Profile with no relatives is my uncle's name & years born & died.

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There is a profile with my uncle's name & date of death same as his, but no place of death, & year of birth same as his, but birthday wrong & no place of birth. No relatives shown.

 A message to Profile Manager hasn't been answered after a few weeks. Created by uploaded GEDCOM it seems. Profile Manager has lot of badges.

Any suggestions please? Is this my uncle, so I should edit & import relatives?
WikiTree profile: Harold Joseph Feeney
in WikiTree Help by Ron Everett G2G Rookie (250 points)

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That profile is an empty shell and not connected to anyone. The creator/profile manager's last contribution was about three years ago.

If you're confident that this is your uncle and you wish to connect him and add details you can do a couple of things:

1. since it's an open profile you can edit/add connections as you'd like-but it would not have an active PM to look over it.

2. (best choice) you can do a G2G request that this profile be 'orphaned' and then take over as PM.

3. (shady-but works) you can create a new profile for your uncle, then put in a merge request for the 2 profiles. Obviously since the other PM hasn't been active for 3 years, there will be no response from her in the time allotted and then you will be  free to merge them be a PM and continue with your additions.

by Nick Andreola G2G6 Mach 1 (19.7k points)
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Creating duplicate profiles is against the honour code. I would not advocate doing it. Best to Fill in an Unresponsive Manager report.
Option 3 is beyond "shady".  As Marion pointed out, it is a violation of the honor code to knowingly create a duplicate profile.

Option 1 is fine if all you want to do is connect your uncle and work on his profile.

If you want to adopt your uncle's profile (that's what we call becoming manager of an orphan profile, which is what we call one that has no manager) then option 2 is NOT the way to do it.  G2G (which is the name of this discussion forum) is a place where questions can be asked and answered or discussions can take place.  There is an Unresponsive Profile Manager process you can follow, and if the manager is officially declared unresponsive then his/her open and public profiles will be orphaned, after which you can adopt any of them.  On the profile page, click the Family Tree and Tools tab and scroll to the end.  The last thing there will be the link with information about how to do this.
Thanks Gaile for better explanation.
Thanks for clarifying Gaile, & to others for reply.
A descendant of my 1840 emigrant ancestor's wife's sister put some of his Feeneys on Wikitree, then asked me to take over as PM of them [done], & upload the rest of my Feeneys. So I'm PM for this "orphaned" person's father, grandparents, & great grandparents. I intend to upload GEDCOM adding many children, dates & places, which will merge with some existing profiles, a few of which have incorrect info. I was going to merely merge this profile probably of my uncle. Lot in family, so it's taking me ages to put in sources for each BDM, so haven't created GEDCOM to upload yet. Obviously I'd be happy to be PM of my uncle, & give him a big family on Wikitree.

I'll start with Unresponsive PM report as suggested.


I tried to submit Unresponsive PM request, but get the following block "Please confirm that you proposed a merge or made a TL request for Feeney-180 seven or more days ago. Please confirm that you posted a comment on the manager's profile seven or more days ago."

I did confirm I had Private Messaged a fortnight ago. I've now made a Public Comment on Profile Manager's profile.
I've no idea how to comply with 1st request. What is TL? Above answers say merge isn't the way to go.

Help please.
TL is Trust(ed) List.
Ask to join the trusted list by commenting on profile.
You will see a link on the profile to make a trusted list request - it's on the right side, above where the comments appear.  They want you to do all 3 things - the private message, trusted list request, and comment - to make 3 different attempts to contact the manager.  A week later, if you have no response, you can file the unresponsive profile manager request.  After that, they will attempt to contact the manager and if they get no response then they'll officially declare him/her unresponsive, close his/her account, orphan all his/her open and public profiles, and delete private profiles unless they know there is a relative (namely you - make sure you say that in your request, in case there are any private profiles for your family members on that manager's watchlist) willing to manage them.
Thanks again Gaile. The link to Unresponsive Profile Manager request doesn't mention any of that.
Have a great day
PS How do I vote 4 your answers Gaile. They were detailed & correct.
Thanks everyone for your help. The Profile Manager has now replied, & found out my uncle was married to her 3rd cousin, but she had no details of the marriage (in Australia).

Great work,

Ron, great work on your part!!!

THANX for the nice thought.  I answer questions about computers and how to do stuff on WikiTree because that's what I know.  I ask lots of questions about history, geography, and all the other aspects of genealogy because I'm new to this and don't know much.  Someday, you'll answer one of my questions … this is what WikiTree collaboration is all about - we all contribute what we know best and everyone benefits as a result.
A final thanks again Gaile. You have been a great help to me.

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