Help me prove (or disprove) that Lewis Huffman-4057 is the same as Lewis Huffman-4048

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Should be fun one to solve.

Both are named Lewis Huffman, both are born with a guess year around 1785, both are born in Germany, both referenced in 2 genealogical biography books related to Western Pennsylvania/Allegheny County.  Spouse identified in one, 2 different children also identified.



Update (an unsourced clue): Family search has Lewis born 1748-1862 and Jacob 1799-1865

Another unsourced tree on family search has a Lewis born 1784-1863

OK, I think I've come to the conclusion that they are different people.  Looks like one has a mother Hester Beam, the other has a mother Catherine, and it looks like the 2 Lewis birth dates way off.
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Both profiles quote grandchildren to obtain the connection, so maybe look at the Parents of these Grandchildren in more depth.

Also one profile quotes Father of twelve children, so even if the two siblings are brothers, there's another 10 to find!

Also maybe more than one wife so look for mariage(s) for Lewis / Louis .

Also saw an earlier dated profile for a Ludwig that uses Lewis as a pseudonym so that should be taken into account that maybe Lewis wasn't the 'birth' name

The Ludwig born 1755 did not die until after 1812  the profile states 1833 so is the estimate way off?
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There is a Jacob Huffman living in the following property
Jacob is 61 in 1860 so will have been born 1799 if the ages are right, children include John, Sarah and Alfred wife looks like Hester
Lewis Huffman, grandfather of Eleanor Foster (Huffman) Stuck slager was a shoemaker later a Farmer (taken from genealogical and personal history of Pennsylvania - The Lewis Huffman living next door to Jacob was quoted on the  1860 census as being a shoemaker.
Thanks- although the occupation is not the smoking gun,  it helps add to the evidence.
1800 Taxable inhabitants Mifflin Township Allegheny County

Lewis Huffman - shoemaker

also in different townships found a Jacob Huffman , the son of Lewis would have only been 1 year old so must be another, and also found an Eli Hoofman maybe another relative that's the only three I came across might have missed some though :/
just checked this one is quoted in the Lewis Huffman born 1755 , so had this Lewis (born c1785 but son being born 1799 suggests earlier) not arrived in Allegheny at this time - I would have expected to find at least two
just realised what age could people legally marry in America at this date? He could have been very young 14? 15?
The 1850 Census also looks interesting Jacob Huffman's family are two properties away from a William Huffman's family and on same census page as a Bedell family though the Huffman and Bedell families are quoted as being born South Carolina think that's an error
I've been having a think ( I do sometimes!) Are you sure that Jacob's father was Lewis born 1785? If Jacob was born c1799 which both the 1850 and 1860 census suggest then it seems more likely that Lewis was a lot older and the Lewis born c1785 is a brother of Jacob.
The annoying thing is that I had another biographical reference that may have helped, but can't find it now.
Pretty sure they are different people.  not well sourced, but it appears one was born in the 1750's, the other in the 1780's, one had a spouse Hester Beam, the other Catherine.

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