LEWIS Thomas m Delorme; DNA/RPT SAMUEL JEAN=son of John Samuel Lewis/1774; Frigon/Marchand/t Kin!

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TOP SURNAMES = LEWIS/DELORME/FRIGON; BROTHER-IN-LAW MARCHAND(t) married into Frigon Family; and, MARCHAND/MARCHANT via Martha's Vineyard Lineage, Cape Cod, Massachusetts as per lauracivey@earthlink.net & Edward.Berenson@nyu.edu - History Professor @ New York University!

Ck-M/UNION 1435-1518 Jean Jacques dit le Vieux/1440 Marie Niclau, daughter of Gilles Niclau (Nicolau born 1400 Belgium); and, 1466/Jean Jacques de Marchant & 1475-Marie Niclau; and, 1500 Jean de Marchant & Hubine Le Clerq via kin descendants @ North West Pennsylvania; and, kin descendants @ Wisconsin!

1500 Jean Baptiste MARCHAND; 1520-1581 Wm Marchant & sons-Myles & John:

Anne Goffe & Henry Marchant to Elizabeth Marchant & Samuel Lewis 1700 = parents of Thomas Lewis 1742!

Re:  Myles Marchant Lineage ...Thank-you for updates!


View Lewis Index:  1569 Anne Lewes/census; LEWIS-David; Mary; Philip; Thomas; Wm; and, Isabel Lewys/census!

Rec'd from Sandra DeLoyd Popiel, Minnesota.....

Note:  Our Ancestor John Onesime Lewis=brother of Samuel Jean Lewis/DNA = SONS of JOHN SAMUEL LEWIS 1774 & Marie Therese (Trudel) Sulte dit Vadeboncoeur @ TR QC!


Ck-MYLES MARCHANT: 1633-Wm Marchant, husband of Joan Bannistre; wife #2-Elizabeth Gatland to 1674 Ann Goffe/Henry Marchant to grandson/Thomas Lewis 1742=Twin Protestant Son of Twin Father/Samuel; & G-Pa John Lewis! 

Ck-N America Descendants by interent for tree and details including UK/PRESTON FAMILY RECORDS! 

View Ship's Passenger List circa 1769 arrival @ Lower Canada from Mold Flintshire NE Wales; and, QC DEATH CERTIFICATE (Protestant) with NAMES OF PARENTS & SPOUSE:  Source-Registres photographies aux Archives d'OTTAWA-Ontario via TR-QC/SOCIETE de GENEALOGIE de la MAURICIE!

View January 7 1771 MONTMORENCY QC MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE of Marie Josephte (Josette) Simon Delorme b 1754 & Thomas Lewis b 1742-who was a twin brother to Wm Lewis, UK!  Refer to sites on internet-etc! 

Ancient Welsh/Scots Thomas ap=son of JOHN LEWIS LINEAGE:  View Brits/French/Welsh Ties @ SE UK 1600's; John; Samuel (sons/John-James-THOMAS)!

Also, view Quebcois/Scots ties via John Samuel; John Onesime; Mary Matilda Lewis/Forestell; G-Grandpa Samuel Silvestre Forestell died Sept-1910; Grandpa Lewis James Forestell/Elizabeth Golden = parents of Samuel Bernard Forestell-b June-1910, Engineer/Rifelman!

Thomas Lewis was the moulder in the 1770's; and, his son John Samuel Lewis, born 1774, was the forgeman at the other Iron-Works called Batiscan - QC!

St James Anglican-TR-QC Church-built by RCC-Monks:  View Protestant death record  of 35 yr old Thomas Lewis 1742 to April 28 1778 @ find a grave/cemetery internet site!

Thomas Lewis left Wales with The Lloyd Bros-Mold-NE Wales in 1769 as The Peace Treaties were-signed in 1760 - French/Indian War in QC; & Leicestershire Regiment raised by King James II returned to Britain in 1767 after 1756-1763-GLOBAL 7 YRS WAR!

