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WikiTree profile: Pip Sheppard
closed with the note: Great to hear from everyone! See you next weekend.
in The Tree House by Pip Sheppard G2G Astronaut (1.7m points)
closed by Pip Sheppard

Thanks for the blessing. In North Charleston we lived on a swamp. Really, they built the house on a swamp land. Every year in summer would be the time my uncle Jerry would bring in truckloads of dirt for the kids to move around with wheelbarrows. We dug tunnels through the piles of dirt and threw dirt at each other and had dirt hauling contests. Come to think of it dirt played a big role in my young life. Mud pies were a staple in our games. They were not tasty. We dug dirt, rolled around in dirt, ate dirt, poured water on dirt, slogged through dirt to get to school, formed castles with dirt, etc........

I'm going to play in the dirt........
Amy, maybe if I also had a "to do" list, I'd get more done!
Susan, you've given me a great idea for a new G2G poll: scatter shot or methodical.

Decade-running family joke:

Joke teller: How do you cure someone of ADHD (attention deficit hyper-activity disorder)?

Joke listener: I don't know, how?

Joke teller: Hey, do you want to ride a bike?


I am 100% methodical on a profile.  I develop it to its fullest potential, often reaching through dozens of sources and writing long elaborate biographies.  Until I see something else that is interesting and then I am 100% methodical on that profile wink

The first one is done, or it isn't, but the second profile is now getting 100% of my methodical attention.

Hey, want to ride a bike?

Off topic (or, do you want to ride a bike): thanks Pip for hosting!

Hahahahaha!!!, hahahahaha!!!!!!!
SJ, copy this and paste it over to the G2G question I asked.

laugh Well good on you. Think it is all this fertility in your weekend chats that promotes ...  fertile thinking? 

Hey SJ Baty, I'll work on your bike for you if it ever breaks down. I can get it fixed up really well unless I stop to organize my tools which may lead me to cleaning the shed. This may prompt me to come in after a broom at which point I will have to use the bathroom. On the way back I will glance at the computer and find I have to answer an email. While writing the email I will check on an online game which will prompt me to check the second one I play. This in turn will lead me to checking G2G before moving on to watching Youtube videos.

After it gets dark and I realize I forgot to eat, I will let the dog out and notice the shed open. I may or may not remember to lock your bike up in the shed so it doesn't get stolen and as I forget to let the dog in I will make a mental note to finish that bike first thing in the morning. BTW, did you hear a dog bark or is that my stomach grumbling?

(anyone know why this email is left open?)

Sorry to hear about the death of your friend.  I lost a friend last week and it still stings.

Glad you are enjoying working on the Easington Disaster - you are off to a great start!

Video announcements are back - waiting for your review!  What do you think?

Thanks for hosting the WikiTree weekend chat Pip.

Welcome everyone to the WikiTree weekend chat.

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Today is......



On September 13 National Peanut Day pays homage to mighty and tasty peanut.

Likely originating in South America around 3,500 years ago, this legume is not a nut. They grow underground, like potatoes. Since they are an edible seed that forms in a pod, they belong to the family Leguminosae with peas and beans. When it comes to plants packing protein power, peanuts provide a whopping 8 grams per ounce, more than any other nut according to The Peanut Institute. And remember, it’s not a nut! Nuts grow on trees.

The peanut is also high in antioxidants. Not only are peanuts high in vitamins E and B6, but they’re rich in minerals such as magnesium, iron, and zinc. Studies also show when paired with other nutrient-rich foods, this wonderful legume helps us absorb nutrients better, too.

For the longest time, livestock gained the most significant benefit from all these nutrients. Until modern methods came along, planting and harvesting peanuts were labor-intensive and risky endeavors for farmers. Gradually their popularity grew. Civil War soldiers found a fondness for them, and so did fans of PT Barnum’s traveling circus. But what made it possible for peanuts to be grown in abundance was an advancement in farm technology. Just like the cotton gin revolutionized the cotton industry, planters and harvesters transformed not only the peanut farm but farming the world over.

Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack ~ lyric from Take Me Out to the Ballgame (1908) by Jack Norworth and Albert Von Tilzer.

Dr. George Washington Carver

With the rise in peanut production, there also brought an increase of curious investigation into its possible uses. When the boll weevil wreaked havoc on the South’s cotton crop, Dr. George Washington Carver, made a suggestion. He had been researching this amazing groundnut and suggested farmers diversify into peanuts. It was an economic boon to Southern farmers.  He published his research “How to Grow the Peanut and 105 Ways of Preparing it for Human Consumption” in 1916. His continued research resulted in more than delicious uses for this goober, groundnut or ground pea. From shaving cream to plastics and cosmetics and even coffee, Dr. Carver’s appetite for the peanut seemed to be unending.

Many of the peanut discoveries Dr. Carver made 100 years ago are still being used today.

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalPeanutDay

Explore the world of the peanut and crack open some for a healthful snack. Use #NationalPeanutDay to post on social media.

by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (2m points)
Well, after reading this, I’m buying peanuts on he next trip to the store.... in just a few minutes! Thanks, Dorothy!
I always keep a bag of redskin peanuts in my desk drawer at work, so I'm going to celebrate now!
Shaving with peanut butter? I don't think I'll try that. My Fox Terrier might try to eat my legs.
So much for diet ruining, eh, Pip?
And I've a soft spot for thai peanut sauce.  Maybe its a good night for pad thai ....

Sounds like it's time for some peanut butter cookies! angel

I remember, many years ago in my grade school days, I wrote a book report on the biography of George Washington Carver.

Even better with chocolate chips.

*grabs cookbook*

*completely ignores recipe*

*eats delicious cookies*
I ate a Snickers mini with peanuts in it. Does that count as my observance?
I had some peanut butter on my toast this morning, does that count?
Nelda, Snickers counts as appetizer, entree, and dessert!

