Venting - please source

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AHHHH!!!!! Does anyone just want to scream CITE YOUR SOURCES! I am coming across poor sourcing and it's making me a little crazy.

Thank you for listening.
in The Tree House by Kaylinn Stormo G2G6 Mach 1 (15.8k points)
And even if for some reason you can’t cite your sources, please give the rest of us some hints of where we might find those sources e.g. reasonably accurate dates and at least one place location. (Even a country will do, but you can be more specific if you know. Mark it as uncertain if it’s an educated guess.) A branch that is just names with some vague dates is pointless. I hear you, Kaylinn.

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You're welcome, Kaylinn - sometimes we just gotta vent and it's so nice that WikiTree is here for these occasions!

Right now, I'm gonna vent on the opposite side of yours - I wanna scream because I'm reduced to either accepting an unsourced ancestry tree's word for the death dates/places of both parents of a Notable Holocaust Survivor or leaving those fields empty.  In favor of the ancestry tree, its owner's name is the same as a known granddaughter of these people.  The reason I know for sure that there aren't any sources is that I'm working on this with Eddie King (the universally celebrated KING of sources - pun intended) and he can't find any!!!

by Gaile Connolly G2G6 Pilot (787k points)
The liberry have obits but the liberry lady wants real Murrrrican money. I am sad. I spended all my money buying 30 pounds of chicken legs at 35¢ a pound. I found a recipe for a great English dish called "chicken catch a Tory". A Tory was an evull Englishman who dint like Murrricans. I guess Tories weren't very brave cuzzz now they be a chicken dish
Now thet raite ther be funny. I rekun

With all dem legs, I betcha that centipede chicken could catch lots of Tories.  Mebbie dat liberry lady takes bribes - you could invite her for dinner.

Eddie doesn't share his chkn.  frown

A chick leg quarter makes 3 meals thusly

1. Carefully take off skin. Lay out flat on lunumfoil for freeze. This you will flour & deep fry crisp. Goes nice with side of cheez grits and biskit for lite lunch

2. drum stick for the BBQ ( my nabors makes funs of me bbqing in the car shed in zero degree winter blizzard but a man needs his Q)

3. thigh is oven bake with fat tater- white or sweet

There beed 8 quarters in each 10 pound bag. Eddie has 24 chix dinners per bag

King of Sources AND chicken.


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