Could Husbands be Added to Public Profile?

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I would like to see my husbands listed on my public profile since they are both deceased. This could only happen if spouses were listed on public profiles
WikiTree profile: Judy Bramlage
in WikiTree Tech by Judy Bramlage G2G6 Mach 8 (82k points)
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I listed my three and they are not dec'd but then I listed only the surname and forename initial and WT slapped a pumpkin colored padlock on them since they all have lived past 2018. 

I don't understand how you could not list them since they are dec'd. Am I missing something here about protocols? 

You are looking at your private profile, not your public one.

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I think the previous answers are missing the boat here.  Judy is talking about the fact that if a spouse (or former spouse) is still living then his/her name will not be shown as spouse on the public view of a person's profile.  This is a matter of what WikiTree has chosen to display on the public profile page and is not under control of the profile manager, nor does it have anything to do with the spouse having a profile or being connected as spouse to the profile we're talking about.

Susan - Since your spouses are (or could be) living, based on their birth being less than 100 years ago and no death date entered in their profiles, WikiTree will not permit them to be either public (green) or open (white).  Judy is not saying anything about the privacy level of her spouses' profiles.  She is only talking about the fact that they are not listed as spouses on her own profile.

Karen, this is not a question of Judy's spouses having WikiTree profiles or even what the privacy levels of their profiles are, nor is there any question of them being connected to her as spouses.  It is strictly a question of the public view page not showing them as her spouses and that is a function of what WikiTree has chosen to include on the public view page.

She is making a suggestion of changing the public view page display to add showing names of spouses.  For the record, I, too, would like to see spouses names displayed there.
by Gaile Connolly G2G6 Pilot (682k points)
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Gaile - read the beginning where Judy states her husbands are both deceased.
Sorry, Karen - I did see that originally.  My second sentence is in error for having incorrectly stated that Judy's request was for still living spouses to be shown on a person's public profile.  She only mentioned that her spouses are not still living as added reason why their names should be shown on her profile.  My interpretation of her question is unchanged, though.

My husband is deceased, but he does not show on my public profile because of MY lock colour.   Judy is wanting this to change.

I (as can those on my trusted list) can see him on private profile view.

When this was brought up before, the answer was that WikiTree can't make a privacy level less private. Displaying someone's spouse when it wasn't displayed before would make it less private.

The solution would be to add an additional privacy level, which could happen in the future.
There used to be an additional privacy level, back when I joined.  It was for 'nuclear relatives of a living person'.  I thought it was great, and was sad to see it go.
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Hi, Judy.  Do your husbands have WikiTree profiles?  If so, are they set to public?

1. If there are no profiles, you can create them and link them to yours.  

2. If there are profiles, but they are open, you can link them to yours.

3. If there are profiles, but they are public or locked, contact the profile managers and ask to be put on the "trusted list".  Then you can link them to your profile.

Hope this helps!

by Karen Hoy G2G6 Mach 2 (24.1k points)
They both have public Wikitree profiles and you can go in to see them if you go to Hendricks-2850 or Bramlage-21.

They are both connected to my profile and I can go to them on my private view but not on the public view. Since they are both deceased, I would like to like them to be connected to me on my public profile. That takes a change to Wikitree.

All that would happen if the spouse is not deceased is that he/she would show as private. It would also show how many spouses you had if you provided profiles for each and linked them to you by marriage.

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