Data doctors posting error maintanance issues - how to work through them and a suggestion

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Yesterday concerning this profile I asked this question: I got quite a lot of help, thanks! 

Now today I adress the same error message in the comment box of a profile and I had to look very sharp to spot the issue (a similar one as to that discussed yesterday) but I have the same question. When I look at form / spreadsheet that needs filling in (, is it up to me to do that or up to a data doctor? Also, this specific syntax code error did not show up on trying to close the editing page with either red or yellow. Turning on the enhancing editor did not help at all. I had to restructure the whole bio forensically to be able to 'see' this data base error. Is it possible that such errors be made more visible during editing. 

There is still the issue of the date of death years before birth issue that I now 'corrected' to 7 Aug 1735. Two sources backed this date and without wanting to do too much research I changed the date (there is a few conflationary issues going on in this family, going back to inconsistencies in secondary sources in the late 19th century).

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To clarify: I entered / chose the options on the spreadsheet and saved. Can't see any major changes. See related 'issues'. Can't see where I can enter that the death date issue has been 'solved' …

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Enhanced Editor is not going to help with the Suggestion 870 for Missing named inline citations. Enhanced editor helps when you 'start' a source citation with the 'ref' and don't have the proper ending '/ref'

The info column for each Suggestion state the source citations that are 'not defined' in this case.  If you select the 'green question mark' in the box with the suggestion number and name, it brings you to the Suggestion page and there should be an explanation there about what is in the Info column.

In this instance, Arrie and Hannes are being used, but have not been defined, similar to ones in the earlier post.

When you have updated the profile by correcting the Suggestion, you should mark it as Corrected AND put a comment in about what was done.  When Corrected is selected, 'sample comment hints' are shown on the right which are the more popular ones that have been used for that suggestion in the past.  

If you can't figure out what the problem is or how to correct it, then you should post in G2G with the profile ID and suggestion, as you have done.  False suggestion should only be used when the profile is correct and the suggestion is incorrect, such as 'Unique names'.  For this type of suggestion, False suggestion should not be used because your source footnotes are missing the source citation, if you look at those.  It will only show the footnote number with no source citation.

If you correct the suggestion at the top of the page, as well as one from the 'related suggestions' which is other suggestions for the same profile, you have 2 options.

1. when you mark 'corrected' for the top suggestion, you can select the checkbox, just below the Comment box, for the other Suggestion that you have also fixed.   Your comment should then indicate what was done for both Suggestions. and then select the Update Status button

2. OR you can mark 'corrected' for the top suggestion, enter the comment and Update Status Button, without selecting the other checkboxes.  When the update is done, then you can scroll to the right and down, if needed, select the 'Status' button for the 'other' suggestion that you want to update status for.  Repeat the above process for each of the Related Suggestions.

When you select the Update Status, you will see a line entered on that Suggestion Status page to indicate how you updated it.

As Bobbie said, you can go through the Suggestions for your Watch List, correct the profile and update the status.  All Suggestions are also shown on the Data Doctor spreadsheets and lists to be corrected.  Suggestion List is updated on Tuesday, sometimes Monday.

Hope this helps.
by Linda Peterson G2G6 Pilot (361k points)
selected by Philip van der Walt
Looking at the profile, you corrected both of the other Suggestions, also.

Select the Status on the far right of the 210 suggestion, so that suggestion is loaded to the top, then you can mark that one as corrected with the comment that the death date was adjusted, since that is what was done and Update that Status.

Select the Status on the far right of the 869 Suggestion, select Corrected, enter an appropriate comment or just enter 'corrected' in the comment or 'select something from the comment hints' and update that status.

That will update all of the Suggestions for that profile.

Thanks for correcting them.
Thanks Linda!
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Philip, regarding "is it up to me...?"

It's up to whomever can fix the problem. On project protected files, it's prefered that the PM, or those on it's trusted list, fix anything major. A data doctor might leave a message on such a profile to alert you to the issue. I usually pull up my suggestions report weekly, as new issues are added by Aleš each week. (Top of page: "My Wikitree>Suggestions") That way I can correct any problems before any others make changes I prefer to make to the profiles I manage.

When working off the display that you point to, if you select the radio button for "corrected" it will disappear from the list until the next report is run (weekly). Note that at the bottom there is a box that shows the recent actions, one where a message was left, and then yours which shows the corrected status. If you feel you have corrected the issue, but it reappears in the report, you can choose the status of "false error" as a last resort. That will clear it from the report if you feel it is as good as it can be. It can be a judgement call, if for example, a date is an estimate, or the data in question is explained on the profile.

Hope this helps.
by Bobbie Hall G2G6 Pilot (163k points)
Thanks Bobby!

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