How can I remove a background image from a free-space profile?

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I am the profile manager.  I can't find an edit box, like the ones on the person profiles, or even anything that shows me where the image came from in the first place.

I would also find it interesting to be able to see the sources of the backgrounds on free-space profiles managed by other people.

Update:  There is more discussion of this at this thread (scroll down to SJ Baty's comment under Chris Gilbert's answer):
in WikiTree Tech by Julie Kelts G2G6 Pilot (429k points)
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I've added this to the to-do list.

Thank you.

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Go to the Images tab on your FSP.  The background pic should be there.  Click on it, and you will see on its image page down the right hand side that there are all the people and pages linked to that image (one of which will be your FSP). Click on add/edit, which takes you down the page, and you see a section 'People and Things in the Image.  

Click on the radio button REMOVE from image for your FSP, and don't forget to scroll down and Save Changes to Image Details.

Here are two of my ONSs with background images:
by Ros Haywood G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
You are right, in those cases it is easy to see.  Now here is one where that doesn't work:

I know I could ask SJ, but I am trying to learn a more general approach, if there is one.
I recategorized this question in WikiTree Tech instead of WikiTree Help, and I added the "bugs" tag, because it looks like there may be a technical issue in identifying the background image file on this page.
Thank you.
I guess I could get rid of the background by replacing it with another background, this time keeping a note of what I did (and if I didn't want the image on the page, for any reason, I could list it in the sources).  I've done very little with backgrounds and was hesitant to try any more because of the difficulties I described above.  Joelle Colville-Hanson's post three days ago made me realize how many beautiful backgrounds people have created for WikiTree.  There are many more at

Edit:  I am referring to a background on a space I created, not the space I provided as an example in a comment above.

That image is Rose_s_Patriot_Backgrounds-4 found on

Thank you, Melanie.  I was not trying to get rid of the background SJ Baty used on the Presidents page (I like it!).  I used that as an example of a background on a space page that could not (easily) be traced to its source.  My original question was about a space I had created, to which I'd added a background without noting its source.  I still think there should be some trail, so that people can change their own backgrounds more easily, as well as learn the sources of backgrounds on other WikiTree free-space pages.

The easiest way I know is to save the background without actually saving it (iow, right click, save background as, but don't complete the save).  That will give you the name of the image file.

In the case of these "hidden" backgrounds, which so many of us use because it removes the image from the side pane — I'm pretty sure the only way to remove it is to replace it, then remove the replacement (which you would NOT "hide" when saving).

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The instruction says to use the Background Image box on the Edit tab.

A person-profile has this box, but I don't see it on Space pages.

Presumably it was there in the past, since these backgrounds got set in the first place.  Just attaching the image to the page wouldn't have made it a background.

Currently I can't see any way to set a background on a space page.  If we could set one, we'd probably know how to unset it.
by Anonymous Horace G2G6 Pilot (568k points)
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Just attaching the image to the page wouldn't have made it a background. by RJ Horace



Yes it does.  You do it from the image, just as you do for people profiles.

In SJ Baty's post

(which appears directly below this thread) he explains how to do it.
Right, thanks.  So now I'm slightly more with it than the help pages, the drill is

To set a background on a space page

1. ignore help page

2. go to image page

3. attach image to space page, if it isn't already.  (If space pagename contains a comma, fail here.)  Image appears in sidebar.

4. Still on image page, set image as background on space page.

5. detach image from space page.  It disappears from sidebar but remains as background.

To unset

1. Go to image page, if you can find it (the hard part)

2. Attach image to space page.  This makes the space page appear in the checklist above the "Set as background" button

3. Still on image page, unset as background (untick)

4. Detach image from space page

Or, as Melanie says

1. Go to any image page

2. Attach to space page

3. Set as background (replacing previous background)

4. Unset as background

5. Detach.

If the space page is on your watchlist, you can use the watchlist images page to get to the image page.

Otherwise, there might be no way to find the image page, except a browser feature.  MS Edge doesn't have a "Save background" command, so you have to go through the "Open in Internet Explorer" routine.

Because of another recent background images on space pages thread has resurrected the subject - a bump with new information.

Otherwise, there might be no way to find the image page, except a browser feature.  MS Edge doesn't have a "Save background" command, so you have to go through the "Open in Internet Explorer" routine.


Actually, you can find the name and the url for a background image using MS Edge.  (What I don't know is if it could be done in 2019.)

On the page where the image is, right click the image where it is visible to the side of all the text OR (much easier if using a computer keyboard) ctrl+shift+I (that's  letter i, not lowercase ell)) and a side panel allowing inspection of the element will pop up.

Down a little way is the image information for the background.  Using one of the ONS space pages as linked higher in this thread (thanks, Ros), I get

So - if you use Edge - grabbing the background image when it's not in the right pane is still doable without having to "go through the "Open in Internet Explorer" routine".

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