. Since the city's connection with Poland at the time in question was over for more than 600 years, and more importantly, since the Bonhoeffers would have had no reason what-so-ever to consider themselves anything else but German, they should (and are everywhere else) rightfully be considered part of the German resistance to the Nazi regime.

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Thank you, that is how I understood it too
Helmut  thank you for bringing up the rest of the Polish history if invasion. I decided to give the abridged version since Bohemia, Roman Empire and the Mongols were not part of the conversation in the beginning.

Christine you are correct when saying that the name of the city comes up when using the proper dates. I forgot to include that at the end of my first reply. It was the main reason of my first reply and the listing of dates.

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