Help needed with James Prentice Married 1832 Lanarkshire to Ann Hiddleston (Hiddlestone)

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Prentice-1811 is the profile I have created.  I have his marriage to Ann Hiddleston (Hiddlestone) in 1832, but I can get no further.  The reason for this is that most if not all histories have him born in 1819 which means he was 12 when he married Ann.  I have him in the Scotland 1841 census with a birthdate of 1811, but this census rounded down peoples ages to the nearest 5 so he could have been born anytime between 1806-1811.  My biggest problem is I can’t get my head away from these damn histories and the keep influencing my searches.  Any suggestions would be welcome


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Have you read the actual marriage record?  Normally those give parent names and other information.
Unfortunately the Marriage certificate doesn't show a father for James just for Ann but I am unsure if that means his father was dead by 1832, in which case I may have aa starting point there. But other than that it looks like a 400 mile trip to Glasgow is in order.



You have actually seen this for yourself?  As in, you have viewed the image of the registry?

Yes I got a copy from and it mentions ann’s Father but not James’
Hi All,

Back to this old chestnut.

Based on the Scottish naming standard. 1st son named after the father's father, 2nd son named after the mother's father,  i thought I was looking for a Thomas Prentice as the father of James.  But I have just found a son John born 1832 who must have died before 1840 as they then named another son John then.  But I still can't connect the parents. because when i try to trace the James' born to them they all appear to survive past 1846 when I know this James died.  so here are my options.


John Prentice/ Sarah Wilson 27/07/1807 in Hutton - the problem with this is Hutton is a distance from all other BMD references I have for James and family

John Prentice/Janet Hogg 04/07/1812 Libberton = the date of birth is 6 years later that the estimated 1806 based on the age quoted on the death register. But Libberton is in the area.

The final John is John Prentice/ Marion Stodart 23/07/14 Covington and Thankerton - this is really pushing the age for him back another two years. But the area is correct.

There are other options but they take me out of the naming convention.  I would not  normally stick religiously to this but for the naming a son as John twice.  I believe the first son must not have died until after Thomas was born as Thomas is Ann Hiddleson's father

Can anyone help before i disown half of my husbands family



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Scotlands People have him born 28 Sep 1819 

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In Lesmahagow which is Lanarkshire.
Thanks for your swift reply but These cannot be the parents as it would have made him 12 years old when he married in 1832 and he did marry in that year


They did marry as early as 12 (I think that was the legal age).
There is another James born in Lesmahagow, but 6 years earlier, 21st March 1813, which would have made him 2 weeks 2 days short of turning 20 years of age:

Name: PRENTICE Forename: JAMES Parents/ Other Details: JAMES PRENTICE/MARGRET DUNLOP FR445 (FR445) Gender: M Date: 21/03/1813 Parish Number: 649/  Ref: 20 232 Parish: Lesmahagow

Perhaps this is more palatable as an age for marrying.

James Prentice and Ann Hiddleston(e) had at least 6 children: John (1832–1840)  Mary (1835–?)​​ Thomas (1837–?) John (1840–?)​​ Sarah (1844–?)  Margaret (1845–?)

(I have the search saved on Scotland's People, so can get the reference numbers quite easily.)
thanks for this I will look closer at the Dunlop marriage, I was all hyped up as I found his death certificate, downloaded it and all it said was 1846 Dec16 James Prentice Shepherd, upper appin, aged 40 buried 19 Dec.  No parent! No wife, no mother’s maiden name. I was so frustrated I could have spat feathers. Although it does give me a starting year of 1806.   I am glad to do this as I want to get it right on Wikitree. I don’t mind making mistakes on other sites but here I want it to be right
There is also this one 23rd March 1806, so 26 years of age in 1832:

Name: PRENTICE Forename: JAMES Parents/ Other Details: DAVID PRENTICE/JANET LIGHTBODY FR110 (FR110) Gender: M Date: 23/03/1806 Parish Number: 639/  Ref: 10 104 Parish: Dalziel

(Dalziel is/was in North Lanarkshire.)

1806 would fit with the one I just now posted.




(Edit: switching an errant ! for the 1 it should have been.)

Margaret Duncan born about 1798 is most unlikely to have been the mother of anyone born about 1806.

I think you need to look past the Prentice=Duncan marriage for the parents of your James aged 40 at death in 1846.  Give up on those ancestry trees / histories that have him marrying at age 12.
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The 6 Spt 1832 shows the city Urr at Kirkcudbright, Scotland and Ann Hiddleston's father as Thomas Hiddleston.

Scotland Marriages, 1561-1910
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There were several men named James Prentice born in Lanark, Scotland. One was born 4 July 1812 at Libberton, Lanark, Scotland whose parents are John and Jane (Hogg) Prentice.

Also James Prentice born 27 May 1805 Carnwath, Larark, Scotland whose parents are Thomas and Mary (Cassils) Prentice.

Do you have any more specific locality information beyond Lanarkshire meaning what town or city he was born in?

Another James Prentice was born 18 Jan 1817 Carnwath, Lanark, Scotland, parents James and Catharine (Brown) Prentice.

Also, James Prentice born 13 Mar 1806 christening 23 March 1806 at Dalziel, Lanark, Scotland. Parents are David and Janet (Lightbody) Prentice.

Scotland Births and Baptisms, 1564-1950
by Frank Gill G2G Astronaut (2.3m points)
Thanks everyone it gives me a few more pointers to try



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