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Two Suggestions

1) Almost by definition Family Members are people that are not going to be very active. From our help page: "They aren't expect to do any serious genealogy. They get to enjoy the fruits of the tree without really helping to grow it."  

I now understand that I don't have the ability (even as a co-manager) to add additional people to a family member's trusted list.   Once they accept the email invitation I'm now booted from the ability to be able to make changes in their trusted list even if they make me a manager.  BIG HUGE QUESTION:  If they make me a manager doesn't that say they trust me enough to say who can see their profile?  I really don't understand this limitation and the reason for it with people who aren't by definition going to be showing up here much.

Here is the thing:  I  want to share the work I've done on our family tree with family members but this puts a real KINK in that sharing.  Let's say I have invited my brother.  He signs on every great once in a while and once added a couple of pieces of information. This is good.  Then I next invite my sister and she does the same thing.  I have put them both on the trusted list of all the profiles I have made in our mutual tree.  But (in this example) my sister can't see our brother's profile because she signed on after him.  I can't allow her to see it even though I'm now a manager on his profile..  She has to email my brother and ask him to add her.This wouldn't be that bad if it were just the two of them but I have about ten immediate family members (and was thinking of inviting more) that depending on when they were invited can't see each other's profiles. And I can't do a thing to help them.  I don't want them to feel like because they came once and looked at the tree they have to come everytime I invite a new family member.  If they wanted to hang out here they would be WIKI GENEALOGISTS. 

So... I would like to suggest that if you are being added as a family member the person who is inviting you be kept on as a Manager with the ability to add people to their profile trusted lists especially if they made their profile to begin with.  I would even be willing to settle for them acknowledging that I can do that by making me a manager when they sign on.   I can't wrap my head around the fact that BEFORE they accepted MY invitation I could put all their information up and decide who would see it.  AFTER they accept the invitation I lost all ability to do that and I have to bug them to come back and do it.  I hate having to do that. Because they  have lives, jobs and kids and this is not THEIR hobby or interest it is mine.  So future FAMILY MEMBERS that I invite will have all these profiles they can't see.  My sister can see my brother's grandchildren but not his profile. Sorry, but that makes zero sense.

Suggestion # 2:  I believe the Trusted page when you are a co manager on a profile of a family member needs some serious help.  How can you be listed as a manager and not be a manager?  In the Trusted list it shows you as a manager but in the paragraph directly below that it says you are NOT a manager.  This is really confusing and looks like some sort of databsse screw up.  I spent days expecting it to fix itself. 

In addition.. the help pages when explaining what a manager can do also need some additional explanations.  It should be made plain somewhere that once you invite a family member and they accept you can no longer add people to their profile trusted list EVEN if you are a manager.  I was all over the HELP pages and couldn't find this explained anywhere.

Thanks for listening.


in Genealogy Help by Gail Cox G2G6 Mach 3 (35.0k points)
edited by Gail Cox
Hi Gail,

There's definitely a bug here that needs to be fixed. And the Help pages will be improved.

This stuff is more complex than you'd imagine.

I will post again when the changes are made.

Thank you for all you do.  Let me know if I can help in anyway.

Hi Gail,

This should be now fixed. If you're a Profile Manager you can edit the Trusted List, even if it's for an active user.

Thank you

What fabulous and well thought out commentary , Gail. I enjoyed this very much and got your point immediately. Hope to see much more of your insight.

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