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I came across this person, who is not a member and died in 2012, while looking at AU matches on WikiTree.   It would appear that the DNA was input with no test associated.   I am confused.
WikiTree profile: Betty Dowdell
in Genealogy Help by Robin Lee G2G6 Pilot (643k points)

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It isn't necessary to enter any info about the DNA test other than the site. I just tried it on my own profile.
by Deb Durham G2G Astronaut (1m points)
I'm assuming this is a privacy issue and allows members to show that a test was taken but not share the results with everyone who views the profile. It would let members contact the PM for the details.
So, no checking to assure that a test was really done....OK.   Just adds to my wonderment about the purpose of DNA on WikiTree.
I don’t think there’s a question. There are loads of documented connections — more tests include info than don’t. And even in these instances, which I encounter a lot, I can either search the testers name on the appropriate site or contact the profile manager of the testers page, or both. The main issue with DNA matches is the failure to include tree information. Including the tree info but failing to include test info is actually a big step up, IMO.
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Have you asked the profile manager?  His own DNA is also listed on her profile, and he has uploaded to GEDmatch.  Maybe he does not realize that he can upload Betty's DNA, but as far as I know, if she is deceased and he is her manager, he can do it.
by Julie Kelts G2G6 Pilot (302k points)
Confused member that added a DNA test because he "knew" this was his family member.....   The reason I asked the anyone can claim a DNA test and a confirmation of "real" data required.
Well, now that I scroll down the linked profile, I see that he has provided DNA confirmation statements.  

Adding a statement that someone has tested, and adding DNA confirmation statements that provide detail of matches seem like two different things to me.  Often we make statements that can't be audited, due to WikiTree's privacy rules.  If a person signs the Honor Code (which they must do to become active), I think we assume they are being truthful.

The only thing that appears missing is an FTDNA number, and as non-matches can't access those results anyway, it seems like a small omission.  (I still it would be useful for him to upload to GEDmatch.)

And ya know, I just glanced at this quickly so I very well may be mistaken, but the X-chromosome sharing as stated in one of those confirmation statements looks a bit off. The first one listed states that 2nd cousins Reed-11369 and McGrew-81 share 13.99cM on the X chromosome. Which is a bit much to be a microarray read error.

For profile McGrew-81 the X inheritance path would be Minerva Lowe (1821-1914), wife of Joseph Reed (1817-1909), with Minerva's entire haploid X going to son Joseph Reed Jr (1866-1952). Joseph Jr contributes to daughter Mildred Reed, who contributes to the private mother of McGrew-81. We're good there.

The profile in question here, Reed-11369, also descends from Minerva Lowe and Joseph Reed, via Joseph Jr's brother, Robert Lowe Reed and wife Rebecca Isabella Dean. But the the X-chromosome inheritance chain breaks because Reed-11369's father is William Frank Reed. William inherited no xDNA from the Reed line at all; his was exclusively from Rebecca Dean. And there are no Deans in what is shown of McGrew-81's ancestry.

See McGrew-81's xDNA ancestry at, and Reed-11369's at there's very little of Reed-11369's ancestry filled-in at WikiTree. So barring any additional information that could explain the xDNA sharing, there's a mistake in the confirmation because it would be biologically impossible for Reed-11369 and McGrew-81 to share xDNA.

Edited: Corrected inadvertent transposition of "81" and "18," and clarified that William Frank Reed is Reed-11369's father.

I think the profile manager should join this discussion!  I think he was notified that someone asked a question about a profile he managed, but in addition, I have just sent him a WikiTree message.  Let's see what he has to say.
I just saw Julie's request to join the discussion. I will need some time to review things, but Edison's post has only added to the confusion. I am McGrew-81, not 18, and my father is not William Frank Reed but McGrew-490. I very well might have messed up on the xDNA match confirmation info. Let me have another look. I do remember Betty tested at FTDNA, but by the time I looked at the dna results she had passed away. I communicated with her daughter-in-law (I believe) three years ago, and told her of my interest in documenting the match at Wikitree.

Apology. I shouldn't even have looked at G2G...but I needed a break. Been putting in 18-hour days since Thursday and couldn't even take a break to watch football. wink

In rushing through that post, I didn't proof it. The two links were correct, though, and obviously I was referencing William Frank Reed as Reed-11369's father. So hopefully no longer any confusion, and the overall description of no xDNA inheritance chain stands.

To my knowledge, Betty's family finder results were never uploaded to GEDmatch. I was only going by the results on the Family Finder matches to me and my mother. There you will find Betty shares 148 cMs with me. She also shares 13.9 cMs of xDNA with me and is estimated as 2nd to 3rd cousin. Betty shares 338 cMs with my mother and 17.1 cMs of xDNA, and is estimated as 1st to 3rd cousin. Please advise as to what needs to be done to fix the profile.

First, a second apology, Jeffrey. I am the very last person to ask about what is and isn't pro forma WikiTree "Confirmed with DNA" policy or citations. So I'll have to leave WikiTree compliance to someone else.

But the xDNA issue has continued to bother me. So much so that I took a break today (while munching on kung pao chicken carry-out with one hand) and did some snooping.

Quick flashback review: The issue is Betty Frances Reed-11369's father, William Frank Reed. The only source for his single, haploid X chromosome was his mother, Rebecca Dean. He had no Reed-line xDNA at all to contribute to Betty, which are the only relationship paths currently shown on WikiTree. William's xDNA could have come only from his mother, Rebecca, and in turn hers could have come only from her paternal grandmother, and her maternal grandmother and grandfather (William Hall and Elizabeth Courtney).

Likewise, Jeffrey's mother's xDNA can only have come from Minerva Lowe, William Carder, and Amanda Clelland. The amounts of xDNA sharing aren't huge, but they're too sizable to be a testing error. The segments are almost certainly valid.

This is not yet documented on WikiTree and, very important, I've done no sourcing or analysis on the relationships. I'm just tossing this out there as a possibility for research...because it would explain that troubling xDNA sharing:

Jeffrey > Private Mother > Mildred Reed > Anna Ellen Carder > Amanda Clelland (4 Dec 1837 - 24 Apr 1888) > James Clelland III (Clelland-168) and Mary Nixon (Nixon-2136)

Betty Frances Reed > Eunice Anne Scranage > Miranda Jane Clelland (18 Nov 1839 - 7 Dec 1878) > James Clelland III and Mary Nixon

If correct, the MRCA couple for the xDNA sharing between Jeffrey and his mother to Betty Frances Reed would be Jeffrey's 3g-grandparents, James Clelland III and Mary Nixon, via their two daughters, Amanda and Miranda.

May not be accurate, but I'm betting it will turn out to be. Enough so that I can now concentrate on the work I'm supposed to be doing...  frown

Edited: How could I have left out Mildred L. Reed?

No apology necessary, and many thanks for taking the time to explore my section of the family tree. Clearly the issue with Betty's profile and dna references wouldn't have been an issue if I had done some tree work there. I know I was excited to find new relatives via dna matching and document it at Wikitree. I will study the relationship possibility that you suggest and happily add it if it is correct.

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