Is she really a Fille du roy?

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Anne Rousseau/Roussel has been listed as a fille du roy, supposedly arriving in the colony in 1667 and marrying Pierre Juneau/Jouineau

On researching him, I found evidence in the form of notarial acts in November 1664 that they were married before then.

Vente par Pierre Juyneau, locataire du petit village d’en bas, et Ane Roussel, sa femme, à François Duclos, du Cap, d’une terre à la Côte St-Marc (2 novembre 1664). Notaire Jacques de La Tousche (source on his profile)

There's no trace of a marriage here, neither religious ceremony nor contract.  I am beginning to think they were married in France and came here as a couple.

We know when Anne died (1680) and when Pierre died (1690).  He died in Hôtel-Dieu hospital if Jetté is to be believed.  The listing for the man who died reads: 1690-08-01 — Gouhinaux, Pierre (72 ans), Angoulin, près La Rochelle, décédé le 5 août.  

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in Genealogy Help by Danielle Liard G2G6 Pilot (423k points)

Space page containing research on her and her husband.  Highly doubtful she was a fille du roy unless she arrived in the first contingent in 1663.

Hmmm .. Interesting .. In cases that I've researched "Fille du roy" were often assigned to a Catholic Steward upon arrival. Any record or report of a steward...  Danielle ?

Possible "Filles a Marier" (1662-1663) ? ..

Danielle, where bans followed for "Fille du roy" .. Record ?
Jerry, by ''Catholic Steward'', I presume you are speaking of religious orders or prominent women in the community?  There is no set method for reception of the filles du roy on arrival, although many were lodged with the Ursulines.

Banns?  For a large number of marriages of filles du roy, you see publication of one or two banns and dispensation of the rest by the bishop, things were accelerated.  Bann publication is normally so anyone in the community may object, if they have grounds to do so.  With these women fresh off the ships, nobody in the community really knew anything about them that would be basis for objection, so valid to exempt them or skimp.
Danielle, Thank you for the information. You've precisely described what I was thinking about in regard to Reception, Banns and lodging with Ursulines.

I'm curious of your point about the first contingent in 1663.

According to Gasnier-23 and Patrimoine culturel du Québec > Fiche de l'élément > Anne Gasnier

"Anne Gasnier est principalement connue comme l'accompagnatrice des Filles du roi au cours des années 1660. Elle fait plusieurs voyages en France pour recruter des filles désireuses de fonder un foyer au Canada puis leur fournit, à Québec, gîte et couvert."

yes D. and several girls are known to have stayed with Anne Gasnier, she is also present at marriage contract signatures of an enormous number of these girls.
Gerry, the point on 1663 is she is listed as wife of Jouyneau on a contract in late 1663 where they were cited present as witnesses.  So if she actually was a fille du roy, then she had to have arrived in 1663, which is the first year of the program.
I see, specific to her case.

Do you think that she may have been a "Filles a Marier" (1662-1663) and over time was translated to "Fille du roy" ?

Did you  find any evidence of a dowry?
There is no record found of a marriage nor a marriage contract here.  So dowry is moot.

Haven't seen her in any lists of Filles à marier, nor have I found evidence that either spouse came here on contract basis.  Doesn't mean they didn't, just means not found evidence of such, so it remains in the realm of the possible.
Hmmm .. no clues, evidence or records connected or disconnected to a "Fille du roy" status. ..

Danielle .. I have never found a case where a "Fille du roy" contract was consummated in France and then the couple traveled to Nouvelle France .. Have you ?

th'xs ..
no, by definition they were brought to the colony to marry settled colonists there

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To narrow down the probabilities as to whether or not Anne Rousseau was a Fille du roi (FDR) that married in 1663, it is useful to know that 

  • This first 1663 contingent of FDR likely arrived Québec aboard two ships on September 22 (i.e., rather late in the navigation season, see Les Filles du Roy); and;
  • Mariages des Filles du Roy de 1663 shows that the contingent's first of two marriages in Trois-Rivières region (i.e., the marriage with FDR Louise Charrier) happened on  November 19 or more than 2 weeks after Anne Rousseau's witnessing at the November 3rd marriage contract in Cap de la Madeleine of Jacques Loiseau & Anne Vuydant. (Refer esp. to pp. 93 & 94 of Deux colons célibataires des débuts de la colonie.)

I would accordingly place the odds in favor of Anne Rousseau not being a FDR, which is in agreement with what the Association des Juneau d'Amérique says.

Edit: url fixed for Deux colons . . .

by D Amy G2G3 (3.0k points)
edited by D Amy
Yes, I agree, thinking more and more that she was already married when she arrived, of course tracking that down is another story...

If you look on the research page, there is the copy of the contract where she and her husband are witnesses, there is another woman listed with her husband right after Anne, the woman's name to me reads Magdeleine Rousseau, the husband's name is Claude ___ (can't make it out).  Really wondering if Anne and Magdeleine are related somehow.

The last reference you cite Deux colons célibataires des débuts de la colonie has access blocked for some reason.

Broken url fixed for Deux colons . . .
Thank you, very insteresting piece, and sheds some light on Anne Vidault also.

And I have identified the couple whose names follow Anne Rousseau on the contract, they were Claude Houssard and Madeleine Cousteau (entered as Couteau in Wikitree).  Found them checking every Claude in 1666 census.  laugh

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I have removed her from Filles du roy, her presence in the colony predates what was believed previously.  Have put her under Québécois project management instead, since there is a fair number of descendants who stem from her and her husband.
by Danielle Liard G2G6 Pilot (423k points)

Oui .. Great research Danielle ..  

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According to Yves Landry's book, she is a Fille du Roy who arrived in 1667. She married Pierre Jouineau in 1667, the year she arrived, in Cap-de-la-Madeleine.
ago by Nicole Poirier G2G Crew (390 points)
hi Nicole, Yves Landry was consulted, and he based his work on the evidence he had.  I have found evidence that she is married before then, see the space page I linked in my comment just below the question.

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