Cannot edit of which I am Profile Manager.

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WikiTree profile: Charles Hancock
in Genealogy Help by David Hancock G2G Crew (350 points)

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David, when I look at the profile, it's a private profile and you are not shown as the Profile Manager.  If you get the PM to put you on the trusted list, and perhaps make you co-manager, you should be able to edit.
by Dennis Barton G2G6 Pilot (394k points)
selected by Becky Troth
Reading lines, it looks as though the PM may be David's wife (or sister-in-law).
Yes, I (Audrey) am the Project Manager for this entire family file.  I added my husband's David's DNA information and all of a sudden I am no longer the PM for his nor his father's and mother's file.  David will not be adding anything as I am the family genealogist.  I am Audrey, his wife .  I had to add an e-mail for David when I entered his DNA.  How can I get it all back under my name. HELP
Audrey, currently you both have active WikiTree accounts, and it appears that you are logged into your husband's account.  Perhaps you inadvertently created his account when you entered the e-mail and DNA data.  (It's my understanding that you cannot enter DNA data for another living person, it has to be done by the subject himself.)  Using David's account, you or David should be able to add your name to the trusted list of profiles David now manages, make you a manager, and then remove David as the manager.  Then if David doesn't wish to have his account, the procedure for closing it is here:

If it all sounds like a pretty complex challenge, the alternative would be to write to, explain the situation, and ask the admins to straighten it out.

I'd also recommend that you edit your comment above to remove the e-mail address, since having it here in this forum can expose it to spammers worldwide.
Dennis, thank you for your help, so far.  I was able to set myself as co-manager of my husband's account (Hancock-6440) for now, but have a new problem.  On these accounts (Hancock-6448 & Cox-18449) I show up as the Profile Manager (Shields-469) for husband's parents...profiles created 7 Jul 2017 .  However, there is no way I can access these, as there are no tabs at the top. I have tried every which way I can to get on the trusted lists for both.  My e-mail back from WikiTree sends me back to the accounts. My husband's e-mail below indicates that my husband must be the Project Manager, as this is his e-mail when it says "Email me"  and not mine at (Shields-469).  I just don't know what to do since sending a "trusted list" request comes to me and not his e-mail as seen below.  HELP!  Audrey
Audrey, I think at least part of the problem is that you are logged into David's account rather than your own (at least all the G2G comments appear to be coming from David).  Are you able to log into your own account and access the edit screen for your own profile?  I suspect you can't access the profiles for David's parents because they are private profiles, and the system thinks that's David trying to access them, not you, and he's not the PM.  If you can, try logging into your own account and see if you can access the profiles.

Also, are you and David by any chance using the same e-mail address?  That could also create problems, although I'm not very well versed on how the software will behave if two people try to use the same address.  If you are, and you're unable to log into your own account, I think the problem may be above my pay grade to solve.  If you are also unable to communicate with, then the only other thing I can think of to suggest is to try contacting one of the mentors who may have some experience with problems like this:
Hello, Dennis,

I don't know where to access my e-mail, but something is up.  I can get into my account, and able to edit it, but I can't edit my father's nor his parents etc., although I can edit my mother's.  And I notice that when I want to send this note to you that my husband's e-mail comes up instead of mine.  Thank you so much for trying to help me with my situation.  I will try to contact and then a Mentor.  You kindness is greatly appreciated.  Audrey
Hi Audrey.  I tried to look again, but you don't show a connection to your parents on your profile, so I wasn't sure where to look.  And you are still showing up as David in the G2G comments, so I think you must be using his account, at least here in G2G.  I would trying writing to info@wikitree again, explain the whole situation, and tell them specifically what e-mail address you would like to have the response sent to.  There must be some sort of mixup between your two accounts.  I can't see what it is, but the admins should be able to see all the account data and figure out what is going wrong.  It's not a large staff, so sometimes it may take them a little while.
Hi, Dennis,  Thank you so much for all your attempts to help me.  As you suggested, I contacted a mentor and he told me to log out and log back in, and so I did...and all straightened out then.  I am back on track and so grateful for all your help.  I was logged into my husband's account and logging out and back in evidently resolved the issues as I can now edit those that I wish to work on.  I am so grateful for all you have done for me as I was so lost as to what was happening.  Your kindness is so very much appreciated.  Thank you.  Audrey
Thank you for your help.  Your kindness is appreciated.  My issues have been resolved by logging out and logging back in.  Audrey
Wow, that just sounds too easy, doesn't it?  I was pretty sure you were using your husband's account, at least in G2G, but I'm still not sure how that would mess up your own account.  Now you're showing up as Audrey, and I'm glad you finally got it resolved.  Congratulations!

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