Several years ago, my sister and I were visiting Boston.  There were two sets of couples sitting in the hotel lobby.  One of the men asked me, while I was walking by, if I knew what goober peas were.  I said, Yes!  And then my sister and I began singing "Goober Peas."  They were amazed we knew the song, and the man said we had proved to the others that peanuts were also called goober peas.

Peas, peas, peas, peas

Eating goober peas

Goodness, how delicious,

Eating goober peas.



"Goober Peas", How cute, thanks for sharing Michelle!!

Welcome everyone to the WikiTree weekend chat.

@Melanie: I remember eating Goobers when I was a kid! :) Weren't they in an yellowish orange box back in the day? I see that these are now made by Nestle.

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Good morning everyone from Central Pennsylvania. It is sweatshirt weather this morning. Nice and cool with an occasional sprinkle of rain

Hope everyone had a good week, and getting ready for the weekend.

Reading a good online book this morning, "The History of the Brethren in Virginia". The book has plenty of names in it, and goes through many of the struggles faced by these folks moving to a new land and finding their way. Of course the Brethren did not believe in the Southern cause during the Civil War, then many were forced to move into Ohio and Indiana.

Hope everyone has a safe and fun filled weekend. Make sure you hug the ones you love.
by Rodney Long G2G6 Pilot (346k points)

Hi, Rodney. I saw y’all would be getting cooler weather. Still hitting 90 here, but we’re looking forward to cooler weather and some rain soon. We haven’t had a good rain in several weeks.

Hugs: YES! The world needs more hugs.

I like to send virtual hugs to my distant relations. They have to be quite small to get through the wires, but they get bigger when you spread them around.

Ditto to everyone on this chat here.

Yes virtual hugs to everyone.

Welcome everyone to the WikiTree weekend chat.

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Greetings and Salutations, Fellow WikiTreers!

Looking forward to a weekend filled with thrills, chills, and HONEY-DO lists this weekend. Need to get a handle on completing some of the projects around the house that have floundered for some time and just need to get done. Target goal for this weekend - finish the bathroom! The remodel is nearly done, so the remaining items on my list are:

- Spackle the wall and get it smoothed out and get everything prepped and ready for painting

- Paint and put at least 2 coats on all the areas so that it looks nice and new.

- Clean up after painting, finish any caulking, and set all the baseboards

I think that should be possible to complete, although we'll see how many squirrels run across my path and how many rabbit holes I end up falling into.

From a genealogical perspective, I've been going back and reviewing my tree for unsourced profiles and making sure they're properly marked for the upcoming activities. I always hate thinking I've properly sourced these things, only to go back to the dawn of when I first started - and then to realize that I've got a pocket of them out there that still don't have sources. I'm glad I've learned from my mistakes but that doesn't mean I don't have to still clean up from them. Maybe I'll get the majority of them addressed in the upcoming Thon.

Still pecking away at Toni Morrison's lines and no connection in sight, but at least she'll have lots of family in her tree. And still her island of connections grows... probably up to about 150 or more now, I'm thinking. Still not sure how you can get a complete count of an island like that, but either way it doesn't matter much. I'll either hit a wall (which I haven't yet) or surrender, at which point it will bug me and I'll go back to her after a brief period away.

And I found that Science Fiction author Katherine Anne MacLean passed away, so I've been doing some work on her tree as well. She's another Nebula award winner, so she was on my list to do one day - guess that day has come!

Anyway - have a great weekend everyone and hope you all enjoy the waning days of summer. We're heading into Fall soon, where my wife will be MUCH happier with the weather and I'll find where all my sweaters, jackets and coats have gone to and drag them out for the next 3 seasons...
by Scott Fulkerson G2G6 Pilot (723k points)
Katherine Anne MacLean passed away? Aww. Well, it happens. I am sure your tree for her will be amazing.
Yes, honey-do lists! Short one today for me, Scott, thank goodness. I’ve also got some early profiles I hope no one finds before me!

Remodeling, for me anyway, is a pain in the butt, but it sure does look good when finished. My skills in that area are no so good.
Why is it that I can renovate the living room, dining room and hallway in a weekend, but the bathroom takes weeks and unending weeks? My weak spot is the time needed for drying between coats. If I pick up a computer, or step into the garden, oh well!  When I look at your plan, I know I'd get stuck with the spackle, so I'm cheering you all the way to the baseboards this weekend! Go Scott!
Ah, renoations.  I was so busy typing about the weather I forgot to mention that is is project month.  Wife and kids went to her parents house (jokingly for the source-a-thon) and finally I can have tools out without little fingers getting into them.  My wife thinks I'm messy but the house has been clean all week - proves its the munchkins!  Just hung some shelves in the bedroom.  Table saw comes out once the rain clears and time to cut some new shelves.

Honey do, honey done!
Great on the bathroom remodel. We are waiting for the estimate from our contractor on ours. With our luck, both the bath and porch will be under construction for Thanksgiving. Oh darn, we'll have to eat at the dining room table.

Welcome everyone to the WikiTree weekend chat.

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The dry season is winding down on the West Coast. Of course, our storm season is still weeks into the future. My loved ones on the east coast have suffered a lot of tree damage thanks to Dorian, but otherwise everyone's roof is more or less intact. I can only imagine how it would feel to have friends and relatives in the Bahamas!

The mink is still lurking in my back yard. Apparently there is still a selection of gentler species available for dining. I haven’t caught the little minx on a camera, but he definitely gave me a guilty look as he vanished into the bushes last time we made eye contact. Meanwhile, the resident engineer seems serious about respecting the balance of nature. He has set a trap out, at my request, but he has carefully baited it with a plastic egg.

