Who Were Parents of Gyles Roberts, b. ca. 1625?

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Does anyone have a cite for the parents of Gyles Roberts, b. about 1625?  Gyles was born in England about 1625 and died in Maine in 1666. The profile shows Gyles Roberts Sr. and Mary Wynnyat, but I've been informed that their son Gyles died in England prior to his 18th birthday, so he couldn't have come to America and married Unnamed Sheldon.

If I cannot find a source for his parents, I am going to remove the current parents, Gyles Roberts Sr. and Mary Wynnyat.
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Vic, if you do detach the parents, I hope you'll add a disputed origins section at the top of the profile and link to them there.

I'm in transit but when I get where I'm going I'll take a look at NEHGS and see what they have on Gyles.

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Collection of my findings this morning:

Essex Antiquarian 6 (1902):46 (citing probate records)

Arthur Auger, who lived at Scarborough, York Co., Me., or Blackpoint, died of wounds, inflicted by the Indians, at Marblehead, Oct. 14, 1675. His wife Ann and children survived him. He had a brother, Giles Roberts, who was then deceased.

This suggests that either Giles had a sister (Ann) who married Arthur Auger OR that Giles had a wife with maiden name Augur. If the former, that starts building a Roberts family...

Marilyn Fitzpatrick, "Descendants of Godfrey Sheldon, Part I," in The Essex Genealogist, 26 (2006):118 [answers the above question unless Giles had more than one wife]

Godfrey Sheldon and Alice Frost [had six children starting in early 1623; the last, a daughter, is listed as:]

vi. (--?--) [Sheldon] m. Giles Roberts

[AH... BUT... This daughter had a sister Anne Sheldon who m. Arthur Alger. This writer is claiming that the "brother" relationship is through Arthur's wife's sister...]

heh heh... there's so much discrepancy out there... how's a girl to know? 

"The Alger Family of Maine," in NEHGR, 29(1875):271 says something else entirely:

Arthur Alger... married Ann, daughter of Giles Roberts [not daughter of Godfrey Sheldon as above], who survived him. Having no children, he brought up three of the sons of his brother(!)-in-law Giles Roberts [son of his father in law?], and at his death left them L5.10 a-piece.

Here's another claim that Ann was daughter of Giles Roberts: "Descendants of Samuel Walker," in NEHGR 57(1903):352

Ann Walker, the above, was his [Samuel Walker's] second wife. She was the widow of Arthur Alger of Scarborough, and daughter of Giles Roberts, also of that place. She died in Woburn, Mar. 21, 1716.

A footnote for the above says "For confirmation see REGISTER, vol 29, pp 270-272 [see previous quote]; Middlesex Co. Deeds, 26:488-489.

The American Genealogist, 70(1995)63 does a review of a book that came out the previous year: Descendants of Giles Roberts of Scarborough, Maine, by Joann H. Nichols (Baltimore: Gateway Press, 1994), cloth, viii +210 pp., endpaper maps, index, $35 postpaid. Order from author (with address in Brattleboro, VT)

BUT note the title is the Descendants of Giles not his ancestors. 

The review admits that little has been previously researched about this man. 

Okay, sorry, Vic, nothing further on him from NEHGS.




by Jillaine Smith G2G6 Pilot (771k points)

"This suggests that either Giles had a sister (Ann) who married Arthur Auger OR that Giles had a wife with maiden name Augur." 

... OR, that Giles Roberts and Arthur Auger married sisters, in this case, Sheldon sisters. This latter option seems the logic in Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire and several others.  

See related post, "PGM: The wives of Samuel Walker, Sr. ...

"This suggests that either Giles had a sister (Ann) who married Arthur Auger OR that Giles had a wife with maiden name Augur. If the former, that starts building a Roberts family..."

As to your comment above, I believe the GeneJ X has the correct assumption - that the wife of Giles Roberts was a sister to the wife of Arthur Auger (Alger). Both were the daughters of Godfrey Sheldon and Alice Frost. Giles Roberts also calls Arthur his brother in his will but calls William Sheldon his brother-in-law since he was married to William's sister (but who had already died). Anne Alger escaped with her brother William (and his family and probably her father Godfrey) to Marblehead Massachusetts (where supposedly her husband died soon after), who was later at Salem Village, and settled where another brother John Sheldon was living in Woburn Massachusetts (where she must have met Samuel Walker). She had the two youngest children of her sister and Giles, and at least one of the older children (David-my mother-in-law's ancestor) lived in Woburn as well. Parris's Record of Deaths at Salem Village showed that Nathaniel Shelden, son of William, died in 1989 while Godfrey Shelden and William Shelden died there in 1691 and 1692 (though the name is spelled differently). William's daughter Susanna Sheldon was an accuser in the Salem Witch Trials in 1692.   

In addition, I am the person who found the source that Giles Roberts parents are not Giles Roberts and Mary Wynnyatt that Vic removed. The actual source is: Abstracts of Gloucestershire Inquisitions Post Mortem Returned..., Volume 13 edited by Edward Alexander Fry, Sidney Joseph Madge

Mary Wynnyat was one of the daughters of John Wynnyat, deceased. Her marriage to Giles was solemnized 5th May, 4 Charles I (1628).

It states:

"Giles Roberts the father died at Wootton 8th April (1630) then last past; Giles Roberts, junior, was his son and next heir, by Mary, his wife, and was the aged 1 year 3 weeks 3 days and not more.

Now the jurors say that the said Henry Payne died 17th October, 1630.

The above mentioned messuages, etc., are all the premises which by the death of the said Giles Roberts the father, and by reason of the minority of Giles Roberts the son, have come into the hands of the King.

The said Giles Roberts the son died while still in the wardship of the King, to wit, on the 23rd April last past, without issue (children) of his body; Elizabeth Roberts is his only sister and next heir, and was then aged 11 years and 9 months.

The said Mary, late wife of the said Giles Roberts the father, and now the wife of George Leigh, gent., still survives."

Obviously, this is just a segment of the document but does give the details of the son and surviving wife.
It's been a long long time since this g2g thread was created.

So Anonymous, can you please summarize (a bulleted list would be great) what needs to happen?

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Gyles Roberts husbund of Mary Wynnat was of  Wooton in the City of Gloucester, Gloucestershire England. He was born in 1580 and died at Wooton in 1627. I'm not sure of his parents, but he had kin in Cheltenham. One of his sons also named Gyles, married Tabitha Flemming at Painswick Stroud Gloucestershire. Gyles was a common first name in Gloucestershire and it regularly pops up in the Robertses in this area during the 16th and 17th century. Made famous by Sir Giles De Berkeley.

My family was is Roberts originally of Gloucester, Cheltenham, Stroud and Beckford near Tewkesbury.
Thanks, Anonymous.

What's the source for your information?

Hi Jillaine,

Inquisitions Post Mortem - Gloucestershire

I can be found here.

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