Should this become the official WikiTree policy on the Suggested Matches and the LIST location on the form?

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DRAFT THE RULE "Suggested Matches"  change..     FORMS  Styles and Rules                                               change as to where on  the FORM to "ADD" - "NEW PERSONS"  the "Suggested Matches"  LIST of "Second: compare close matches that already exist on WikiTree"   actually searches for the MATCHES that already have PROFILES on wikitree.with just the First/Last Name and maybe a year of birth.

I was noting that there might be fewer duplicate profiles to
MERGE if we move the "Suggested Matches"  list under/after the place of birth and place of death. I  know so many do not have any information to go by like,   place of birth or death, but this might help.

HOW IT IS NOW                                                              when you go to "ADD" then "NEW PERSON"                       "ADD an unrelated Person" or "ADD A CHILD"   you     TYPE in the First Name::                                                  Type in LAST name (or it is already there)                     TYPE year of birth:                                                                AND THEN the MESSAGE  comes UP  to "Compare close matches"  AND THEN the wikitree  LIST of PROFILES POPS UP... sometimes so very long, some with no info...

HOW IT SHOULD BE                                                     move the "Birth Location" and the "Death Location"  BOXES above the "GENDER" box.

This would do 3 things: 1) give the computer more information on the person being added to compare with those already in wikitree. 2) Help  stop duplicates that need to be MERGED  3)  Make a State of Birth mandatory or if other than US of A, a Country. (even IF the state is a guess, and it proves down the line to be not correct it can be changed with the SOURCE)   

I hope my fellow Wikitreers  agree.  Thank you  ~~~~.


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sorry,  I set up the DRAFT in the box and obviously  did not do it correctly  to match up HOW it was going to look when I SAVED it over...darn..
I corrected the title of the question to match the "process" help page.
I remember Chris asking if a policy can be implemented that would require a compulsory place/country name on profiles. There was a negative response. It was never implemented. I think your proposal is going to have difficulty in that respect because the matches without a country name will not show up. What about wrong spelled or not the correct place name for the period which would also disqualify a possible match.  Place names would require a fixed set of names for the whole world and new rules on place names before this would have a chance of working.

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So, I think I understand that you are asking for additional logic in the search.   Currently, when I put in a birth year, it may give me some matches, but, then when I put in a death year, it removes some of those matches.   You are asking that the third thing it looks at is "place" names, correct?
by Robin Lee G2G6 Pilot (565k points)
That's the way I read it too, Robin, although I would call it a practice, rather than a policy.

I am not in favor of doing this because we don't have the same kind of standardization control over place entry as we do for date entry.  A date must be a value between January 1, 0000 (or maybe it's 0001) and a variable for the current date.  Place names can be anything that is typed into the field and can vary widely for the same place, even without considering typos, because of language and times.  I understand the motivation for the suggestion, having been overwhelmed by the large number of mostly inappropriate suggestions of potential matches.  Although this suggestion would vastly shrink the list, it would also exclude some real matches.
yes, that is true, when you put in a death date some do go away but I think it is safer  if at least the birth state is there as well.

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