Magna Carta Sureties

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Were the Magna Carta Sureties List all related ? - I match every one of them according to the relationship finder. I didn't verify any of them through research though.  Hellstrom-259
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They were mostly related, yes.  That means, if you're descended from one, you might be a cousin of most of the others.  Depending which one.

But if you have a lot of direct descents, that's the result of their descendants intermarrying.  Which they often did.

But don't believe everything the Relationship Finder tells you.  A lot of its information came off the internet.
I have invested in some great books and would be happy to communicate privately,  for now.  My advice is to purchase these books yourselves before the prices rise

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The relationship finder is not a reliable tool to determine blood relationships. It includes connections by marriage. It is a fun tool developed by WikiTree. You have to take the results with a large dose of skepticism as a large amount of the information is not properly researched.
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I always joke around and say that the utility was created to create business for the regional and local genealogist. It is fun and it probably does simplify and creates a  research path for people that honestly believe they have that connection.

It would be kind of awesome for some one to create one that would cluster that kind of recognizable DNA ! Maybe I should call , Kitty Cooper. lol - Just Kidding !

Thanks for the answer.
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I thought it's script just read from the uploaded Ged Com's at Wiki Tree - Show's you what I know - -- - I'm related to everybody in the world through the Traylor family according to the relationship finder.  -( My Underwood family might have a good line too - ) - But it's the only family I have with that good of a bloodline. They were even noted to a Richard More Sr. (bef. 1614 - bef. 1696)  from the Mayflower list - I think he was the only person that had royal blood on the passenger list. But again - From the relationship finder. 

Older Article - 

All the TRAYLOR family were dirt poor, no castles, no family crests, no
estates, no Wills. The family are not ... not ... of French Huguenot
origin, are not listed as a Crusader (thank you), and had no family
crest. In England, the first Traylor to be an officer was in WWII, and he
rose from the lower ranks. ==NOTE: I have searched many times in many
places in England, and for 15 years corresponded with British TRAYLOR
researchers.     Lucky through marriage I suppose. 

But anyway 

From an older article 

by Richard Hellstrom G2G2 (2.5k points)

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