Can anyone access MyHeritage Trees for me?

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Good Evening All!

I am working on one of my Great Aunts Edith V. Auld (Auld-164) and I have found some sources that I think belong to her, but I need some info from a MyHeritage Tree to make sure I am on the right track.

I believe her husband is Arnid Graves McKenzie. I also believe she died in 1927. Can someone please look at this list of Trees on MyHeritage:,%2F3USA+epmo.similar&qevents-any%2F1event_1=Event+et.death+ey.0000+epmo.similar&qevents=List&qrelative_relativeName=Name+fn.David+ln.Auld+lnmsrs.false&qrelatives-relative=Relative+rt.father+rn.*qrelative_relativeName&qaddRelative_1_addRelativeName=Name+fn.Mary%2F3Elizabeth+ln.Hester+lnmsrs.false&qrelatives-addRelative_1=Relative+rt.mother+rn.*qaddRelative_1_addRelativeName&qrelatives=List

The second one down lists Edith V. McKenzie (Formally Auld). It lists her siblings as correct. I can not see her husbands name to see if it is indeed Arnid listed there, and do they have a source such as a Marriage Certificate.

Secondly, further down on this search result, is Edith Verlillian Auld.  I would love to verify that this is indeed her middle name, and I was hoping they had a source that verified that (Come on Birth Certificate!!)

If this is indeed the right husband name, then she did indeed die in 1927. Their son is also not listed in the 1930 census, and that means he probably died with her by the age of 7.

I just really want to see some sources to back this up from these two trees.

Thank you!

Chuck Auld-121
WikiTree profile: Edith Auld
in Genealogy Help by Chuck Auld G2G6 Mach 1 (11.1k points)

Hello Chuck

I found this.  I'm wondering why it is in her maiden name rather than her married name.

Louisiana, Statewide Death Index, 1819-1964No Image
Text-only collection
Name: Edith Auld
Age: 32
Birth Year: abt 1895
Death Date: 8 Jun 1927
Death Place: Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Source Information Louisiana, Statewide Death Index, 1819-1964 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2002.

Original data: State of Louisiana, Secretary of State, Division of Archives, Records Management, and History. Vital Records Indices. Baton Rouge, LA, USA.

Oh Thank you, Patricia!  A Death Certificate is always good!  Much appreciated.  All I had up til now have been her on a census.

Weird that is in her Maiden name, you are right.Arnid is listed as a widower on the 1930 census, which he wouldn't be if they got divorced.

Just one more question to add to the pile.


Hi Chuck, you're welcome.

Another question for you - what was the name of her son that died young?
He is also an Arnid. From the 1920 Census:

Arnid G Mckensie Head M 31 Louisiana
Edith Mckensie Wife F 25 Louisiana
Arnid E Mckensie Son M 0 Louisiana

He would have been 6-7 years old when Edith died. Arnid is listed as a Boarder at a house in 1930, with no mention of a son, just that he was a widower. His Draft card in 1917 lists him as married. He then lives all the way to 1973 at the age of 83. His birthdate on his WWII Draft card is listed as 24 Feb 1889, which meshes to his Death Certificate. At no point does it refer in Arnid Sr's life to a son.  I have to search for Arnid Jr. separately.

Thanks Chuck.  I do not have access to MyHeritage but I do have a subscription to  They have a lot of "original" documents.  I shall carry on.
Thank you!

Chuck, here's another one to throw on your pile of questions. 

Arnid E McKenzie

 in the U.S. City Directories, 1822-1995

Name: Arnid E McKenzie
Gender: Male
Residence Year: 1955
Street address: 2616 Lillian
Residence Place: Shreveport, Louisiana, USA
Occupation: Teacher
Spouse: Margaret B McKenzie
Publication Title: Shreveport, Louisiana, City Directory, 1955

Source Information U.S. City Directories, 1822-1995 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2011.

That's his Son!!!  He lived! Where the heck was he from 1920 to 1955??
Hi Chuck, yes that's him. I have a few ideas that I have to "prove" before I say anything about them to you.

I would like to have a profile created for Arnid Sr as I have a lot of info on him (and his family members) and I want to keep it straight.  Do you want to create the profile?   Or do  you want me to do it?
I won't be able to do it until tomorrow afternoon or evening. If you get a chance to do so before then, please go ahead. If not, I will do it when I get home from work tomorrow.

Thank you!

Chuck Auld-121

yes got it!

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Do you have a library card?  If you do, there's a good chance that you can use MyHeritage Library Edition for free from home.  See my post here:  Unlike Ancestry Library Edition, the MyHeritage Library Edition includes the family trees.  However, it's unusual to see sources on most of the trees since there is a free version of MyHeritage that allows for making a family tree, but it doesn't include sources that are part of a MyHeritage subscription.

