HELP! What to do when someone keeps removing your contributions on profile?? John Utley-383 [closed]

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Horrible experience! All-day long my contributions are being removed as soon as I post them on profile John Utley-383. Want can I do??
WikiTree profile: John Utley
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in WikiTree Help by Cheryl Givens G2G6 Mach 1 (10.8k points)
closed by Deb Durham
This profile needs some real sources, not just the three urls that are there.
Cheryl, it sounds like the best thing you could do, in this case, would be to orphan the profile of the man born in Virginia.

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Your changes are being reverted as you are attempting to convert a profile for a man from Virginia into a profile for a man from Connecticut.

Please read here about WikiTree's policy on recycling IDs.

by Deb Durham G2G Astronaut (1.0m points)
selected by Greg Slade
I adopted this profile and not trying to convert a man from Va into a profile for a man from Connecticut. Just trying to fix an orphaned profile, without getting harassed.


All changes to a profile are recorded. The creator of that profile clearly intended it to represent a man from Virginia. The original biography clearly describes a man who was born and died in Virginia.

That man from Virginia is someone's ancestor. You really need to leave the profile as it was when you found it unless you can find sources and additional information to support the profile as being the man from Virginia.

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Stop making incorrect changes even after you have had it explained to you why they are incorrect? Again, for something like the sixth time: John Utley of Henrico and Goochland County, Virginia, was most likely born sometime circa 1690 (his son, John Utley Jr, is presumed to have been of age when witness to a deed of sale of land by John Utley, Sr, in 1731, thus placing the birth of John Utley, Jr at 1710 or earlier). The death date of John Utley, Sr, of Henrico and Goochland County, Virginia, is unknown; there was an erroneous death date and findagrave link on the profile for a James Utley, of Connecticut, who died in 1756 (James Utley of Connecticut and John Utley of Virginia are not the same man and there is no documented connection between the two Utley families). The most that can be said of the death date of John Utley, Sr of Henrico and Goochland Counties in Virginia is that he died sometime after 1735 (when his son John Utley Jr is recorded as giving bond for his release from gaol).

by C Handy G2G6 Pilot (189k points)
How nice your wording can be. I am aware likely there is no connection between the two Utley families. Just asked to continue without you deleting. Yes, in the file I posted on John Utley's profile - I know what he says about the age of his son as a witness to a deed, which indicated that John "had to have been born by 1710." That is what I changed his birthdate to by 1710. Did I mention recently adopted this troublesome profile. Thanks for the help!
The John referred to as "born by 1710" is the son, not the father; simple logic would seem to indicate that the father of a man born circa 1710 is most likely at least 18-20 years older.
I will try not to take that as an insult to my intelligence.
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Tips for anyone editing Utley-383 (or any other profile):

Step 1: Do not become angryangryangryangryangry.

Step 2: Review Honor Code.

Step 3: Review help page for Communication Before Editing.

Step 4: Try to resolve the conflict privately, via private messages and email.

Step 5: If Step 4 is unsuccessful, consult Problems with Members help page.

Step 6: Do not become angryangryangryangryangry.

Hope this helps!!wink

by Lindy Jones G2G6 Pilot (231k points)

Thanks for the informationsmiley

Thanks for posting these helpful reminders, Lindy!
File mutual MIRs

Wake up Paula J. This is a Southern Colony - profile should be part of the Project.
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I am mystified as to why this is such a big deal.  Cheryl, if the originator of the profile, or anyone, is convinced you are making incorrect changes, why not just create a new profile for the person you want to document?
by Living Kelts G2G6 Pilot (515k points)
A profile for that person already exists. His name, however, is James, not John. I'm sure Cheryl was trying to improve the profile, but we really can't change a profile meant to represent one person into another no matter how much sense it may seem to make. Even if there are no sources readily available. Because it creates havoc with any connected profiles up to and including member profiles that may descend from that individual.
Eddie King no like fights

Eddie King sent message to Paula J Southern Colonies

Paula J wonderful person

Betcha she takes a look
So there is a man from Virginia and a man from Connecticut. One of them is Utley-383.  Who is the other one?

Utley-220 is the man from CT.

Thank you.

Edit:  I was trying to follow the discussion.  WikiTree numbers help a lot.
Cheryl gave the Virginia Utley the parents of the Connecticut Utley, proposed a merge of the two and changed dates on the Virginia man.

C.,Handy corrected these and several other errors Cheryl made

That would be James Utley (Utley-220). The conflation of James Utley of Connnecticut and John Utley of Virginia seems to've arisen thanks so someone's mistaken identification of William Utley (d. 1794, Wake County, NC) with William Utley (d. 1790 in Vermont) on the basis of "name's the same"; this error is propagated through numerous online trees on Ancestry etc thanks to people blindly copying bad information.

To all who commented, opinions respected ... Thank you ... Never did I intend to convert this profile into what I wanted it to be. Yes, in the beginning when I adopted requested a merge with Utley-220 - C Handy rejected the match(rightfully so) After more research concluded most likely John Utley, Sr not related to the Utley's from Connecticut. While researching today changed the birthdate of John and C Handy continued to change contributions. I was insulted by his messaging me privately, and not allowing me to complete research on the profile.  C Handy did not support his reason for changing my contributions with reliable sources. But, at the end of the day, this John Utley has gotten his well-deserved place in the US Southern Colonies Project!  Again, Thanks to all!
You may get an error in "suggestions". You can't use the Project Template unless you add the Project as profile manager. The Data Doctors will pounce on the profile
What?? Now the profile will be pounced-on by the Data Doctors?
When next week's suggestions/errors report comes out, the profile will be listed for project box error. You have to add project as PM or change box to the sticker

RE: My 7x great-grandfather John Utley -383 next week when his profile possibly/might get "bounced" on, can not be blamed for placing that project template on his profile. "If you send a Private Message or Post a comment on a profile that they manage but you have not heard back within three days, you should probably go ahead." NOT continue to make changes while the profile manager is working on a profile. The experience was upsetting, to say the leastsad


It's important to remember that being a profile manager does not give us carte blanche to alter profiles without regard to original intent, even if we are the creator of the profile.

This issue probably should have been brought to G2G long before it got to the pressure cooker stage. 

It's also important to remember that collaboration and communication is a two-way street. If another member lets you know that changes you are making to a profile are conflating two individuals, you need to listen and take another look before it turns into this type of tug-of-war.

@C Handy

I've removed the project box. It should not have been placed until Southern Colonies agreed to manage/co-manage the profile.

Communication should have taken place before you began removing parents and changing data fields even if you knew that what was originally changed was incorrect.

This is the main reason for the Honor Code item about courtesy. To avoid situations exactly like this. It's okay to disagree and when we do it's okay and advisable to get a third opinion before a disagreement escalates into a war.

Happy WikiTreeing to you both.

Thank you Debsmiley

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