List of Family Trees @ interent as follows:

1-Marie Josephte Delorme 1754 and Thomas Lewis 1742 genealogy-French America!

2-Marie Therese Sulte dit Vadeboncoeur married John Samuel Lewis!

3-Jessie Easton and Onesime John Lewis;

4-Mary Matilda Lewis married James Forestell in 1846-Stoco-Thomasburg-Hungerford Twp, formerly-Sugar Island!  Also-View history of The 1820's-Marmara Mines, Ont!

Note:  Jessie EastonLewis, wife of John Onesime Lewis, mother of Mary Matilda, was baptized @ Church of Scotland!  See County of Hastings-Covenanter Settlers!

Note:  Via Dr Louis Hebert of 1610, QC, see link to Hillary Clinton; Celine Dion; and, T-James Forestell, husband of Mary Matilda Lewis Forestell - Stoco-Thomasberg-formerly Sugar Island Ontario!

Exit:  NATHANIEL = BARTHOLOMEW = SON OF A FARMER (..from Aug 24-1572-France!)  

ANCESTOR THOMAS LEWIS d  April 28 1778 TR QC was the son of Elizabeth (Goffe) Marchant/Samuel Lewis 1700; & grandson of Ann/John Lewis, 1600's-SE UK; and, Ann Goffe born 1674 m H Marchant @ Village of Lewes-UK! 

http://genealogy.jvans.co.uk/pedigree.php?personID=I20817&tree=1  Ann Goffe 1674

http://genealogy.jvans.co.uk/descend.php?personID=I20817&tree=1  Village of Lewes

ELIZABETH MARCHANT/21 YRS OLD m Samuel Chapman in 1721; and, married Samuel Lewis in 1726; and, had her twin/son Thomas Lewis in 1742 @ the age of 42 yrs; & Thomas Lewis was christened in January 1743! 

Children:  Mary-John-Anne-Henry-Samuel-Wm-Elizabeth-James-TWINS/WM/THOMAS-1742; and, Leonard; and, Sussanna-1749!  View https://family.search.org by internet!

1742-Thomas Lewis m Mary Wallis-St Mary's Anglican Parish 1766 Slaugham near British Base S England!  View Wife # 1 by internet!

1767 Thomas Lewis Jr married Sarah in the early 1800's; and, their son T Lewis - born -1805; and, Thomas Lewis 3rd married Elizabeth Miller; and, their son Alfred Lewis-born-1840 in Sussex, UK!  View all records via familysearch.org !!  Thanks for twigs/branches!!

View Wallis Site by internet...Bessie Wallis Warfield & Edward, brother of King George!

View Scandanavian (Vikings/Scots) & Quebecois - etc Family Heritage Ties! 

in Genealogy Help by Elisabeth Forestell G2G Crew (370 points)
edited by Elisabeth Forestell

Cont'd-Iron-Steel-Fire Ancestor; and,  (View Trudel Site) :

JOHN SAMUEL LEWIS-son of Thomas Lewis married Marie Therese-Jan 9-1797 TR QC, descendant of our common ancestor-Jean Trudel! **************************************************************************************

http://www.mandywillard.co.uk/surnames/marchant/william_1660.htm  .....

View Elizabeth Marchant & SAMUEL LEWIS Family Lineage/Trees @ EASTBOURNE SUSSEX - SE-UK near THE OLD TOWN OF LEWES & HASTINGS!  Also, see photos of the correct September-1066 Landing of The Norman Fleet from Normandy (not France-yet) and Wall was built to protect villagers & all from future invaders-etc!   

Note:  GGG-Grandparents John Onesime Lewis/Jessie Easton (Scots-1705) settled @ Thomasburg-Stoco formerly Sugar Island, Hungerford Twp-HASTINGS COUNTY-Ont!  John Onesime=son of John Samuel Lewis-Ancestor of Iron-Steel-Fire!

