Can a location field or location data be corrected?

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I wasn't sure where to ask this as wasn't initially sure if Wikitree supported the use of circumflexes in the location data, but decided to 'head over to the Norway Project' and see other special characters in use in location fields there.

An error came up for a location and while I've flagged it as false error, there is a slight issue with the place name. The place in question is currently: Y Ffor, Gwynedd, Wales, United Kingdom

It should be Y Ffôr, Gwynedd, Wales, United Kingdom.

Could this be corrected please?

Thank you.


in WikiTree Tech by Raewyn Vincent G2G6 Mach 4 (43.9k points)

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If you mean the place names per the drop down .. that's not Wikitree, so WT cannot correct it.  It's a familysearch thing.

If you mean on a profile, if it's an open lock you can edit it yourself.
by Melanie Paul G2G6 Pilot (230k points)
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Do you mean to say they get the location data input via Family Search as some kind of embed or something and it was never manually entered by Wikitree to begin with?

That would explain the big yellow box that pops up when you alter a suggested location. Thanks, Melanie. Just something else I learned about Wikitree.

Pretty much, yes.  I don't have the tech language to explain it properly, I just know what I've seen said .. and that is that Wikitree cannot change the "suggestions" on the drop down.

BUT, you don't have to use what is offered.  You can do as I (and many others) do, type or paste in your own — especially when it's before the UK existed (FS still uses UK at the end of places before there was a UK), or the USA, etc.  Tasmania, Australia didn't exist at a time when FS and that pesky drop down have Tasmania as a place name .. FS also lumps all of what is today Germany as "Germany" before there was a Germany .. and so on. 

If you know a name uses any kind of diacritical / accent mark, just do it yourself (I use copy and paste, even for the word née)! 

Thanks for the star. blush

It's just nice to learn something, even if I feel like I'm posting a tedious question. I told someone else and they didn't realise that information comes from Family Search either.

 I also just did the copy and paste after already flagging a false error. It just helps that in the future someone sees the unusual nature of the name, they won't consider that maybe I had made a mistake and try and fix it!

You earned the star!

No question is tedious (unless you already asked it, were answered, then re-ask it another 10 times .. THEN it becomes tedious!) .. it is seeking knowledge you don't yet have.  smiley

No tech language necessary, Melanie - your explanation is both accurate and complete.

The way it happens is that WikiTree has some kind of agreement with familysearch to import their place name list.  They do it over every so often (I don't know if it's weekly, monthly, or what) so that they get whatever updates are made at familysearch in between.  The list is - by no means - correct or even complete, so they put up that yellow warning box about it.  Personally, I think it's a great help to have it, especially when I'm trying to state place names in a foreign language that I don't know.

For the techie people reading this -- we use their Places API <>. 

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