On Wikitree I went down a Notable rabbit-hole this week, and things got a little weird. Sourcing one of the Fathers of Confederation, I found myself getting involved with his run-Hon family. He was an Hon, his father was an Hon, his wife’s father was an Hon, one son was an Hon, and both sons married the daughters of other Hons, and so on ...  I know its punny but I was surrounded by Hons, sons of Hons and almost-Hons.  So glad to have emerged in the real world in time for the weekend chat!

by Laurie Giffin G2G6 Mach 6 (66.5k points)
LOL! Sounds like you encountered the HORDE OF HONS! Run for your lives!!!

Howdy, Laurie! Taking a break from genealogy is emerging back into the real world! laugh Sometimes, I forget (or try to forget) there are other things in this world besides rabbit holes. 

Can’t wait for you to get a photo of that mink.

Maybe a Hav-A-Heart trap would be your solution.  Transport
it somewhere else if you can catch it.  Sometimes in our area you can borrow one from the DEC.
That's exactly what we have, Beulah! And a good place to bring him. The next challenge is to tempt him to step inside. I am reluctant to question an engineer's solution, but I'm not confident a plastic egg will do the job.
I'd guess a bit of raw hamburg might be good bait.  We have had mink clean out a flock of chickens over night just biting them in the neck and going for the next.  They have no good place in my back yard.
I always bait my traps with PEANUT BUTTER. That secret ingredient allows you to glue the other materials (peanuts in our case) to the lip of the trigger so that they most assuredly trip it. Once I figured this out, we caught all kinds of things. Even trapped a poor unfortunate squirrel who barely fit in the chipmunk trap and had a bare spot on his tail for a very long time where the trap came down on his beautiful tail. Oh well.. he was very unhappy when I released him, but at least he didn't take the long trip (about 8 miles away to the remote creek I let the chipmunks off. My hope is that they'll never return to dig at my foundation ever again.

Now there's a thought. I could sneak some peanut butter onto that plastic egg!  If he takes the bait he's going for a longer ride than 8 miles, to a lovely spot somewhat north of Campbell River. Like your chipmunks, he is not welcome back in this neighborhood.wink

Peanut butter is great for rodents like squirrels and chipmunks but I wonder about mink.  I'm not aware of them
eating plant matter. But try it.

Welcome everyone to the WikiTree weekend chat.

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Hello WikiTree kin, may you have an enjoyable weekend!

It's lovely here in Cochise County. I'm enjoying the green landscape while it lasts and last night's sunset was spectacular. It's a cool and gorgeous 68o this morning with a high of 90o for today. Rain is in the forecast for this weekend, and I do hope we get some because it really hasn't been much of a monsoon season this year.

Writing: Haven't done much on the novel because I'm still trying to figure out how the Militia Law of 1792 would have affected Increase. Currently I'm reading Hogeland's The Whiskey Rebellion, but am finding not much information about state militia operations. The author really paints both Hamilton and Washington in a bad light. Having trouble finding anything that addresses state militias after the Revolutionary War ended.

Home life: The senior center in my small town closed in the spring. The building needed repairs and it's now been reopened. Volunteers host on Wednesdays and Fridays, so I've signed up as a volunteer on Fridays. The town is trying to get a meal program, but that will take a few more months. But, it's great to have the center open again, and it will soon have senior programs (chair yoga, tai chi, nutrition, etc.) too. So I'll be off to host in just a few minutes.

WikiTree: Started adding my great grandfather's siblings and offspring from Aunt Sue's record. Sue had listed one as “Ellen Georgeanna Doris Mathews”. Found birth certificate and early census as Doris, death record as Ellen, and noted on her daughter's obituary as Georgeanna Doris. Her husband [[White-52401|Edward Melvin White]] is a mystery man. He may have been born in Maryland, but Sue didn't note his birth location. Ellen and Edward married in Rockville, Maryland in 1928. I tried using Ellen, Georgeanna, and Doris while searching, but can't find any marriage record. The only record I can find for Edward is mention of his name on daughter's obituary.

Also ran into some problems trying to find information on the Hunter family line. [[Hunter-14695|Esther Hunter Roberts]] died at age 31 in 1931, and Sue noted Esther's two children were raised by Mr. & Mrs. George Butler. I can't find the marriage record for Esther and Edmond Roberts, and can't find much of anything at all for Edmond so I haven't created a profile yet. I was able to determine that Mary Roberts married George Butler and was living in the household of John Roberts in the 1930 census listed as daughter and son-in-law to John. The 1940 Census does show both of Esther's children living with the Butlers. So it's possible that Mary was Edmond's sister, but I can't find any supporting information yet.

by Diane Hildebrandt G2G6 Mach 4 (44.5k points)
Hi, Diane! I’ve enjoyed keeping up with your research into the Militia Laws. The historical setting, when they are done right, always add so much to a story.

Good for you for your volunteer work!
I had fun puzzling out an elusive ancestor who sounds a little like your Ellen Georgeanna Doris Mathews Once I had her sorted out, using paper records not online yet, I realized she not only changed her name on each census, but she always shaved a few more years off her age too.
Thanks Pip but am beginning to think that I'll have to "wing it". I know Increase was an able-bodied man (because of clearing Ohio lands in his 30s) so he would have had to report. With his medical training, he may have been assigned as a surgeon's mate. The Massachusetts law as written in 1793 required able-bodied men ages 18-45 to serve. Increase was 20 when the law was enacted.

Laurie, I'm so glad she didn't shave years off her age too! I tried doing that by never telling my children my real age cheeky but when my youngest brother found out I was going to be younger than him (eleven year age gap between us!) he put a kibosh and told my children my real age. lol

Welcome everyone to the WikiTree weekend chat.

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Hails and horns, Wikipeeps!

How is everyone? Doing okay here. Got a bit to cover!

