Challenge of the Week: Improve Star Profiles

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Hi WikiTreers,

We have been developing a way to identify the most-visited profiles on WikiTree. These profiles have an outsized influence on how our tree is perceived by non-members and how well our profiles rank in Google search results. Improving them will help all our profiles be visited more often. (For more explanation, see this post.) 

Aleš has prepared a report of likely errors in these "star profiles."  Click here for the list.

Can you help improve them?

The member who has reviewed the most suggestions in the list by 11:59pm EDT on Sunday night will get the Winner badge and the bragging rights. But in this challenge, even more than usual, our entire community will win.

If you're participating, please post here to let us know. It's nice to cheer each other on. Or post if you have any questions about how to participate.

Thanks for helping!

PS If you want to chat or coordinate what you are working on with others, in addition to this G2G post there is a handy spreadsheet courtesy of Steven Tibbetts. 

Real-time tracking results: See your stats
alongside other participants here.

ago in The Tree House by Eowyn Langholf G2G Astronaut (1.4m points)
edited ago by Chris Whitten
Challenge is active.
Great idea to improve the most viewed profiles!  Yes, I'll help with this challenge.
Great idea and thanks for initiating! I have 4, and like many others, mine is one of them. I'm a bit confused as to whether they're part of a project. I see the notes T: and C: but am unsure what those mean. Are they part of a Project which means I do nothing? Thanks for the guidance.

UPDATE: I went ahead and added a few things that I'd not previously included in their profiles.
C: is list of categories,

T: is listy of templates.

If a profile is project managed, there is a WikiTree-xx account listed as a profile manager.
thanks so much! I've done all I can to add to the 3 top 5 that are associated with me. All the best!

21 Answers

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I'll work on some of these. I was going to browse through 5 stars anyway smiley

ago by Mindy Silva G2G6 Pilot (281k points)
+6 votes
I've started on mine (Ward-9858).
ago by Stephanie Ward G2G6 Mach 5 (59.6k points)
+7 votes
Did I miss somewhere why these are called "5-Star Profiles"?
ago by Ryan Ross G2G6 (10k points)

Hi Ryan. I just edited the initial post to include the link:

Thanks, I see now. Not a bad idea.
+7 votes
I will work on some of these this week.
ago by Emily Holmberg G2G6 Mach 5 (56k points)
+7 votes
The Acadian Project is working on the 300+ Acadian profiles that have the highest viewed number with the help of a team formed from Acadian Project members. Many of these profiles are also project protected (PPP).
ago by Jacqueline Girouard G2G6 Mach 4 (49.2k points)
edited ago by Jacqueline Girouard
If the profiles are managed by the project, they are not part of this challenge and do not count. We left those out to give the projects opportunity to correct the suggestions before data doctors get to them.

But it is better for project members to correct those. They have enough knowledge for it. When we repeat this challenge, all profiles will be included but for the first round they are not.
Ales, I have come across several in the list that are project protected.  I just leave them alone.
They are probably missing the project.

920 suggestions are all about that. If the project for those 2000 profiles can be found, that is great.
I can help. Thank you.
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I'm in. I'm taking a look at the 5star Nebraska profiles to start with.
ago by Sarah Mason G2G6 Mach 2 (27.3k points)
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I would like to participate.  I am working on my own 5 stars from my watchlist (I have a handful) and also working on 1776 and Penn profiles.  Can I add the two that I have done so far?

1. from 1776

2. from my watchlist

ago by Caryl Ruckert G2G6 Pilot (137k points)

They look really nice. The only comment I have is on Gilman-169. The Find A Grave source sends you to Find A Grave but then you have to enter his ID #. Perhaps change the "Find A Grave Memorial no. 4711" to {{FindAGrave|4711}} so it will take you directly to his Memorial. If there are differences WikiTree profile vs Find A Grave profile then use {{FindAGrave|4711|sameas=no}}

My 2 cents worth...
Thanks Louann.  Let me fix that FindAGrave.  Thanks for the feedback.  :)
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I hadn't heard of this, but I have a few.  I take it this means looking up each in the error list.  Maybe check orphan siblings
ago by Tim Prince G2G6 (9.2k points)
+5 votes

I will look into improving mine and check out a few others.

It seems I am a five star too! laugh Not sure why though. Like previously stated, probably curious other WikiTreers. wink


ago by Missy Berryann G2G6 Mach 1 (11.1k points)
+6 votes
I'm trying to clear "uncleaned after merge" pre-1500 profiles in this list.
ago by I R G2G6 Pilot (280k points)
+7 votes
I have been working on the uncleaned after merged profiles from the 1700-1800's.
ago by Carolyn Martin G2G6 Pilot (139k points)
+5 votes
I'll take a look at some on the list.
ago by Kathleen Cobcroft G2G6 Mach 5 (50.9k points)
+8 votes
ok, I'm in. Like so many of you, my own personal profile is one of them. and I manage 2 more, that I actually looked at today, for the first time in a long time. OMG. they are from when I first started, and first words out of my mouth were "this is crap!" so . . . gotta fix that!
ago by Jana Diamond G2G2 (2.1k points)
edited ago by Jana Diamond
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Great idea! I'll do some.
ago by Kathleen Cobcroft G2G6 Mach 5 (50.9k points)
+5 votes
Once again, I am in like Flynn.
ago by Rionne Brooks G2G6 Mach 4 (48.7k points)
+4 votes
I will try to do this
ago by Linda Barnett G2G6 Pilot (379k points)
+2 votes
Will try to fix some
ago by Aaron Gullison G2G6 Mach 3 (36.1k points)
+3 votes
I'm going to tackle a few.
ago by Peggy Watkins G2G6 Mach 2 (27.9k points)
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Not really taking part in the challenge as such but this led me to do some biographical improvements on one of the profiles I manage: my 4th great-aunt's husband Mathew Brady. However I have something of a problem; Brady himself later in life told the press that he was born in Warren County, New York. He appears on the 1850 US Census and the 1855 New York state census with his birthplace listed as "Ireland". Most biographies go along with Warren County as his birthplace, but the census records say something different.

ago by C Handy G2G6 Mach 4 (45.9k points)
+1 vote
I'm in for this one :)
ago by Jayme Arrington G2G6 Mach 7 (78.4k points)

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