How do I add my Y-DNA connection to a profile where I am missing a link?

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According to my DNA test I am a direct Y-DNA descendant of a Robert MacKay (MacKay-3389), but I don't know one or two of the generations between myself and MacKay-3389. Since it is Y-DNA, I should have the same last name, but I do not.

On the Robert MacKay profile page I do not appear as a DNA descendant, since there is not a direct line to me on WikiTree. Is there a way to show my DNA connection to him on his profile page?
WikiTree profile: Robert MacKay
in WikiTree Help by Thomas Odell G2G1 (1.3k points)
Surely, then, you cannot be a direct Y-DNA descendant.  There must be a wife or daughter in there somewhere.
Yes, I am a direct Y-DNA descendant. There was most likely an adoption or an illegitimate birth. Adoptions happened all the time back then, Both parents die and the child is adopted by another family member - no paperwork or anything. The child gets a different last name than his biological father.

When I look at all of the Y-DNA close matches, they all have the last name of MacKay, McKay, or McCoy which are all variations of the same name, and they all have the same common ancestor - Robert MacKay born 1679.

I just am not sure where the adoption took place, but I have my suspicions, just no proof. I am waiting for more people to take the Y-DNA test. Until then I was wondering how to include my name on the DNA connections on Robert MacKay's profile.

Thomas, in your close matches, how many STRs, what GD, and do your terminal SNPs also match exactly?

As far as I am aware, you can't include your name on Robert's profile.  It is an automatic process done by the system, and you can't make changes to it.  Sorry.
I am not very good at all of the technical aspects of DNA testing. The part that is easy for me is seeing the matches. I took the Family Tree DNA Y-DNA 111 test. So I think the 111 refers to the number of STR markers that you asked about.

The nearest match I have has a genetic distance of 4. However I have much closer matches when I look at results for fewer markers. This is because most of the testers had tests for fewer markers (less expensive).

When I check my matches for 37 markers I have several matches with that have a GD of 1 or 2.

As far as terminal SNP, I am not sure how to even find what mine is. On my matches page, I see terminal SNP listed for some of my matches, but it is blank on others.

I have a similar situation ongoing where it was determined that my biological 3rd ggf was not the man that raised my 2nd ggf. I have several Y-DNA 111 matches to "Downing/Downen/Downey" men, some with and some not with same common ancestor in their tree. GD is 5 or 6 for these matches which really could put a common ancestor back to early 18th century. That is IF "convergence" ( was not responsible for the matches in question. For one of the matches, at 37 markers, GD is 1 but increases to 5 for 111 - which represents a huge difference in a genealogical timespan. What I've learned is that without sufficient documentation, DNA matches at GD 4 with 111 markers - even with several matches - should not be considered concrete evidence of common ancestry within a couple hundred years timeframe. That is, unless these STR matches also show matching terminal SNPs from large coverage tests such as "BIG Y"/"Y Elite" or with (less expensive) focused SNP-pack tests i.e. R-M222.

There is also some "circumstantial" evidence in my case. My surname "Odell," although fairly rare, is found in large numbers in the Shenandoah Valley from 1750 to 1800. Also MacKay is common in that area at at that time. In fact I found several marriages between Odells and MacKays, but they don't appear to be in my direct line. During this period is where I have missing links in the paper trail.

My only hope is that more people have their DNA tested, and with a little luck, the link I have to the MacKays will be discovered.

I guess I can spend some more money and do the Big Y test.
I wonder if anyone would mind if you put a "DNA Note" on the Robert MacKay profile.  I've done that with some ancestors for whom I can't meet WikiTree's DNA Confirmation standard.  As far as I know, no one has objected so far.

P.S. I'm not sure the Big Y would solve the problem.
I am not sure the Big Y would help either, and I am balking at the price - $350 to upgrade my Y-111 to the Big Y.

I will add some notes and see what happens.

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Thomas, have you thrown your lack of links to the good folks here at G2g?  Given a starting person and a couple of dates and places the detectives here may get you closer to knowing who when and where
by Navarro Mariott G2G6 Pilot (145k points)
Thanks I will try that. But I have done a lot of research, and don't expect someone else will do better.

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