On the genealogy front, I posted a blog about mistakes I've made in my research: https://allroadhaverhill.blogspot.com/2019/09/52-ancestors-week-37-mistakes.html

It happens. I could have aired out all of my greatest hits BUT I didn't want to. It would be an extensive list. Topping it of course would be marking myself as dead here on WikiTree. Yeah. For an hour or so I was dead. It was an accident. I brought myself back to life via a deus ex machina. =)

It was still pretty funny and nothing will ever top that!!

Still working on adding siblings for some 2x and 3x great-grandparents. There are some I want to add that came from Italy. But, there are a lot of them that do not have the sources I need. Pretty sure they are on Antenati, though. It would just take time to add the Capobiancos and all that.

On the non genealogy front, I went to the comic store to pick up my picks. Got the usual Spidey, FF, Avengers and X-Men books. However, I got something else. Ladies and gentlemen, I present Marvel Comics #1000: https://twitter.com/Cferra1227/status/1172193885008945152

Look at that cover. Painted by the legendary Alex Ross. No relation to Bob Ross. Would be cool, though.... (Is Bob Ross on Wikitree? Has someone made a happy little tree for him?)

Hope everyone's doing good. Have a great weekend!

by Chris Ferraiolo G2G6 Pilot (285k points)
Another great blog, Chris. Good thing you had someone to bounce research off of. Correcting a mistake is always satisfying. Marking yourself as dead.... now that’s funny!

How long does it usually take to hear back from a commune office?
It usually depends on a few things.

1. How busy they are. Like any government office, they could be very busy. I know San Pietro a Maida has been busy dealing with things over there so they might not have had time to look things up.

2. How available the records are.

3. How much information you give them. Like anyone else, they require specific information. The more specific, the better.

Glad you liked the blog! It was nice working with someone. That's way more fun than going at it solo.

I chuckled at the 52 ancestors theme this week, but haven't had the time to consider if any of my WT mistakes is worthy of a tale. I learned to source the hard way! But I love your Tom Sawyer moment, when you marked yourself dead. How did you discover the mistake?  

After having lunch, I came back and checked my wikitree profile and saw "deceased" was put in there. I was like "How did that happen?" I checked the history and apparently before lunch I clicked it by mistake and saved it. Whoops.

Not my greatest moment!
Glad to hear you aren't deceased!

It was a great blog.
Glad you had lunch!  Talk about a hunger crash.
Yeah, I just got better via a deus ex machina. =D

Welcome everyone to the WikiTree weekend chat.

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On this day:

in 1321, THE Italian writer aka Dante Alighieri died. As his WikiTree-Profile is a little island in the Universe, here is his Wikipedia-entry.

by Jelena Eckstädt G2G6 Pilot (344k points)
Someone needs to spruce that profile up. *everyone looks at him*

Yeah, yea. I'm going...
And I thought you would like to look for the unprobable and find a connection to him ;)
Between him and Raph, I think I'd take Dante. Because the name in and of itself is awesome.



Nothing like a patch job, eh, Jelena? 

yes bravo

Thanks! We should really make a Renaissance category.
Ah, one of my favorite authors!
Good show, Chris! I thought of you as soon as I saw Jelena's post.
Thanks. =) Point me at a page and I'll clean it up.
Chris, just for fun, I'll feed you some fake sources, like the Italian Census of 1300 - of course you knew they conducted one every century, rain or shine?

And I think he actually was around when Pope (I forget the name) decreed that they would do a survey of constituents (called the Great Pope Survey of 1315) and I'm sure we'll find a record of him there.
Well, the pre Reformation church did keep tabs on everyone. That’s how Dante was put into exile.
True - and if the records still exist, church decrees and court records of his excommunication might be around somewhere. I'm going to take a wild guess that those aren't digitized, and if they are, not publicly available. Seems like that probably hits a loophole of church discipline and I'm guessing those would be considered confidential.
They're probably locked up in the Vatican somewhere. The city of Florence did end up issuing an apology to the guy. 700 years later.

Welcome everyone to the WikiTree weekend chat.

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Still nice weather here. Saw a Redstart yesterday in my yard! Sad to think of all the birds leaving in the fall. May go up to Montezuma to see migration in fall plumage.

Shocked that a couple people actually changed connections, both in error. Found one when they tried to merge incorrectly. I was able to reject the merge and change the parents back. I added a paragraph on the profile explaining why they were NOT the same person.

The other one showed up as a suggestion error when two people of the same name were married to the same person. Someone has switched the spouse on my profile. The people were not the same. I was able to switch the spouse back.

Neither of the people doing the change left a note or consulted. I posted a note about my dismay and received comforting responses. I guess there are downsides to sharing a tree.
by Sue Hall G2G6 Pilot (122k points)
Yeah, there are downsides to sharing, and there are advantages, many related to mistakes. Sometimes I make 'em, and so grateful to others for helping get the information straight. Other times I catch others' mistakes. Sounds like you had your catcher's mitt on this week. Good job, Sue!

Sue, sometimes I put the same kind of notice in a bio, usually in bold, praying it gets seen... and believed.

Welcome everyone to the WikiTree weekend chat.

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Greetings from Everett, Washington!

What, is it Friday already?  The family is still recovering from the Mukilteo Lightning Festival.  Husband got sick and seems to be doing better.  Daughter started to get sick but not down.  Of course, he has lots of stories to tell about that chaotic hour between 8:30 and 9:30 pm last Saturday when 700 to 800 people were enjoying a simultaneous fireworks and lightning show and then stood in a downpour while the promised buses were late in arriving. 

Me, I set off the smoke alarms yesterday while broiling chicken upstairs.  Note to self: use the downstairs broiler and close the door so the smoke doesn't get up there.

Last night was the Mukilteo Historical Society meeting in which I presented a short talk on a dramatic 1897 rescue of a crew of drunken sailors at Turn Point light on Stuart Island.  The rescuer, Peter Christiansen, in reward was appointed the first lighthouse keeper at Mukilteo in 1906.

