Connection Combat! This Week Fighting Physicists Marie Curie vs. Maria Goeppert-Mayer

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Thanks for a great opening week to Connection Combat, everyone! The winner of last week's battle was James Watson, who is 29 steps from AJ in the Global Tree. Poor Francis Crick didn't stand a chance. 

We're going to change the rules a little this week, but more on that after I announce this week's competitors - two amazing women in a fight of the physicists: 

Marie Curie vs. Maria Goeppert Mayer

Most of you know Marie Curie as a pioneer of radiation, but are probably less familiar with Maria Goeppert Mayer. Goeppert Mayer is known for her work developing a mathematical model to explain why some numbers of nucleons in an atomic nucleus are more stable than others. Marie and Maria were both born in what is now Poland, and are the only two women to have won Nobel Prizes in physics.

Here are the rules:

1. The first person to connect one of these profiles to the Global Tree is the winning researcher, and that profile is the Connection Combat winner.* Post in this thread when you have found the connection, so we know who found it first.

2. Once the winning profile is announced, we go to BONUS ROUND!!! In the bonus round, researchers have the chance to try to connect the other profile. They have 72 hours, and if the connection to AJ is closer than that of the winning profile, the person who made the connection is also considered a winning researcher.

3. Please cite your sources! Connections will be checked from the point of the contest profile to the person they connected to in the Global Tree. The connection point through to AJ will be checked for glaring errors, omissions, and mythologies. If the connection is deemed invalid between AJ and the connecting point, the researcher will still be named the winner (and the profiles will be asked about in G2G). If the connection is invalid between the contest profile and the connection point due to lack of sources, and no sources are provided after the researcher is asked to add them, we will go directly to Bonus Round and the other contest profile becomes the winning profile when it becomes connected (pending sources).

(A note on sources: Abby Glann said it best when she posted in the G+ community, "I know that sometimes you look at other family tree sites to help track down where a connection to be, and that is okay as a directive but we really really don't want to use those sites as sources. We set ourselves to a higher standard. So when you find those links please find actual sources to support them. It makes such a difference, and makes it easier for others to come in and continue your research.")

Let's have fun, make some connections, and crown the winning physicist!

* The winning profile gets to be one of Eowyn's WikiPicks on the WikiTree blog, and the person who found and made the connection gets a template they can put on their profile, and a mention in the Connection Combat Hall of Fame

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Connection via her daughter Eva's husband Henry Richardson Labouisse's first wife Elizabeth Clark.  Connection is here: Van_Rensselaer-38
by Steven Frank G2G5 (5.5k points)
selected by Abby Glann
Great Steven!! I've marked the steps (33), but the relationship to AJ is not showing.  is there a delay?
I assume there is a delay, none of the profiles I created today below that one are showing the connection.  So maybe it will show up tomorrow.
Yea team Curie! Good Job Steve! Yes, it took a day for James Watson to Show up, did you include sources as well?
I added sources. Steven added sources.  But, some of the profiles linked to (already on Wikitree) do not have sources.  I'll add waht I can.
I sourced everything I added and everything between Curie and the connecting person that already existed. I didn't do the already existing profiles. Do we have to source everything all the way to AJ? That seems excessive.
Congratulations Steven!  30 Steps are now showing.
It is nice if you have time to add sources for those other profiles, but no, those are not required. We just want to make sure that any new additions are well sourced. Great work everyone!

Michael, did you get your private individuals added? Are there actual sources for them? Shoot me a private message if you need help.
Steven,  Thanks for adding the source info for the Merrimoon / Marmon line.  I am in contact with someone about the relationship between Peter Conrad Mayer and Mary Fay Marmon.  I still do not have an actual source for this yet.  Steven, send me your email and I can add you to their trusted list.  Mykellee at gmail dot com.  Thanks Abby.
Found it!  A Who's Who citation lists his wife as Mary Fay Marmon and their wedding date.
Mary Fay Marmon is 26 Steps.

Her husband, Peter Conrad should be 27 Steps

His Mother, our Goal, Maria Goeppert Mayer, should be 28 Steps.

Marie Curie, is 33 Steps as of now.

If all this holds, then Maria is closer than Marie.

Well that was fun!
Challenge accepted! I'll try to find a shorter path to Curie
Michael, I got Marie Curie down to 28 to AJ, via the Clark family. :)  Its not showing up correct yet, but the connection is down from Clark-750
Cool! Great work!
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My prediction.  Marie Curie via her descendants.  So who is going to take up this challenge!
by Michael Stills G2G6 Pilot (395k points)
I don't know about that...Goeppert Mayer and her family went to the United States, and we have a lot of researchers skilled in pulling well-sourced early American connections out of what seems like thin air...
Curie! Curie! Curie!
I've gotten a start on the Curie family.  Come on someone.  Pick up the trail! Try through Henry Richardson Labouisse Jr. or his first wife.
I looked at Labouisse's first wife Elizabeth Clark.  Her dutch family connects up to the tree and AJ here:

Hey, I jumped ships and I need help.  I am working on Maria Goeppert Mayer and I found a connection to Hicks-1714.  (which by the way is managed my a cousin of mine!).

This line descends through Marmon (Merrimoon).  Which I have put in place and still need to source.   Using this site which sources Family Search info.

Anyway the connection is through Maria's Son Peter Conrad.  I found an Ancestry Tree that has him and his wife as private as they are still living.  His wife one of Kenneth Analla Marmon's daughters.

So I am unsure about adding living people that I do not know.

I will go back and source and update the profiles I put in but what do I do from here?

Yeah I'm not sure what to do since Mayer's children are marked private.  I'll help source up the non-private connections
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We have a winner!

Marie Curie is the first to win the race to be connected to AJ - with the connection made by Steven Frank (and thanks to Vic Watt for her help adding profiles). Marie was 30 steps from AJ. Keep an eye on the WikiTree blog to see Marie Curie as an upcoming WikiPick!

In the bonus round, Michael Stills jumped in to research Maria Goeppert Mayer and brought her in to the global tree at 28 steps from AJ. 

Great job, Stephen and Michael, this week's winning researchers!

by Erin Breen G2G6 Pilot (225k points)
Nice work Steven! Thanks for the collaboration and the competition.

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