FamilySearch citation pulls in on wikitree in Red.

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FamilySearch 1st marriage Source pulling in red comment on profile Maarten-104 and Coetzer-765.

Pls assist to rectify.

Thanks Lotterng-206
WikiTree profile: Elize Taylor
in Genealogy Help by Elize Taylor G2G6 Mach 2 (21.3k points)
You've used two square brackets instead of one.  the two [[ ]] is for Wikitree profiles (and categories and some images).

To expand on what Melanie said:

There are two kinds of links

  1. Internal links go to a page on the current website.  The way they are coded is two left brackets followed by the name of the page, followed by a pipe (the vertical bar, usually upper case of the backslash, typically at far right side of keyboard just above the ENTER key) followed by whatever words you want to be "hot" (display as the link), and finally two right brackets.  An internal link to your profile would look like:
             [[Lottering-206|Elize Taylor]]   or
             [[Lottering-206|My Profile]]
             (note that you can use whatever words
              you want for the link)
  2.  External links go to a page on a different website.  The way they are coded is one left bracket, followed by the complete URL (the web address) of the page, followed by a space (very important!), followed by whatever you want for hot text, and finally one right bracket.  An external link to WikiTree might look like:
         [ WikiTree]   or
         [ My Family Work]
        (or whatever you want to show for the link)
Thanks for expanding on what I said.  (I had to drop and run, something was boiling over and making a mess.)

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Melanie is correct... the red link means its an error that it can't find the site.

use single square brackets for website links external to wikitree, and separate the link address from the link name by a space [ remote_webite_url_address  link_name ]

use double square brackets for links internal to wikitree, [[ wiki-ID | name ]]

by Dennis Wheeler G2G6 Pilot (537k points)
selected by Steven Harris
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I believe the links are red because you have constructed them backward, not because you've used double brackets.

On both Maartens-104 and Coetzer-765, you have the name for the URL before the URL. The URL should come first, followed by a space, then the name (for external links).

Using double brackets instead of single brackets does not break the link; it just displays the link or text in brackets.

by Lindy Jones G2G6 Pilot (218k points)
AS Gaile pointed out above, double brackets is the problem.  The name doesn't have to be included with a url inside of the brackets.  If you put the name inside the brackets, you do put it after the url and single brackets are used.
Thank you all for your great assistance explaining how the brackets should be added to a webpage. You're all Stars!
The links were not red because of the use of double brackets; they were red because the link names appeared within the brackets before the URLs.

The URLs can be used without link names, if that is one's preference; using that method, we only see a number inside brackets for the link.

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