I was contacted by a fellow Wikitreer about a William Rose https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Rose-14976 who is, according to DNA, related to one of my ancestors.  But it looks as if he's not THE ancestor.  These Roses are from Halifax & Edgecombe Counties, North Carolina, in the 1700s.

I, too, take a whimsical approach to choosing which profiles to work on.  I have several filing card boxes from the 1980s and, when I feel like being methodical, am going through them card by card, noting which ones are on Wikitree and which ones have missing information.  This keeps me from going down rabbit holes so often. 

Yesterday, for example, I found a Congressional Medal of Honor recipient in William Wallace McCammon, the father of the spouse of Anna Kirk, one of my Kirk relatives https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Kirk-5162   His profile probably needs work by some person better versed in presenting a military career.  It kind of made my day.  Rabbit holes are fun.

Another rabbit hole I'm working on is a crook and swindler who briefly operated a hotel in Mukilteo in 1887 and then skipped town with his co-investor's money.  He did this all over the country and never did jail time as far as I can tell.  When I can find a connection for him I'll add him to our happy tree.

Meanwhile, all of you, put love into your play! (I wouldn't call it work, although it takes HARD work)       


by Margaret Summitt G2G6 Mach 7 (77.1k points)
Glad to hear the rain held off till the show was (nearly) done, and that your family are recovering from the festival.  Sounds like a worthwhile effort to me!  

I love your sense of fun.
Margaret, you predicted your husband would come down with something from the overwork.

Welcome everyone to the WikiTree weekend chat.

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Weather: I'm starting with weather because its off the hook:

The rain in Spain falls mainly in one day! Popular tourist spot Alicante is hit by worst floods in 20 years after six months' of rain falls in 24 HOURS

  • Alicante saw half of its average annual rainfall in just one day as more than 150litres of water per square metre hit the area
  • The region was faced with the worst floods in 20 years because of the rain
  • Spain's weather agency said stormy weather was expected to continue Tuesday
  • Social media posts from around Alicante show streets covered in floodwater, with dozens of abandoned cars stuck on the roads and submerged in water
  • It is currently unknown what effect the rain has had on the region's crops
  • Just an hour away in Murica, freak weather early in the year has ruined crops


At least 10 people have died in the last two days as a result of the weather including a British couple whose car was swept away.

The 150 liters per hour per square meter, to visualize in Imperial: that's about 40 gallons per square yard per hour.  Imagine a 1 yard square with 40 milk bottles and you'll get the idea.

All of the streets and alleys became like rivers; here is one that usually has tourists on the stairs that leads up to the castle:

Some of our clients called last night about 21:30, they had departed their hotel and were at the taxi pickup point with 50 other wet travelers and only one cab had come in the last 1/2 hour.  They were worried they would miss their flight.  I drove out and picked them up and when we tried  to get to the airport we found that the airport highway was a meter (3 feet) under water.  The police blocked the road.  My daughter's school is up the hill and I realzied that if I cut through the city center and hugged the crestline I could get to the raised highway.  It worked, and our 14 minute airport ride became 40.  After I dropped the clients, I saw about 200 people waiting on one cab.  I asked if anyone was going to town and two ladies from Belgium took my offer of a ride - their hotel is near my home so I took them.  They tipped me 20 and the other 30 or so outside their hotel (waiting for a cab) began to negotiate a price to get to the airport.  Before I knew it, I was back and forth 3 times until 0100 with an extra 120 Euros in my pocket.  And so, it was an interesting night.

10 mins walk from my home: 

Today is our third straight day of winds, rain, and cool weather.  Yesterday was the grandest lightning show I've seen in my life, strikes every 5 to 20 seconds and it lasted for about 10 hours.  Lots of booms and flashes.

On the genealogy front, no news: working on cinching down loose ends and 5 star profiles - need to make 5 star space pages for the projects I lead.

by SJ Baty G2G6 Pilot (766k points)
edited by SJ Baty
Oh dear, That is not good.
When I saw the rain pictures I thought of you. The pictures I saw in my news were horrendous.
Oh my!  You were out rescuing people!  I'm glad your adventures were successful, and that you didn't end up in one of those flooded cars.
Good for you, SJ, for being so willing to help folks. (Nice to make a little dough, too.) The photos are wild!


I'm sure you made life long friends with the travelers you helped!!

Flooding conditions can fool ANYONE.    I worked with a engineer with a PHD in Hydrology and Stormwater Mangement;  He worked on construction projects to solve flooding conditions, yet he had to be rescued from floodwaters he had driven into. He was in a new car with his wife and 2 small children.   Naturally, no one at work ever mentioned it.wink

I'm sure you were running on adrenaline.  (Oops,  I guess it's epinephrine now)   Love your pictures!  

Oh my goodness!

Glad you are okay, and were able to help folks.
Ah SJ you were so lucky to skirt around that rushing water! Out here, we are always warned to stay clear of flooded washes because they can overpower a car and wash it away from safety. That was a lot of rain to deal with, glad you made it safely through!
Oh dear, these pictures are scary. Glad you're all OK.
Those photos are both amazing and terrifying all at the same time. I've seen occasional flooding around here and it's good to know the same rules of driving apply - heck, if it looks deep, you should go for it - of course! We hear all the time around here - turn around, don't drown. And yet some (I was going to use the word crazy, but I'll be nice) bold person decides to bury his car in 4 feet of water and ends up needing a rescue, a tow truck, and who knows what else all because they "thought" they could make it.

