Died, but can't fix privacy level

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A person who I am the profile manager for has died.  I added her death date, and marked it as "certain".  I tried to change the privacy level to open, but the system wouldn't let me.  This was a week or two ago.

A day or two ago I got an email about how I should mark the death date as certain so I could change the privacy level.  I just checked, and "certain" is still set. I didn't look at the email in detail because I planned to delve into it when later when I had time.  Now it's later, and I can't find any hint of this message either connected to my profile or hers.  Argh!

What's going on, and how do I fix the privacy level to open it up?

ADDED: I found the email message I received:

This profile has tripped suggestion 120 Still living with death date. Please remove the death date or mark as certain. This message is from Aaron Gullison (agdelgiorno@gmail.com). Click here for their WikiTree profile: The sender was on this profile page when they sent the message: https://www.WikiTree.com/wiki/Miller-51871

This makes no sense as the death date is marked as certain.  What the...?

WikiTree profile: Carolyn Mahoney
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The deceased person was a WikiTree member. I believe her account will need to be closed. To do that, you'll need to discuss the situation with the team at info@wikitree.com. It's great that you are also a profile manager, as that should prevent the loss of data that she added to WikiTree.
by Ellen Smith G2G6 Pilot (980k points)
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Thanks, I'll send a message to the WikiTree team.  It seems like there should be an established proceedure though for this case.  WikiTree has been around long enough that a number of members must have previously died.

Yes, there are procedures for handling the death of a member, and the WikiTree team implements those procedures. smiley

And here is the Help page for reporting a member's death:


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In the private profile view there is a "Privacy" tab in the tab line (second to right it should be). Click there. Then opens up a new page where you can change the privacy level.
by Jelena Eckst├Ądt G2G6 Pilot (239k points)
Jelena is right on the money - the person has changed privacy from "black" privacy (Unlisted) to "yellow" privacy (private with public biography and family tree), but I suspect someone is asking them to be set to "white" privacy (open).
Oh - I think we both missed the part that it won't let you Open the privacy... hrm. You may need to contact info @ wikitree.com. I wonder if they need to remove her WikiTree Genealogist badge or do something to her profile. This could be a very unique situation.
As Scott points out, I'm trying to set the privacy level to Open.  It won't let me do that.  The buttons for the two most open privacy levels are not clickable, just like it would be for any living person.

WikiTree members are not allowed to have "Open" privacy.

WikiTree "members" are identified by their email address. If you remove the email address, then that should "close" their account. Then you should be able to open their privacy level. (but I think there are still limits for the recently deceased)

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have you already tried removing her email address from her profile?
by Dennis Wheeler G2G6 Pilot (424k points)
I tried but I can't.  Apparently only a member can change their email address.  I guess that makes some sense.  The email address is more part of an account than it is part of a profile.

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