UK FORCE(S)/SITE via #2484694; and, T Lambert:

http://www.localhistories.org/lewes.html  ...Ancient Town of Lewes-Sussex UK

http://www.localhistories.org/hastings.html  BATTLE OF HASTINGS-NORMAN FLEET

http://www.localhistories.org/eastbourne.html  Samuel Lewis!  

November 25-26 - 2006 = celebration for Quebecois in Quebec as a separate nation within Canada; and, all the best for First Nation Peoples (Indians)! 

Lewis Siblings as follows:

1 - Josephte Louise Lewis/Charles Duplessis-View Lineage of Premier of Province of QC via Blais/Alfred Duplessis - Maurice Duplessis 1890-Sept 1959!

2 - Our Ancestor John Samuel Lewis/Marie Therese-Trudel-Sulte dit Vadeboncoeur;

3 - Nathaniel Lewis/Ann Godin ( hodad@hodank.com )

4 - Thomas Lewis Jr - born shortly after the death of his father - Thomas L-Lewis -SETTLED @ SANDWICH-Historical French Community-4 miles west of Windsor-married Jane Villers dit St Louis April 23 1804; and, Thomas Lewis died December 1841!  His wife - Jane St Louis-LEWIS was born December 28 1783!


Half-Sisters of above siblings via Marie Josephte Delorme Lewis-28/Joseph Precourt, born June 30 1759; and, Ancestor Marie-Josette m Joseph-2nd spouse-Nov 25-1782! ******************************************************************************************

1-Julie m Olivier Dugre July 8 1818; 2-Elisabeth m Charles Dugre-Oct-22-1801; and,

3-Sophie m Charles Beaudry Apr; & 4-Marie Louise m Joseph Deluge Feb 27-1832!

Click on Limoges in menu to view French Connections with Hebert families; Filles de Roi/King's daughters; & SACAGAWEA/Toussaint Charbonneau (..links to USEREAU/TRUDEL) -Guides for Lewis & Clark Explorers in the early 1800's; & view history of The Louisana Purchase to the Americans by Napolean!


SUM:  ALL ABOVE (8) SIBLINGS WERE GRAND-CHILDREN OF LOUISE FRIGON & JEAN DELORME!  By internet, view poltical ties to TR QC Families - etc !!  THANKS!

Source & DNA:  Mary Hedwige (Scots) Lewis-Laberge Families; and, view kin ties re Grandparents of Marie-Therese, wife of John Samuel Lewis=Marguerite Cantin/Quentin & Jean Trudel; and, other Common QC Ancestors!

View June 21-1852-James Lewis @ Shannonville-Belleville by internet!  

Note: There were no sons of Jessie Easton (Scots) 1805 & John Onesime Lewis 1799-1895; & 4 daughters were as follows:  GGG-Grandma Mary Matilda Lewis Forestell; Margaret Dilworth-North Bay; Elizabeth Bryson; & Sarah Jenn Lewis-DEEGON-Belleville!

GGG-Grandpa James Tobias Forestell, son of Therese (Hebert) Beland/Tobias Forestell, married Mary Matilda Lewis in 1846 @ St Edmund RCC-Stoco-Thomasburg, formerly Sugar Island, Hungerford Ontario; and, Wilfred Forestell, father of Gerrard, Madoc organized 1946 Forestell/Lewis/Marchant Reunion @ Madoc Fairgrounds in memory of them; & View kin-list from BC to Wisconsin to Northern Ontario & QC-etc!

Note:  1846 to 1946 = 100 years

****************************************************************************************jView Records re John Lewis, Village of Lewes, Sussex SE UK!

View Comines Belgium = Deep Valley where St Chrysole (Chrysler) was martyred in the 300's AD; and, origin of Western Civilization-etc!




View Origin of names & trades:  1200 AD-Merchants=Marchant-etc!


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