Your photos have certainly had an impact on us all.  They were so incredible,   I had to see them just once again.  From my perspective,  you were the right man at the right time.  Knew the local streets and were willing to help.  Thanks for sharing with us!
I picked up clients from the airport at midnight tonight and when we drove down the airport road we could see the mud caked up on the sides of the road and guard rails - it was high!  And on either side of the road, for a few kilometers it still is a lake.  Beautiful though, the beach apartment lights reflecting on the flat "lake" and the full moon above.  What a change 48 hours makes.

Ditto to what everyone said on this chat.

Welcome everyone to the WikiTree weekend chat.

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Today I am wearing my "To Do List" shirt. It reads,

To Do

1 Get Up

2 Survive

3Go Back to bed.

With it being Friday the 13th AND a full moon I am not planning to do much today.

On the home front we went to the ReStore this morning and came home to a big mess. The Dog got sick and made a mess of his cage. We gave him a bath and hosed off his cage and sprayed everything with air freshener. My son is leaving for Germany on October 3rd and will be back October 27th. Yes Papa's Taxi is still going strong and I anticipate even more runs during October to help make up for my son not being able to run his kids around for that month.

On the genealogy front I continue to add sources to unsourced profiles, reduce my watchlist and attempt to connect unconnected Notable profiles, that one caused me to go down a rabbit hole but the watchlist is still going down in size. Just VERY slowly. I was working on the profile for Glenn Swartz and discovered he belonged to a cult near where my son lives. In fact when he escaped from that cult he walked to a bar about a 1/4 miles from my sons house. He also recorded records with the cult in a studio I frequented often during the same time!

On the Radio front, I got nominated to run the booth at the Pumpkin Fest October 5th and 6th so I am gathering the needed things so I am not rushing around on the morning of the 5th.

September is Disaster Preparedness Month so I am upgrading and checking dates on my 72 hour disaster kit, looking good so far but I plan on adding a few things yet.
by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)
We had a local sports announcer pass suddenly this week, he was younger than me, and he would qualify as a Notable, he has a Wikipedia article, but I did not add him because other than his birth date and location, death date and location, and his wife's name (she is still living) I could not find much, not even his parents name. So connecting him will be almost impossible and I don't feel like adding anymore unconnected profiles at this time.
Yes it is Friday. The 13th. We were planning to watch the full moon rise over the bay at high tide after supper, but it seems the rain will wash us out.  

All the very best of luck today!
Dale, I need a tee shirt that has only #1 and #3 on it. Well, maybe #2 could be, "Have coffee."

How is it that you are the one that always gets nominated?

Pip, I am the one who made/owns the frame we use to hold the club sign. That plus I live just up the street from most of the public service events we do, The furthest one is less than 10 miles from my house and I have everything needed to set up a remote station, that and have 23 years experience in puplic service work.

Dale you just had to remind us about Friday the 13th. I was never suspicious, until I realized that my first marriage was on a Friday the 13th (in September). Oh, what a mistake!
Kay, My first marriage was the weekend of Halloween, and it was a nightmare. A trick and not a treat.
My foster mother was born August 13 on a friday. Enough said. She definitely lived up to the day.

We went to our local WalMart tonight and after we unloaded our cart, just before they started ringing up our groceries the power went out. Full Moon and Friday the 13th is hitting us hard. After we got home I was soaked to the skin and then we discover our back door is leaking bad.angry

I want one that reads "1. Get up, 2. Have coffee, 3. Have coffee, 4. Have coffee, 5. Go to bed."

No, no, no, I am NOT addicted to coffee cheeky

@Diane: laughlaughlaugh Sounds just like me! Coffeeeeee!!!

Welcome everyone to the WikiTree weekend chat.

+12 votes

Hope everyone has had a productive couple of weeks and a great weekend planned. Last weekend (and part of the week before it) we hosted the Annual General Meeting of the Clan MacCallum–Malcolm Society during the Scottish–Irish Festival in Estes Park, Colorado. Lots of fun, especially meeting people I only knew online. It's over and we got back Sunday evening and then on Monday took a flight to California and went to the annual Heirloom Expo in Santa Rosa. My wife had a seed library meeting and I tagged along but found it far more interesting than I expected. Now I have to make nests for native bees. They had veggies everywhere

Veggie Pile

Also lots of music and food and some really good speakers.

Genealogically, I haven't done much of anything but now I will have time to get back to it.

by Doug McCallum G2G6 Pilot (341k points)
I'm glad the clan gathering was fun!  You sure put lots of effort into it.  I'm noticing a theme of play and work in today's chat.  The really satisfying, worthwhile things often take effort, don't they?

They sure do take effort but definitely worth it. My whole landscape concept has changed so good thing I procrastinated during the heat smiley

So, Doug, did you get new ideas for your garden next year? Looks like a lot of unique (for me) vegetables in that big pile.

Glad you cal meeting went off well. I know you put a lot of time and effort into planning it.
A number of possible vegetables. I found a gorgeous Italian squash that also has very pretty seeds. Got some of those seeds to try. My wife the bean fanatic found a number of new varieties to try and we spent some time talking to people who run an heirloom seed bank and will be growing out some of their beans next year. Seed banks grow out part of their seeds each year in order to keep them viable. We have the room and interest. I wish I had a large greenhouse. Found a number of tropical fruit trees I would love to have but they grow to big for my sun room.
That's a big pile of veggies!

Sounds like fun experimenting with different seeds.
I do NOT have a green thumb. So my gardens tend to go quite poorly. I'm certainly glad there are others who are more successful. That's why I enjoy purchasing fresh veggies at the farmer markets. Someone who's better at that grows them - I buy and eat them. Win-Win.

Welcome everyone to the WikiTree weekend chat.

+15 votes
I'm having a visit this weekend from my baby brother (18 years younger than I am and 22 years younger than my eldest brother. I have two siblings that appear to have been parental afterthoughts. The other one visited a couple of weeks ago. So I'm cleaning and cooking and really exhausted at the moment. So no serious wikitree until Monday at least.
by Anne B G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)
I always enjoy spending time with my much-younger brother. Enjoy the weekend!

