Are you a descendant of a Bender from Philadelphia region?

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Seeking descendants of Bender families from Philadelphia (and South NJ) who have DNA tested.

I am working on a long term project utilizing DNA matching and triangulation to determine the following:

1. Bust the family brick wall - figuring out the origins and ancestry of Sarah E. Tuttle, wife of Philip H. Bender, Sr.

2. Prove that Charles Bender was the son of Gottfried (Godfrey) Bender.  

3. Determine if/how the Jacob Painter/Bender family connects to other early (18th century) Painter/Bender families from Philadelphia. 

If you are a Bender descendant who has DNA tested, would you please help expand this project by uploading your DNA data (and any others in your family who have tested) to both GEDmatch and MyHeritage? Both are free.  

If you haven't yet DNA tested, would you please consider testing yourself and/or asking the oldest living descendant in your family to do so? 

My own earliest known Bender ancestor is Johann Jacob Bender who was born circa 1724 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His four sons all served in the Revolutionary War. 

Youngest son, Gottfried (Godfrey) Bender was married twice. His two eldest surviving sons, Charles and Henry were born to Godfrey's first wife. Much circumstantial paper trail evidence connects these two brothers to their numerous half siblings, however definitive evidence (baptismal or confirmation records) does not exist. A few descendants of these half-siblings are among my aunt's AncestryDNA matches. However, without a proper chromosome browser and/or triangulation tool, I cannot confirm the relationship.

Nothing is known about the origins or family of Sarah E. Tuttle, wife of Philip H. Bender, Sr. It is as if she materialized in the mid-1800s like an Aphrodite emerging from the sea on a clam shell. She is the family brick wall.

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Bender-339.  Johann Jacob Bender II, Died 26 Jul 1756 in Franconia, Twp., Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

This Bender died in Philadelphia and is a grandfather of mine that immigrated from Germany. I’m on my IPhone so I’m not able to go to another page to get more info. I also had my DNA done and have it added to my account. Gedcom JS8876665  

Please let me know if we are related. I am excited to find out!  Thx. Sherry

Hi Sherry!  You did not show as a match at the standard GEDmatch thresholds for the majority of the (now 14) other Bender Family DNA project participants.

But you DID show as a match to one participant  - matching on an 8.1 cMs segment on Chromosome 1.  

Because this person matches my aunt roughly around same start/end points, I lowered the thresholds and found you match her on same chromosome segment but it’s only a 6.9cMs match.

Unfortunately, it appears that the GEDmatch Tier 1  triangulation verification function will not allow a lower threshold than 7cMs... so I am not sure how to verify if this is a true triangulation.

And I’m also not sure if this small segment match proves anything - it’s hopeful and intriguing for now.  

I tried to compare the GEDmatch kit of another descendant of your ancestor Johann Jacob Bender, but his kit does not show up on GEDmatch.  I messaged him and hopefully it will be resolved.

Thank you for your quick response. I tried to prove the kit of another descendent also, but the kit number wasn’t correct.

I am so excited to use my DNA profile to prove ancestry and not just add names To my tree. I’m quite OCD with details!

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Hello! I am a descendant of the Benders on my Father's Mother's side. "Going down the tree", it would be Jacob, Godfrey, Elizabeth, Christina, and then to my Great Grandfather. I know my Father has done Ancestry DNA already. Are you still looking for results? My entire family lived in Philadelphia up until the 1950s.
selected by Jana Shea
Yes!  I am very interested in hearing from other Philadelphia Benders descendants who have DNA tested!

Can you please send me an private message? (should be able to send me a private message via my WikiTree profile)

My aunt has tested via AncestryDNA and she may already show as a match to your father.
HMC, are you still interested in joining the Bender DNA project?  If so, please send me a message. Since you do not have a WikiTree profile, I have no way to contact you otherwise.
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I have a Johann Jacob Bender in my family tree but no Philadelphia connection that I know of: Bender-2542, he also had a son Johann Jacob Bender, Bender-2555. Is there a connection?
by Living English G2G1 (1.8k points)
Hi Charlene,

Your Benders appear to be at least 3 generations further back in time than my earliest Bender ancestor... so I do not know if there is any connection.  I'm not even certain that autosomal DNA would show a connection. Sorry!
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Jana, I just found your post while searching for information. I am a descendants of Bender families from Philadelphia.  According to the information I have been provided by my family, I am a direct descendent of John Henry Bender born in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania on 8 APR 1759, his father was Johann Georg "George" Bender originally from Wurttemberg, Germany.  John Henry Bender’s son Peter Austin Emmanuel Bender born on 25 DEC 1791, in Somerset Co., Pennsylvania.  They moved to Wisconsin around 1857. He was my great, great grandfather. 

The only DNA testing I have undergone is as a participant in the National Marrow Donor Program "Be the Match". I have been considering some of the commercial products currently on the market.  I do know that one of my 1st cousins has ad DNA testing, I believe he used the Ancestry DNA kit.

Debra (Bender) Schillinger

by Debra Bender G2G Rookie (200 points)
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I regret that I wasn't able to locate Johann Jacob Bender born circa 1724. I did locate Johann Jacob Bender born 27 Dec 1682. His page on our tree is Bender-3661.
by Gary Bender G2G Crew (720 points)
Hi Gary, I’ve long wondered if my Bender line is connected to this one.  Have you or any others descendants from your Bender line DNA tested?

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