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Watch my hair....that is hope growing bright and strong right there⚘

Rosa Roja's Page....not working yet :( will try something else :)

Attempt 2  .. fingers crossed ..and it works⚘

in The Tree House by


I will buy sunflowers in Caboolture for you my love⚘

Hey Sis....FB shut Rosa Down...suspicious activity apparently.devil What ya been upto?

In less than 24 hrs...Do I hold the record for the quickest SHUT DOWN.....Bahahaha⚘
No link or search will work or come up for your Rosa page an certinanly can not find you anywhere you could be on a 30day stupid for no good reason so called nonsense band honestly it's pathetic

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There is a mistake. This must be a scam. Will the real Sharon Weekes please stand up!
by Cheryl Hess G2G Astronaut (1.6m points)
selected by anonymous

Yo Cuz my mum thinks she has lost your friend request and as been crying on her pretzels all night. If you feeeel like it could you send her another friend request.

FB has shut Rosa down...she has had some suspicious going ons going down.devil

The minute she walked in the yaheart

Thank you Celeste for selecting my answer.
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Sending my most positive mojo!

BTW groovin' with Carlos & the boys was great!
by Nick Andreola G2G6 Mach 5 (56.6k points)

Rock on Nick...will get big mojo rose for you  when I am dancing on the sapphire fields in two weeks. 

Rock On. ROCK ON yes

Best answer starred on behalf of Shaz, so pls don't thank me.

Thanks Sis⚘

Any time, sis. heart

Lol...Nick...FB shut Rosa down...I need bulk supply of your Mojo positivity mate smiley

What is offensive about :

Rock on Nick...will get big mojo rose for you  when I am dancing on the sapphire fields in two weeks. 

Rock On. ROCK ON yes

.. that it has gained a flag? 


Its all just a thang, a wikitree-FB-internet kinda thang. An old hippie once gave my some of the best advice I've received in my life: "Sometimes, you just have to nod, smile and walk away. There's just no accounting for some people." That was decades before the internet.... now with the behind-closed-doors flaggin' & suspicious activity reportin'--I don't know what that old hippie would have to say........


I regret not getting to know you better while you were on wikitree. I am casting big, happy, hopeful  vibes your way. I want you to know that for the rest of the time I get in this life, every time I hear Santana's silky strings, I'll think about you and your shadow dancing. That was art. It moved me.

I agree with Sharon's assessment .. some people are just the "type" to enjoy kicking someone when they are already down.

Sharon intends to keep on fighting.  She is not one to give in just because the going is rough.  I know what cancer does to people.  I know what the FEAR of cancer does to people, and families, and Sharon's family are those who will fight the fight for such time as they CAN fight.



Roses for Sharon. 



When you see something flagged, and can't quite figure out why, it usually because someone new to G2G mistakes the flag for a positive endorsement.
Yeah .. which is why the other post that was flagged has been removed.

Sharon isn't the first, nor will she be the last, poster here who has someone go around and flag or downvote their posts.
Hi Nick Andreola !!!

Sharon said to say sorry about the mud....

Can't thank you enough for looking out for my awesome aunty Sharon she really is a remarkable woman by far.

Facebook you really are not helpful nor cooperative with some ones own page Sharon Weekes is a wonderful down to earth non criminal who has beaten cancer to be told that cause of the type it is it will rear it's ugly mug again an take her life (Not With Out One Hell Of A Fight) of course an yet you give no flipping answer other than some stupid respons regarding her activity as suspicious seriously you guys behind the scenes are the ones we should down right be suspicious about let her back on you ungrateful keyboard warriors.!!!
@ Celeste .. Sharon sure is a remarkable person.  A legend!
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Thinking of you Sharon, especially when I eat lollies (which will be tonight when the cricket is on).
by Simone Cody G2G4 (4.6k points)

Thanks Simone heart

I got my Chicko Babies and Tim Tams.....Go Aussies!⚘

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Can some one please tell me if the Rosa's Page link working⚘

I'm so sorry to have to report it's not.  Here is what I get when I go there:

The link you followed may have expired, or the page may only be visible to an audience you're not in.

Thanks GaileheartLove you xox

Does this work Gaile my clever friendheart

Yes, Sharon, I am overjoyed to let you know that it's perfect now!!!

Sending lottsa big huge monster size hugs.

I dont know how I survived these last couple of months without you Gaile..Mwah!heart You are wikidly clever my mate.yes

Help Gaile...Facebook shut Rosa down lolno

They asked me for a character referencedevil

Do you think they will believe my sourceslaugh

Love ya...⚘

Oh, Sharon, that's awful.  I can't help, though, because I don't know anything at all about facebook - I never use it.  I did pass a request on to Eowyn to try to find someone who can help get your problem solved, so I hope help will be coming very soon.

I'd give Rosa a character reference.  It'd say something like "Rosa is one of the most wonderful, whacky, joyous, full of life characters I have ever known." or "I've never known a character quite like Rosa!"  heartheart

And another one bites the dust.
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Well thanks to Gaileheart I know the link is working.

I have made everything public and will accept friend request.

Will post a new dance for hope everyweek.yes

Love you guys...look after yourselves properly or else I will be over to kick ya dunny doors in maaaatessmiley

And now I really must get packing....bye for now⚘

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Car Packed and I am off tomorrow. I will be in lots of communication black holes for the next month..tis Queensland Mates laugh

My Aussie friends twisted my arm and I am now accepting Facebook Friend requests for my Rosa Roja Hope  for Cancer Page⚘

You are all welcome my wikitree matesheart

Cheers ....Sharon Weekes

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Rosa Roja's Facebook Profile has been shut down due to suspicious activity....they are sussing me out and will get back too me if and when they decide to allow me access to myself lol.

Onya Facey Maaaaate! I feel like dancing with someone now I can tell yas devil


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All morning I have been consoling my friends as they are not happy with FB.

One mate says he is so sick of FB having access to his private info that he was going to deactivate his account.

This was my message to him and I would like to share it with you all.

I have been stalked all my life they have even broken into my home.

There is no use drawing your curtains or dead bolting your doors...this only keeps honest people out not the determined grubby stalkers....I sleep with sharp instruments.devil

Be out there with your honesty always...I do...and if they dont like what they see well....Rack off and go look at something else Mate.

Dont let them win my friends....Love yasheart


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