Enjoy yourself and relax for a change. Can your brother cook and clean? laugh

Excellent idea Pip.

Ditto to what everyone said on this chat.

Welcome everyone to the WikiTree weekend chat.

+11 votes
Last weekend I headed over to Parksville on Vancouver Island to visit family. While there I visited the old church cemetery at St Anne's Anglican Church and took some pictures.

Was hoping to get some for the cemetery challenge. Didn't really get much that was useful for that. But as an added bonus they had added these interesting signs with short biographies of some of the early settlers of the town. So far I've added two of these to profiles. Have a look here to see what I mean:


Anyone else seen a project like this at a cemetery?
by Peggy Watkins G2G6 Mach 4 (43.9k points)
Thats a really good idea!
Yes, they are great little stories and teach people about local history. As my sister pointed out, some of the people in this cemetary are the ones the streets are named after. It's a lovely old log church too (should have taken a photo of it, next time).
Oh how interesting that they have the biographies in the cemetery. I've seen collections at historical societies, but not at the cemetery.
Peggy, that is a cool find, those short bios. I’ve never seen anything like that except for the most famous people.

Ditto to everyone on this chat.

Welcome everyone to the WikiTree weekend chat.

+11 votes

Currently, it's 24˚ C in Fort Erie, four hours ahead of the predicted time for that high, so we may get warmer yet. Tonight's predicted low is 16˚ C, and tomorrow's predicted high is 21˚ C. It's partly cloudy, and predicted to stay that way.

I'm hoping that it stays dry, because I need to pretend to mow the lawn. I also need to finish patching the wall inside the front door where the coat hooks ripped out of the wall. (Apparently, you just can't get good wall anchors these days.) I'd like to move the coat hooks to the interior wall beside the door, but the stud finder I got this summer tells me that there are electrical wires right where the coat hooks would need to go. (Which is really strange, because the ripples in the plaster make me think there used to be a door there...)

Genealogically, Chris' post about 5 star profiles prompted me to look for unconnected 5 star profiles to list on the Let others know what locations you are working on page. And the first profile I tripped over was William Kidd, which reminded me that International Talk Like A Pirate Day is coming up, so I started a thread asking if people can connect unconnected pirates for the occasion. 

Also, while I was on the Let others know what locations you are working on page, the thought occurred to me that there were quite a few countries missing, so I took a look at Wikipedia's list of countries by population, and realised that we didn't even have all the countries in the top ten listed here. So I have added Indonesia, Pakistan, and Nigeria, and will be adding more as time permits.

by Greg Slade G2G6 Pilot (303k points)
You are NOT going to distract me with pirates Greg!

I never expected to. You're much too HONourable for that! wink

Greg, I forgot to check to see if you knew about the pirate buried at Gulval Parish Cemetery in Cornwall. People who visit almost always take pics of his unusual stone. 


Pip, old buddy, you make it sound like I'm some sort of expert on pirates. I just think the idea of Talk Like A Pirate Day is fun, and went into the Pirates category and picked a few unconnected ones to put into the list. I've never actually done any research on pirates myself. Pretty much everything I know about pirates comes from the movies. (So if Jolly Joe's doesn't actually portray the way things happened in pirate hangouts, don't disillusion me.)

laugh All I know about pirates I learned in third grade... required North Carolina history year.

Ditto to everyone here on this chat.

Welcome everyone to the WikiTree weekend chat.

+12 votes

Hiya Pip - thanks again for hosting. This week has been pretty quiet on the home front (not a bad thing!). Yesterday was a 'recovery' day for me after a long day out of town the day before. I've been Wiki-ing like crazy trying to get 'caught up' since then, and I'm almost there! smiley

Mom and I picked Hedge apples the other day (an old remedy to deter spiders and mice). We didn't think to bring a box instead of bags (those are heavy little orbs!) and it sounded like someone was bowling in the back of the car afterwards laugh. After that we made a trip out to a local orchard. Our favorite one was closed and the other didn't have a lot of 'fresh' choices. I was disappointed to see how much of the store is now deli style with many types of fudge. Nothing against fudge - but I prefer fresh fruit at the orchards. 

My pepper plants are slowing down but I now have enough red peppers of various types to make my homemade Siracha with! The green Siracha is still tasty, but that red is just glorious and has a richer taste.

I hope everyone's weekend is going well!

by Mindy Silva G2G6 Pilot (352k points)
I had to google hedge apples, never heard of them before! But I'm with you on the Siracha. Happy cooking!

I did too Laurie! My mother-in-law wanted to get some and try them. They are SO much heavier than they look!

And some are bigger than that. Aaaaaand - they do NOT look like apples lol

That is the craziest apple I have ever seen, Mindy!
Um - somehow I'm not thinking that's an actual "apple", but perhaps maybe a distant long lost cousin? Someone should prove out the genealogical relationship of Mr. "Hedge" Apple to Mr. Fuji Apple, or Mr. Gala Apple, as I'm thinking we're lacking some source documentation on this one...
Source documentation: hahahahaha!!!

Welcome everyone to the WikiTree weekend chat.

A nefarious distant cousin perhaps Scott, I want to see the documents to prove it as well! 


You haven't lived until you have an osage orange in your yard.devil  (NOT).   You can't possibly mow around or over the hedge apples and  kids have wars with them.  Thus they're scattered all over.   I don't think critters like them,  so they just sit there and rot unless you personally collect them.  They are abundant.  

+12 votes
It's getting a bit cooler here in Tempe. We had a day with a temperature of only two digits. But it's disappointing! We're going up north pretty soon and then we're going to fly back to Ohio to a Dardinger  reunion and we won't have much in the way of cold weather to brag about here.

