Many of my Sourced Profiles are still showing as Unsourced

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Hello Group:

I am slowly working at cleaning up a lot of the profiles that I manage. Some of these still date from two years ago, when I joined and uploaded a small Gedcom.  I am using the "Unsourced Profiles" utility from the "FIND" drop down menu, to find my unsourced profiles, but I am baffled as many that are listed as "unsourced" do have good sources and there is NO {{unsourced}} category tag on the profile. What am I missing or is this a glitch? Thanks, Jim
in The Tree House by Jim LaBossiere G2G6 Mach 1 (14.4k points)
If you can provide a few examples, it would help. Hopefully ones that aren't privacy protected.

Hi there, thank you:

I think I may have found my problem. I am new to using the find category utility and I think I may not be using it correctly.

One example was:

Well, just at a glance I can tell you are 100% correct - no {{unsourced}} - definitely sources present - and no reason it would show up as Unsourced. But it sounds like you have it figured out now, so that's awesome. I love it when a problem resolves itself. :)
Jim, be sure to remove the {{unsourced}} thing from the profile when there are sources.
Hi Susan: Thanks, but that would have been too easy. Definitely no {{unsourced}} tag on these profiles. I will have to play with it, but I think it maybe that I am not using the unsourced profiles search routine properly. I usually figure things out fairly quickly, but there are few intuitive hints on this one. Jim
Hello Scott:

Another related question for this one for me should be: Is there a tutorial or instructions anywhere on how to use the Unsourced profiles search routine?

This is what I am doing:

- On my Home page, I use the "Find" drop down menu

- I select "Unsourced Profiles"

- This takes me to the "Category: Unsourced Profiles"

- As an example, I select "19cen" and a search page appears.

- Under "Managed By", I enter my WIkiTree ID LaBossiere-31 and click on the blue button, "Get Profiles"

- Many profiles come up and most have sources.

Thanks, Jim
After you select, Find, Unsourced, you are there.  Any in your watchlist are listed if the {{Unsourced}} category has been used.  Further searches lead you to those created by others.

If the tag or category wasn't used, you can't find them.

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Ah - that explains it. Each search function is independent. So when you go to Managed By, you're bypassing the unsourced and only getting ones managed by you - essentially your complete watchlist. At least that's the way I understand that tool.
by Scott Fulkerson G2G6 Pilot (520k points)
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There might be a creative way to modify the text to add your WikiTree ID - I'm not smart enough to figure it out
So it appears the text search won't pick up on WikiTree ID - but I was able to sort by location, century, and other textual markers in the profile. It just doesn't pick up on WikiTree ID for some reason. Bummer...
Ha - thought that should work. Another person asked this awhile back - the answer was type in your WikiTree ID into the text field, space, then Unsourced. Yours is blank, so the search comes up with nada.

Mine has 27 (Fulkerson-232). So there's your answer.
Hi Scott: Thank you for your help and suggestions. Lots to learn on some of these functions. I used to do a bit of coding years ago, so I'll get the hang of it.

I tested it by adding unsourced to one of my profiles and bingo, up it came. You were correct, I have no unsourced profiles on my own watchlist. Didn't think I had already dealt with them all. Wow, I impressed myself. LOL. Thanks again.

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