Need help translating cursive German captions

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I'm a new user and this is my first time posting here, sorry if this is the wrong place or if this is formatted wrong. Also apparently you can't directly add photos on here, you need to post them elsewhere and then use the URL, which might end up making this post really messy since I've never done that before.

I found these photos in my late grandmother's genealogy boxes. I have no idea how they're connected to me or who they are; my best guess is they're related to my 2nd great grandmother Regina Gregori and some of her Transylvanian Saxon family from Romania who seemingly moved to Germany. If anyone can translate these captions I would be very grateful. I know some are hard to read. I'm including the front of the photos as well in case it helps with context. 


Photo 1

Caption 1


Photo 2

Caption 2


Photo 3

Caption 3


Photo 4

Caption 4

#5 (this caption has writing in all directions, sorry!):

Photo 5

Caption 5


Photo 6

Caption 6

#7 (handwriting's a bit messy on this one):

Photo 7

Caption 7


Photo 8

Caption 8

And finally #9 (the caption is partially destroyed):

Photo 9

Caption 9

Thank you everyone!

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Caption 1: "Here is my Paul with his wife, as a memento

18 Oct 1955"

Caption 2: "As memory I cannot send you anything else, only this small picture where I stand with my wife in front of our house in Szarvas.

21 Oct 1956 Johann Weber"

Caption 3 seems to be Hungarian to me

Caption 4: "As a memory on our 50th wedding anniversary 

20 Jul 1962 Marie Roth"

Caption 5: 

Above: "Szarvas 29 Aug 1948"

from bottom to top: "Best regards to your dear husband, your children and grandchildren and to your brother Johann. Good-bye until our next meeting."

from top to bottom: "As a memory to your cousin Johann Weber, my wife and my youngest daughter Jolan. Dear regards and kisses from Hungary."

Caption 6: "Home sweet home of our loved ones. Only the one who knows the yearning knows how much we suffer. When you write again,send us also pictures of your children and grandchildren. I think you have more pictures than we have. Good bye until a meeting in the homeland. Johann and Paul

Caption 7: (This is current script, there might be missing something or some mistakes in my translation.) 

"Dear family, here I send you my whole family. The tallest is Berthold, Georg, Lissi, Wolf (one name missing) and the small Andreas. 

Dear regards of us all 

(2 lines missing)"

Caption 8: "Joli 18 Oct 1955, as a memory 1000 greetings and kisses from the (end of sentence missing)."

Caption 9 is Hungarian. 

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Jelena, thank you so much for taking the time out to do this! Hope it wasn't too hard. And thank you for identifying some of the captions as Hungarian, I thought some were in Hungarian but assumed they would all be in the same language.
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Caption 1 starts “this is my Paul with.....”

October 18, 1955

Caption 4. Has “Golden Wedding July 20, 1962”
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Thank you, how were you able to make out the date (besides the year)?
The x with bars signifies ten, the tenth month
Caption 9. is VIII Roman for 8 so August 1951, not able to work out anything else, sorry
neninek = aunt

vedö = protector
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Caption 2 using google translate is something like "As a reminder I can not show you anything else but this little picture of me standing with my wife in front of our house in [Szarvas?]"

Caption one starts as Marion says and the next bit is "his family"
by Samantha Thomson G2G6 Mach 2 (27.8k points)
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by Stephan Hild G2G Crew (950 points)

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