And speaking of Dardingers, I have a photo I got from a friend at church which is labeled Aunt Addie Patterson, Joe's wife. I think her maiden name is Dardinger, but I'll have to check.

And in response to what Susan Smith said,  I keep a lot of balls in the air and try to see how many of them I can keep going as I run around. but eventually I'll find an area full of hidden balls and I'm off to another sort of genealogy.
by Dave Dardinger G2G6 Pilot (401k points)
And I complain when it gets over 85. I forget that others have to deal with so much hotter temps.

Welcome everyone to the WikiTree weekend chat.

+10 votes

Pip wrote: "...WikiTree is a place where even “the least of these” can be remembered..." Our minds must be on the same wavelength. I was thinking almost this exact same thing not twenty minutes ago as I finished up a profile for John Wesley Lang. He and his wife, Frost. (isn't that a cool name?--pun intended) had no children. I, too, like that one of WikiTree's noble goals is to have a profile for and, thus, link every person who ever lived to one world-wide tree. Most of my WikiTree efforts are guided by "anniversaries" now--birthdays, marriages, and death anniversaries. I was working on John Wesley Lang today because it is his birthday. 

A couple of months ago I set up a private Facebook group for the descendants of my ancestor, Reverend Benjamin Griswold Hildreth. It's not a big group yet, nor is it very active, but I'm hoping to stimulate some interest in and sharing of Hildreth genealogy. I try to post something every day about one or more of the descendants. Sometimes my research gets on WikiTree. And sometimes I link the WikiTree profile in my Facebook group. My file of descendants has increased by several hundred in just this short time. Only a few have gotten in-depth research, yet. So many people, so little time. 

I've been asked to come back to work in about a month. One of our county commissioners resigned, so an election for his replacement will have to be held. I've been asked to work early voting and I'm more than happy to do so--the money will come in handy--but it will cut into my genealogy research during that time period.

I'm so ready for fall. It was 93 degrees here in north Georgia yesterday. 

I hope everyone has a perfectly wonderful weekend! Aside from lunch with friends on Saturday and watching college football, we don't have any major plans.

Take care!

by Nelda Spires G2G6 Pilot (150k points)
Nelda, I think we run on the same temperature band (since we’re on he same latitude and only a few hundred miles apart).

I sent the article you found on Uncle Johnny to my brother who originally found his death certificate for me. He was as thrilled as I was to read it. What a story. THANKS!

Welcome everyone to the WikiTree weekend chat.

+11 votes

Grace and peace to you, my WikiKindred.

It is a beautiful day here in metro-Detroit. It is about 81°F (27°C). The sun is shining and the there is a gentle breeze. There might be a brief storm later. I hope not, like Greg, I need to mow, either today or tomorrow.

On the homefront: We finally bought a twin size mattress for son #3. This weekend I will be disassembling the bed stead in the spare room and reassembling it in said son's room. This is all part of transforming the spare room in the bedroom of daughter number #1 a.k.a. child #4 who should arrive in mid-to-late November.

Tomorrow I will be taking the twins to swim lessons for the first time.

On the genealogy front:  I've been taking a scattershot approach as well. I reached my breaking point with [[Unsourced|Michigan}} and have added scores of profiles to the category. They will in turn be worked - someday.

I've also hunted down spelling errors of some Michigan locations and fixed those. It's not much, but those profiles are a tiny bit better, and who knows, maybe some of the profile managers will notice and come do more work on the profile. A few of them have thanked me so it hasn't gone unnoticed.

I also adopted four orphaned Michigan  5 star profiles. Two of them were immediate relatives of Rosa Parks. So far I've mostly been working on her husband's tree at Family Search, in preparation for improving his profile on WikiTree. I haven't done much (any?) African-American genealogy before; hopefully I'm not making any big mistakes. Feel free to offer pointers, those in-the-know.

Finally, I'm also slowly improving my great-grandfather's brother's profile. My dad and his cousins fondly remember their Great-Uncle Bill and Aunt Peggy. They didn't have any children, but were very close to my great-grandfather's children and grandchildren. His birthday is next week, and I'm hoping to share his improved profile with relatives on Facebook in time for it. A while back (before 5 star profiles) Chris and the team asked us to do what we could to spread the word about Wikitree on social media; in response, I'm thinking about attempting a monthly sharing of a featured relative. I'm do trying to do it this month anyway. I make no promises, especially for November (new baby month) and December (birthdays and holidays).

So I'm doing a little bit to a lot of things. Hopefully, I finish some of them.

by Thomas Fuller G2G6 Mach 6 (69.5k points)
Update, It is now storming. Severe thunderstorm warning for my county in fact. Don't be worried, I'm not.
There goes the mowing. For me, too, as we had a nice long rain last night that we really needed.

I was wondering when you’d finally come to the end of your Michigan Unsourced project. But just think of how much better our tree is for all of your work.

Got a name picked out yet?

Welcome everyone to the WikiTree weekend chat.

We do have a name chosen.
+12 votes
Hi all,

on the personal front it was again a quiet week, mainly because the Snooker season started again and this means we watched quite a lot of it. Next week we want to visit a mathematics museum. I am really curious about that museum.

On the genealogy front I also didn't do THAT much. I mainly checked the Source-A-Thon registration thread to see if someone wants to join the German Genies. And I checked matches on MyHeritage. But that was it.

Have a great weekend everybody
by Jelena Eckstädt G2G6 Pilot (344k points)
Hope you get a good team up for the SAT, Jelena.

A math museum? Now that would be interesting!
Yep, a math museum. Will really be interesting to see if they are able to explain math to someone who really switched off at math at a certain time in school.

You wouldn't be talking about me, would you, Jelena? laughlaugh

Actually I talked about myself. But hey partner :)

Ditto to what everyone said here on this chat.

Welcome everyone to the WikiTree weekend chat.

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