Should Grace, wife of Uzal Wardwell, have her LNAB changed to unknown?

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Note: This post was original a request for a document lookup. From the result of that lookup, I have altered the post to a question about a LNAB.

Several sources omit a surname for Grace, 2nd wife of Uzal Wardwell. Her profile currently shows her surname as Giddings, but their daughter Grace married a Giddings, so this seems very suspicious.

The profile states that Grace's surname comes from an SAR application behind the Ancestry paywall (thank you to those who looked up and sent me images of this application).

Edit expanding the original question: Now I note that Grace's father-in-law is PGM and covered by Anderson in his The Great Migration Begins. Anderson lists Uzal, who is not himself PGM as he was born in Boston and gives no surname for his wife Grace.

So my question is, is the single mention of "Grace Giddings" in the SAR application, very possibly resulting from conflation with her daughter, flimsy enough to warrant switching her LNAB to unknown?

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For what it's worth, I don't find SAR applications very reliable.

I found the SAR application you mentioned and it does not appear to have any documentation of Grace's maiden name. She was the wife of Urial Wardwell, according to the document.  I don't see the name Uzal anywhere.

Based on a brief search, I find that there are 41 trees on Ancestry that list Uzal Wardwell, and not a single one has any records attached.
I've found a lot of handwritten pages attached to Grace Wardell, I've not reviewed them all yet, it looks like the original handwritten SAR page is there. I could try to saving them and send them across, may be some more info amongst them.
Someone already sent me the three SAR pages from Ancestry, thanks. If there is something else interesting then I'd be happy to see it too.
Name: Grace Giddings
Birth Date: 1680
Volume: 62
Page Number: 250
Reference: Gen. Column of the " Boston Transcript". 1906-1941.( The greatest single source of material for gen. Data for the N.E. area and for the period 1600-1800. Completely indexed in the Index.): 17 Aug 1910, 1504; 12 Sep 1910, 1504; 28 Sep 1910, 1504


 Godfrey Memorial Library, comp.. American Genealogical-Biographical Index (AGBI) [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 1999.

Original data: Godfrey Memorial Library. American Genealogical-Biographical Index. Middletown, CT, USA: Godfrey Memorial Library.

[ Free Ancestry Image]

Name: Grace Wardwell
Gender: Female
Marriage Date: 1684
Marriage Place: New England, USA
Death Year: 1741
Spouse: Uzel Wardwell
 U.S., New England Marriages Prior to 1700 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2012.

Original data: Torry, Clarence A. New England Marriages Prior to 1700. Baltimore, MD, USA: Genealogical Publishing Co., 2004.

Citing: Genealogical Publishing Co.; Baltimore, MD, USA; Volume Title: New England Marriages Prior to 1700

[ Free Ancestry Image]

Unfortunately the pictures aren't good enough quality to read once saved.I've got tired eyes to look through the writing to see if there are any other clues, looks like there's a lot of pages from a will and several named Grace Wardell Estate. I can not see anything else on Ancestry which lists her maiden name. So far just the SAR application
The 1680 record is for the daughter and is confusingly giving her married name instead of her LNAB.
Okay. Thanks for wearing out your eyes on my behalf!
If you do change her LNAB I think Giddings should go on the other surnames box, to prevent a duplicate profile with the maiden name and so that people can find her if they search wikiTree for her in her maiden name since it does mention Giddings in the SAR and others may have that as her maiden name. You could explain in the bio the confusion with her maiden name perhaps?

the page doesn't have Grace's maiden name at all it's blank with a ?

I can't see any other mention or link to her maiden name anywhere so far.

It's 1 am I'll have a scan over the pages tomorrow smiley

Have you seen the Genealogy website added to the sources ? 

She has a birth date and no death date. It might be worth messaging the owner? her email is on this page. https://https:/

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Yes she should be Unknown. The birth given for Grace Giddings at  is the same birth as Uzel, so probably not legitimate. (a birth date usually also gives parents) No legitimate sourcing lists a surname for Grace. There is no mention of a possibility in her will or his. The fact that they had a daughter Grace who married a Giddings is easily misunderstood and then propogated.
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You might want to contact the Rhode Island project to protect her to keep the surname from being changed back
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Name: Grace Giddings
Death Date: 9 May 1741
SAR Membership: 71109
Role: Ancestor
Application Date: 20 Feb 1949
Spouse: Lazeelle Wardwell
Children: Joseph Wardwell
by Becky Troth G2G6 Mach 4 (42.7k points)
image 218 of 411 says:

Louis Sill Wardell 76 years old. born Lansing, Michigan, 4 jan 1872. hereby apply for the membership of this society by right of lineal descent in the following line from : Samuel Wardell born Bristol Rhode Island. 23 Nov 1819 and who assisted  in establishing American Independence

I am the son of John Howland Wardell born 29 Dec 1837-4 Jun 1911 and his wife Cornelis Comstock 18 Aug 1839-23 Mar 1933 married 20 Oct 1859

Grandson of Daniel Wardell (Judge) 28 May 1791-Mar 1878 and his wife Mehetable Mann 16 Dec 1796-28 Sep 1858 married 20 Jul 1815.

Great Grandson of Col. Samuel Wardell 25 Apr 1755-23 Nov 1819 and his wife Lydia (Wardell (second Cousin)) Wardell 15 Jun 1757-18 Aug 1817 married 27 Nov 1777.

2nd Great Grandson of John Wardell 12 Oct 1720-9 Feb 1773 and his wife Phoebe Howland 9 Sep 1721-30 May 1794 married 11 Oct 1741

3x Great Grandson of Joseph Wardell 30 Jul 1686-18 Mar 1855? (makes him 169 but that,s what's typed) and his wife Martha Giddings 1637-11 Aug 1775 married 22 Dec 1709

4x Great Grandson of Lazcelle (Uzall) Wardell 7 Apr 1639-25 Oct 1732 and his wife Grace Giddings born ---to Died 9 May 1741 married 1678 or 1679

5x Great Grandson of William Wardell immigrated to America with the Pilgrims in 1633. born England 1604 U.S., Sons of the American Revolution Membership Applications, 1889-1970 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2011.

Original data: Sons of the American Revolution Membership Applications, 1889-1970. Louisville, Kentucky: National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution. Microfilm, 508 rolls.

Citing: Volume: 356

Looking through the descendants you may be able to fill out some missing dates from the transcript. If you need anything else looking up just ask.
Thanks, Becky.

Your welcome smiley And thanks for the star 

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