How to modify LNAB when Profile Manager is no longer active?

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I found:

"If the manager of an Open or Public profile is consistently unresponsive (to more than just merge proposals, see above) click the Unresponsive Profile Manager Request Form link in the Contact section of the Tree & Tools page of the profile.", but I cannot see any such "Unresponsive Profile Manager Request Form", so what do I do?

The profile manager in question has not had any contribution since March 2015.

Two profiles have been created with LNAB spelt wrongly (in addition to all those that do not follow Norwegian WikiTree standard of patronym as LNAB). I can, of course, create two identical profiles with correct names, initiate a merge and wait 30 days, but this seems unnecessary when it is obvious that the manager has become inactive.

in WikiTree Help by Aksel Horvei G2G6 Mach 1 (11.3k points)
You have to scroll right down.  It's nearly at the bottom.

Hello, Askel,

You have gotten the answer on how to deal with an unresponsive profile manager, but I wanted to make sure that you understand that deliberately creating duplicate profiles for any reason is against WikiTree policy with one rare exception. There is always a way to remedy the situation short of creating a duplicate profile. Thanks for coming to G2G before resorting to that option. smiley

Thank you!

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The link to the form should be at the very bottom of the page with the family tree for the profile.

You will find that it requires that you:
* made a Trusted List request for the profile seven or more days ago.
* sent a Private Message or e-mail message to the manager seven or more days ago.
* posted a comment on the manager's profile seven or more days ago.

I usually forget between those steps what I was doing :-(
by Eva Ekeblad G2G6 Pilot (473k points)
selected by Aksel Horvei
Sorry, I only checked under the manager and not the profile. Sorry.
No, sorry, that is not what I was saying.

As the others have said, it is very far down on the page. In fact, if it's the profile I think, after checking what you have been working on lately, I can see it where it should be.

The family tree view that fills the first screenful is usually what I visit that page for - but when you're after something else, the tree may be a bit distracting.
That explains it.
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Click the unresponsive profile manager request form link from the contact section on the tree and tools page of the profile that has the unresponsive manager.

So from the profile click Family Tree and Tools, scroll all the way down to contact, from there scroll to unresponsive profile manager request form and click that
by Becky Troth G2G6 Mach 4 (43.2k points)
edited by Becky Troth
As I wrote above: I cannot see any such link.
Have edited the answer to explain exactly where the link is

"of the profile that has the unresponsive manager."

That is where I went wrong. I went to the manager him-/herself. Thank you!

You're very welcome, hopefully you'll be able to change the LNAB soon smiley

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