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I just found two cases where someone CHANGED relationships, parents, spouses without notifying me.

I will often add sources or information, even connections. I NEVER change information there.

I only noticed when some then tried to merge profiles wrongly.

There other change showed up in an error report when two people were married to the same person, wrongly.

No messages were left for the reasoning.

The changes went against sources on the profiles.

Why do people do this?
in Policy and Style by Sue Hall G2G6 Pilot (112k points)

Sue Hall, "why" cannot be answered concretely unless the person responsible is utterly honest and candid about why they did this. Quite often it is enthusiastic ignorance that can cause this. 

I think it is an enthusiastic response in a lot of cases.  I have noticed several of my family members added to where I haven't quite gotten back to add other profiles yet.  It's not that I don't know who's missing, it's just that I get busy with other things as well.  I just don't understand why they do that when they are not even related.

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Well, if you are in a fairly good mood otherwise, and like to comply with the honor code yourself, you have to assume they do it because they don't know any better and that there's no malicious intent.  You might try writing to the offender(s) and pointing them to this page of the Help file:

If the problem recurs, or there is a serial offender, it may be a case of Problems with members.
by Dennis Barton G2G6 Pilot (287k points)
selected by Leigh Anne Dear
I think I will try to add documentation to the profile to point out differences between similar profiles.
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Sadly, I believe this is generally due to human nature. We often go through these profiles either assuming that we are right and know what is best for the profiles, no matter what others might think (which causes these types of scenarios, unfortunately), or:

We presume that we might know something but it could be incorrect, in which case we tend to be a bit more cautious about altering others efforts and also tend to be more communicative and collaborative in trying to discover what is the most appropriate way to make such changes.

I generally prefer #2, which is more in line with the Honor Code, but I also run into the #1 type from time to time. When they make a change that adds to the profile, I tend to ignore it, even if it's a major change. But when it causes conflicts, I try to contact them and ask. If I can prove it's not related to my profile, I even try to be helpful and can even create a new profile for them to put the source and such into to acknowledge that this belongs to someone else. I try to make sure that the "rejected merge" match is there as well, so that in the future someone can see that these profiles were previously conflated. And I'll generally update the biography to indicate that the person was "not" married to so-and-so. But I do try to research it a bit first as I could also be wrong, and I hate getting all flustered only to find out later that they were right.

Just my thoughts.
by Scott Fulkerson G2G6 Pilot (520k points)
Scott, I'm trying to think this one through -- I can see sorting out the errors and creating a 2nd new profile, to relieve the error from the old profile.  

And doing something to the merge / match so that it's on record these are two separate and NOT matching profiles, I can see that.

But IF there is a possibility that the newly created profile has not ties to any other profile? Then what?

So I stumble over the "what if" all this leaves the 2nd newly created profile hanging out there in "nowhere" without any antecedents or possible any descendants? This would IMO cause a responsible PM to research more and locate such antecedents if no one else, or descendants likewise, would it not?

Of course there's incidence of boarders and lodgers and hired hands and servants in some census record and WT does (judging from past comments) encourage one to create a profile or these same, but would that also not leave those people hanging out there without the ties that bind? With the same responsibility resting upon the creating PM?

Just how far are we to carry this responsibility for these lonely profiles?
Absolutely agree, but I tend to be the poster child for lost causes like that, and will end up developing a tree and aiming to connect it to the main tree if at all possible. And many times, it takes a long trip down the rabbit hole before I can come up for air.

As far as being responsible goes, I usually orphan a snippet like this if I feel I've taken it as far as I can reasonably go, but I suspect each person has to decide on their own how far they should go. And keep in mind that we're a global tree, so that any profile you create with valid sources representing a valid person is in theory one less profile for someone else to create down the road. And there's a very good chance that someone somewhere is looking for that relative, may connect, and pick up where you left off. Or like today, when I stumbled across a profile that was a "suggestion" from a profile I'm creating (definitely was not a duplicate) and I traced it back up the line to the main line. It was connected already, but not through the Fulkerson line - which it is now.

So all I can say is everyone is different, but I'd at least do enough to clarify that these are significantly different profiles and shouldn't be confused together again.

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