I'll try to answer your questions.  I believe that "The second one down lists Edith V. McKenzie (Formally Auld)" is a pointer to her on FamilySearch.  The link is  The one for "Edith Verlilian Auld" has no sources, lists a birth date of Feb 13 1898 in Louisiana, and has no spouse or death date.

A couple of other sources for her:

by Kerry Larson G2G6 Pilot (129k points)
selected by Chuck Auld
Thank you, Kerry! At least the name for the husband are the same, so my sources I have for him and her are correct. I wish they had included sources on their tree.  Ah well.

And I would love to figure out where that other tree came up with Verlilian!  That is a heck of a name!

I am looking over the post you linked.  Thank you so much for that resource!
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Well that was disappointing, 

The 1st one (husband A.G. McKenzie)  links to a un-sourced FamilySearch tree:

The 2nd one (Edith Verlillian Auld) links to a private family tree:

Fisher-Presnell Web Site
The page you are looking for is part of Fisher-Presnell Web Site.
However, this is a private family site which is closed to non members.

All the others are based off a census so its just the parents and kids that you have already.

by Mike Guzzetta G2G6 Mach 3 (39.3k points)
edited by Mike Guzzetta
I appreciate the Attempt!  Thanks Mike!

I left a message for the person that runs the tree asking if they could reach out to you. Hope the contact you.


I am reaching out for a WikiTree member that is a descendant of David and Mary Auld and they are working on the history of one of their children, Edith. If you would be so kind and reach out to them - His name is Chuck and you can message him through his WikiTree profile page.

Thank You."

Awesome, you rock
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Findmypast has this , different first names, but maybe related?

First name(s) Jessie S

Last name Auld

Sex Female

Father's first name(s) -

Father's last name -

Mother's first name(s) -

Mother's last name -

Event Marriage

Year 1915

Event date 17 Feb 1915

Location -

Place Oregon, United States

County -

State Oregon

Country United States

Spouse's first name(s) A M

Spouse's last name Mc Kenzie

Spouse's sex Male

Spouse's father's first name(s) -

Spouse's father's last name -

Spouse's mother's first name(s) -

Spouse's mother's last name -

FamilySearch film number 103157706

Record set United States Marriages

Category Life Events (BDMs)

Subcategory Civil Marriage & Divorce

Collections from Americas, United States

by Marion Poole G2G6 Pilot (966k points)


David S Auld Self Married Male 56 1844 Louisiana

Mary E Auld Wife Married Female 48 1852 Georgia

Edgar W Auld Son Single Male 28 1872 Louisiana

Regina E Auld Daughter Single Female 14 1886 Louisiana

George D Auld Son Single Male 11 1889 Louisiana

Mary E Auld Daughter Single Female 8 1892 Louisiana

Edith V Auld Daughter Single Female 5 1895 Louisiana

Earl M Auld Son Single Male 2 1898 Louisiana

Edith V

Last name Auld

Relationship Daughter

Marital status Single

Gender Female

Age 5

Birth year 1895

Birth place Louisiana

Marriage year (estimated) -

Ethnicity American

Race White

Immigration year -

Spouse's first name(s) -

Spouse's last name -

Head of household's first name(s) David S

Head of household's last name Auld

Father's first name(s) David S

Father's last name Auld

Father's birth place Louisiana

Mother's first name(s) Mary E

Mother's last name Auld

City/township Simsboro

County Lincoln

State Louisiana

NARA series 1240568

Record set Us Census 1900

Category Census, land & surveys

Subcategory Census

Collections from Americas, United States

Oh wow...  You have stumbled onto one of the "Missing" kids of David Sherwood Auld.  There are three kids that my Dad insists are poart of the children that he even remembers their names from when he was a kid, that no one can seem to prove exist.  One of those is Jessie Auld, born sometime between 1874 and 1880.

I have refused to add her to the list of kids because I have no proof she even exists. The name is correct, and the time frame of getting married is about right, would be 35 though if born in 1880, 40 if earlier.  This marriage to A McKinzie is in 1915 poses more questions.

Is this even my missing Jessie? Did she marry a relative of Arnid, who married Edith? Did Jessie marry Arnid, and something happened and he then married Edith? It wouldn't be the first in my ancestor list who has done so.

Thank you so much for this Marion.  I think... .hehehehe

Ah, I see my mistake. That marriage took place in Oregon and my ancestors had never been that far west at that time.  It would have been weird to move to Oregon, get married, and then move back to Louisiana where my mystery Jessie was supposed to be.

So wrong Jessie and McKenzie, just an awful close coincidence.

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